If you have a large dog or even a very active small dog they will start to damage your door if they paw at it enough. Protect your door from scratches with a Door Scratch Protector. This product is made from a single piece of strong, flexible plastic and hangs off of your door knob. It also comes with several hook and loop pads that stick to your door to hold the protector in place. This product can be used on the outside of your door or on the inside. It measures 16’’ x 36’’ and will wipe down with a damp cloth. Get one today!

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Your feet take a beating all year long, and for many, are the sources of serious pain or infections. If you want to keep your feet healthy, the following are some of the best products that can help you do it.

If you are like most, you spend a majority of your day on your feet. If your foot does not have proper support inside your shoe, it can lead to blisters, infections, and other painful issues. If you have bunions, corns, hammertoes, or need better arch support, there are a variety of different footpads available that can help you deal with these issues. You should also make sure that your shoes and socks fit properly to avoid additional blisters and chafing.

Foot powder is another important foot care product. If your feet sweat due to wearing boots or heavy socks, it can lead to blisters and fungal infections. A good foot powder inside your socks will keep wetness at bay, so your feet stay healthy.

Foot creamscan also help you keep your feet healthy by minimizing dryness and cracks. When the weather gets cold, it is especially important to use foot creams that are designed specifically to address cracked feet. Not only are those cracks painful at times, they can also become infected quite easily – especially if you perspire. Your best bet is to find one that provides moisture as well as vitamin E.

You should also have strong toenail clippers on hand so you can keep your feet healthy. Overly long nails can be painful, and provide a breeding ground for fungus. Just make sure not to cut them too short to avoid ingrown toenails and infections.

Healthy feet are happy feet, and these products from Taylor Gifts will help you keep those toes happy. Make sure you are also cleansing your feet properly every day to help even more.



Summer is in full swing and you may just want to have a get together with friends before the leaves turn and winter returns. There really is nothing better than sitting outside as the sun sets, however when the sun goes down you will need a little light. Taylor Gifts has some great options for you to properly light your evening.

For the early evening, your best bet is solar powered lights. You simply leave them out to charge all day and they turn on automatically at night. When they are out of power, they simply shut off. You should keep in mind that these are powered by the sun, so they will not work as well on a cloudy day or if you live in an area that does not get direct sunlight. Take that into consideration before you make an initial investment into solar products.

Besides lighting an evening social event, solar lights do a great job at adding some outdoor décor to your home. Lighting a sidewalk or path to your front foor with solar lights is a great way to great guests arriving and departing from your home. If you want to highlight decorations on your house, solar spot lights are another fantastic energy efficient way to feature the parts of your house your most proud of.

If you need some light at night for the outdoors, you are hard pressed to do better than a battery powered lantern. These lights are compact, bright, and will light up the darkest of nights. Being battery powered, you’ll want to make sure you have a few extra batteries with you at all times. Either way, don’t let the dark slow down any summer fun and use some solar or battery powered lights late into the night.

As summer begins to wane, it is also time to get ready for the start of the school year. While you may have spent the entire summer in a state of clutterdue to the children always being underfoot, when school starts you need to make sure everything is as organized as possible to cut down on the stress of keeping up with school and work schedules.

1. Dry erase boards. These are a must-have for end of summer organizing and the entire school year. You can use the board to remember appointments, assign chores, and keep track of special school activities.

2. Storage bins and containers. Cooler temperatures mean that the kids are spending more time indoors, which means their toys are too. Clean up those messy rooms with storage bins and other containers to keep everything where it belongs. You can choose canvas, metal, or wooden bins to make sure everything matches the décor. Storage containers are also a great way to safely store all those summer clothes to clear out space for all those new school clothes.

3. Create child spaces. Mornings are hectic when school starts, so you need a way to make sure the kids don’t forget anything. Dedicate one area of a counter or table for each child, and use it to stage backpacks, lunches, and other items they will need for the upcoming school day. This is also a great way to help you remember which kid still needs a lunch, who has homework that needs checking, and who needs a signature on a permission slip.

We all hate to see summer go, because it always means much higher stress levels are right around the corner. However, using these tips to get organized will make every morning that much smoother.




Everyone’s favorite firework and hamburger based holiday is here, the 4th of July. When celebrating America’s Birthday, it’s important to remember these things for this weekend.

1. The 4th is on Saturday.
For most of us, that means a 3 day weekend! Banks and post offices will be closed on Saturday. Depending on the state you live in, your local liquor stores and distributors may be closed. Many business will be closed or have limited hours on Friday and Saturday. Get your relish early!

2. Traffic! According to AAA, over 41 million people will take to the roads for the holiday weekend. Give yourself plenty of extra time to get where you are going. It would be terrible if you missed fresh hot dogs. It might be a good idea to plan an alternate route just in case.

3. Prepare For The Weather. There is nothing worse than trying to cook hamburgers in a downpour. Keep a watchful eye on the weather forecast and be prepared if you have a gloomy weekend.

4. Watch Those Fireworks. Plan on setting off a few (legal) fireworks? Make sure you do it in an open area and your area isn’t in a drought. If the local weather declares a “Red Flag” warning, that means brush fires can easily start due to the high winds and low humidity. Sure, watching fire trucks in a parade is fun, but they don’t like making personal appearances at your house.

5. Suntan Lotion. Do you have to put suntan lotion on if it is cloudy? Yes! Clouds do not block ultraviolet rays. If you are going to be spending all day outside on a cloudy day, be sure to put some sunblock on or you might end up looking like a lobster.

Enjoy some time with your family this weekend, great fireworks, and delicious food.

Maybe this will be a good weekend to break out the Stufz Burger Press.

Once spring eases its way out and summer shines into our lives, we begin to think about what we’ll wear to various events throughout the warm days. Whether you’re planning to attend casual cookouts or dressier outdoor weddings, it’ll be much easier to get dressed for each event if you organize your summer wardrobe and give some order to your clothing items.

For easy access to all things summer in your closet, try arranging the items by color. Many times, we have a color in mