Do you dread making breakfast in the mornings? It may only takes minutes to cook but leaves you with a big mess to clean up. Breakfast can be very time
consuming and no one has the time for all that mess & fuss.

I’ll admit the thought of microwaved eggs grossed me out and there is no possible way they could ever turn out good. However, my motto is to always try
something at least once. Plus the Egg-Tastic™ would eliminate me having to get a bowl out to
stir the eggs in, buttering up a pan, adding the eggs to the pan, hovering over them, and constantly turning them so they don’t get burnt. Not to mention I
wouldn’t have to clean a mixing bowl, a pan, a spatula, and a plate! You just can’t beat fast and efficient, so I gave it a whirl.

The Egg-Tastic™ is a ceramic microwave egg cooker that comes with instructions and a cooking
guide. The commercials promise that you can make flavorful fluffy scrambled eggs, poached eggs, and more. You just simply follow the 4 easy steps of crack
the eggs (up to 4), add ingredients to the eggs if you wish, put the lid on top and place in the microwave, and then simply enjoy. There is a max fill line
that you have to be conscious of which is about half way up the ceramic pot.

Since I’m not a fan of poached eggs I made some good ol’ fashioned scrambled eggs with shredded cheese, salt & pepper. I usually add milk to my
scrambled eggs to make them extra fluffy but I forgot to add it this time. I added 2 eggs, so according to the cooking guide I put it in the microwave for
1 minute and 20 seconds. When I went to put my fork in it I noticed it wasn’t cooked all the way, so I added an additional minute and they came out great!
Just make sure to use an oven mitt when taking it out because it does get extremely hot.

Now it was time for clean up. Since I ate my eggs right out of the pot I only had my fork and the Egg-Tastic™ to clean, but it wasn’t that easy. I used a soft sponge and still had a lining
of eggs around the pot. So I had to use a coarse brush to clean it and with a little elbow grease it came clean but wasn’t as easy as I thought it was
going to be.

All in all it was great. It cut down on time, dishes, and mess. It also made some pretty good fluffy eggs. Not only is it great for someone who’s always on
the go but perfect for a college student too.

You can get your own Egg-Tastic™ from Taylor Gifts
for $9.98 or $8.98 each if you buy 2 or more.

Want the handiness and convenience of a fanny pack without the embarrassment of actually having to wear one? Sometimes all you need is just a few things without carrying around the excess bulk of your wallet or purse. Like I promised in my last blog, here’s a review about…you guessed it, The Phone Pocket™! (please contain your excitement)

I’ve had the Phone Pocket on my Samsung Galaxy S6 for about 3 months now and I absolutely love it! It claims to stretch and hold up to 10 cards, IDs or cash, and great for carrying ear buds and coupons. So naturally I shoved everything I could think of inside of it to test it out. Everything was secure even after flipping it upside down and giving it a good shake; not a thing fell out. Even after 3 months of use it hasn’t gotten stretched out and has kept its original size. The only thing I recommend not putting in it is change, that’s the one thing that seemed to fall out occasionally.

It’s very slim (probably about less than half an inch) and fits in my back pocket just fine even with cards inside it. It feels no different than having just my phone in my pocket. Removing just one item from the pocket isn’t difficult and it doesn’t interfere when I’m talking on my phone either.

It also claims that it can be easily removed without leaving any residue, but I like mine too much to remove it and risk losing the stickiness.

Now I’m about to get a little Bill Nye The Science Guy on you…

Some people may have concerns about their cards getting demagnetized because it’s right up against the battery. Cell phones do produce a lot of RF energy (Radiofrequency) but the electromagnetic energy is what you should be worried about. After some research (aka I Googled it) It seems to be unlikely because mos of the energy is the RF energy that won’t affect the credit cards. Also for your protection there’s a built in anti-theft RFID technology which secures your credit card data. (nerd rant over)

The Phone Pocket can be used for more than just your phone! It’s also great for creating a pocket anywhere you need one like on a jacket, your gym clothes, purse, bag, desk, other electronics, etc. Anywhere that needs a pocket, the possibilities are endless!

It’s buy one get one FREE from Taylor Gifts for $14.98.

How many times have you tried to hone in on your inner MacGyver by making some kind of contraption to hold your phone or tablet up, but then you realize you’re not MacGyver and it always fails miserably. Do you wish there was a way you could prop up your Smartphone or tablet without worrying it will fall?

The Gadget Grab™ claims to instantly grip your device (horizontally or vertically) making it totally hands free, but does it really work?

First, I tried out the cell phone stand. I wasn’t able to get my Smartphone to stick with my Phone Pocket™ (that’s for another blog) on my Otter Box cell phone case. After taking the case off I stuck the phone to the solid circle, it held but it was wobbling quite a bit. So I flipped it around and stuck my phone to the thin ring and it was much more secure on the counter.

Depending on what kind of case you have on your phone you may have to remove it for the product to work correctly. With my particular predicament it didn’t work with the case on. However, once the case was off I didn’t have to worry about it moving or getting knocked over.

Next I tried out the full-sized version; I used several different tablets varying in sizes. At first I had trouble getting the bigger tablet to stick, but with a little re-positioning and squeezing I managed to get it to work. Then I tried the smallest tablet I have; it was more secure but still jiggled a tad when I touched the screen.

Nonetheless all the devices stuck to the sticky surface and didn’t fall off…oh yea and it didn’t leave behind any sticky residue.

The Gadget Grab™ also claims when the grip pads get dirty to just give it a quick rinse and it’s good as new.

So of course I had to test this claim out too. I stuck the Gadget Grab™ to the cat, rubbed it on my clothes and ran it through some dust. I ran it under the faucet and the hair and dust came right off. About 30 minutes later when it was good and dry I tried it again. It was just as sticky as the first time and wasn’t affected by washing it at all.

The Gadget Grab™ is great for reading, watching movies, video calls or cooking. Both the full size and cell phone stand fold down into a pocket-size, portable accessories. You can buy your own at Taylor Gifts for just $5.99!

Here’s a video from Taylor Gifts’ Colt Sebastian Taylor demonstrating how the Gadget Grab™ works.

All in One iPad Stand

If you have an iPad then every so often it needs to be charged, and it can always be a pain to find the right charger through the sea of all your other chargers. Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate that matching game and have an organized place for your electronics? The All in One iPad Stand gives you just that; an organized, designated place for your desk or nightstand to charge your iPad. There are also 3 smaller compartments for your other electronics and accessories. Small notches are molded into this product so power cords can easily connect to your devices. Made from strong plastic, it can also double as a display stand if you need to watch something at your desk or before you go to bed.

Watch Colt Sebastian Taylor test it out!

Timer Cube

Remember growing up and seeing your grandparents using an hourglass to help them keep track of time? While it may have done the job there was no alarm that went off to alert you when time was up. The Timer Cube is a 21st century upgrade of that hour glass. All you have to do is simply turn the cube to display the amount of minutes you’d like to countdown from and the timer will begin. Want to know how much time there is left? There’s a digital readout that will tell you how long it will be until the cube’s alarm goes off. This product is perfect for games, cooking, or even workouts. The Timer Cube can count down from 60, 30, 15, or 5 minutes.

Colt Sebastian Taylor tested it out recently.

Are you having the case of the Mondays or are you just naturally clumsy? We all know coffee + clumsy equals one big mess to clean up. If you’re like me, who can’t speak without flailing their hands about, someone or something always seems to get caught in our crossfire. My expressive hands make me highly susceptible to spills; no cup is safe around me, until now!

Luckily, I got to test out the Earthquake Topple Proof Mug from Taylor Gifts for a week. I didn’t waste any time; the second I got it home I went at it to test out the spill-proof claim. I started off gingerly with a light poke, then I pushed it with my palm, I smacked it back-and-forth, I punched it, I even thought about getting out my boxing gloves like demonstrated in the picture, but decided I was getting a little too slap happy. After all my aggressive attempts of trying to knock this thing down it held steadfast every time!

What’s the secret? Through the use of air locking technology that is built into the bottom of the mug. It grips and grabs onto any smooth, flat surface like a suction when hit from the side. Yet when you’re ready for a sip it effortlessly lifts straight up.

I’m sure there are the naysayers who need the visual proof, so here’s a video from Taylor Gifts very own Colt Sebastian Taylor demonstrating how the Earthquake Topple Proof Mug works.

I wanted to test how strong this suction really was so I kicked it up a notch. I filled the mug with water so it would be heavier and stuck it to the wall. Yes, it was hanging horizontally from a wall! I couldn’t believe it stayed! I wouldn’t be surprised, for those of you who are the forgetful type and drive away while your coffee is still on the top of your roof, if it made it all the way to work. Not that I would recommend trying that because who knows what the MPH is on this thing. All I know is, it withstood my brutal testing and that’s good enough for me.

Now that you probably believe me…it gets better! Not only is it topple proof, it has a drip catching rim, secure closure top, and a double wall installation to keep any beverage hot or cold. Oh, and of course it’s BPA-free! You may believe me on how hard it is to knock this thing over, but you’re now questioning how secure this top really is. Well, I tested that out too. While it was still filled with water I shook it vigorously all over the place, up and down, side to side. The verdict…not even a drop came out!

The Earthquake Topple Proof Mug protects your computer, clothes, important documents, and phone from clumsy spills. You’ll never have to worry about another messy spill or cleanup again! You can get your own from Taylor Gifts for $19.98.

Mutltitools are great little inventions. Instead of carrying around a half a dozen worth tools, you can carry around one tool that can do many things. The Hatchet Multitool is a great new tool we have here a Taylor Gifts. This one product has:

Heavyweight forged stainless steel hammer

Hatchet with protective guard

Spring-loaded pliers with a wire cutter

2½” straight and serrated blade

A double-tooth saw with file

A flat and Philips head screwdriver

A 4 position mini wrench with a bottle opener

And it comes with a nylon carry pouch.

Attach the carrying pouch to you belt and you are good to for almost any outdoor activity. It’s also great to have on you if you are camping. It’s the perfect gift for a hunter or outdoorsman. Watch our friend Colt Sebastian Taylor check it out.

If you have a large dog or even a very active small dog they will start to damage your door if they paw at it enough. Protect your door from scratches with a Door Scratch Protector. This product is made from a single piece of strong, flexible plastic and hangs off of your door knob. It also comes with several hook and loop pads that stick to your door to hold the protector in place. This product can be used on the outside of your door or on the inside. It measures 16’’ x 36’’ and will wipe down with a damp cloth. Get one today!

Watch it being put through its paces at:

Your feet take a beating all year long, and for many, are the sources of serious pain or infections. If you want to keep your feet healthy, the following are some of the best products that can help you do it.

If you are like most, you spend a majority of your day on your feet. If your foot does not have proper support inside your shoe, it can lead to blisters, infections, and other painful issues. If you have bunions, corns, hammertoes, or need better arch support, there are a variety of different footpads available that can help you deal with these issues. You should also make sure that your shoes and socks fit properly to avoid additional blisters and chafing.

Foot powder is another important foot care product. If your feet sweat due to wearing boots or heavy socks, it can lead to blisters and fungal infections. A good foot powder inside your socks will keep wetness at bay, so your feet stay healthy.

Foot creamscan also help you keep your feet healthy by minimizing dryness and cracks. When the weather gets cold, it is especially important to use foot creams that are designed specifically to address cracked feet. Not only are those cracks painful at times, they can also become infected quite easily – especially if you perspire. Your best bet is to find one that provides moisture as well as vitamin E.

You should also have strong toenail clippers on hand so you can keep your feet healthy. Overly long nails can be painful, and provide a breeding ground for fungus. Just make sure not to cut them too short to avoid ingrown toenails and infections.

Healthy feet are happy feet, and these products from Taylor Gifts will help you keep those toes happy. Make sure you are also cleansing your feet properly every day to help even more.


Summer is in full swing and you may just want to have a get together with friends before the leaves turn and winter returns. There really is nothing better than sitting outside as the sun sets, however when the sun goes down you will need a little light. Taylor Gifts has some great options for you to properly light your evening.

For the early evening, your best bet is solar powered lights. You simply leave them out to charge all day and they turn on automatically at night. When they are out of power, they simply shut off. You should keep in mind that these are powered by the sun, so they will not work as well on a cloudy day or if you live in an area that does not get direct sunlight. Take that into consideration before you make an initial investment into solar products.

Besides lighting an evening social event, solar lights do a great job at adding some outdoor décor to your home. Lighting a sidewalk or path to your front foor with solar lights is a great way to great guests arriving and departing from your home. If you want to highlight decorations on your house, solar spot lights are another fantastic energy efficient way to feature the parts of your house your most proud of.

If you need some light at night for the outdoors, you are hard pressed to do better than a battery powered lantern. These lights are compact, bright, and will light up the darkest of nights. Being battery powered, you’ll want to make sure you have a few extra batteries with you at all times. Either way, don’t let the dark slow down any summer fun and use some solar or battery powered lights late into the night.

As summer begins to wane, it is also time to get ready for the start of the school year. While you may have spent the entire summer in a state of clutterdue to the children always being underfoot, when school starts you need to make sure everything is as organized as possible to cut down on the stress of keeping up with school and work schedules.

1. Dry erase boards. These are a must-have for end of summer organizing and the entire school year. You can use the board to remember appointments, assign chores, and keep track of special school activities.

2. Storage bins and containers. Cooler temperatures mean that the kids are spending more time indoors, which means their toys are too. Clean up those messy rooms with storage bins and other containers to keep everything where it belongs. You can choose canvas, metal, or wooden bins to make sure everything matches the décor. Storage containers are also a great way to safely store all those summer clothes to clear out space for all those new school clothes.

3. Create child spaces. Mornings are hectic when school starts, so you need a way to make sure the kids don’t forget anything. Dedicate one area of a counter or table for each child, and use it to stage backpacks, lunches, and other items they will need for the upcoming school day. This is also a great way to help you remember which kid still needs a lunch, who has homework that needs checking, and who needs a signature on a permission slip.

We all hate to see summer go, because it always means much higher stress levels are right around the corner. However, using these tips to get organized will make every morning that much smoother.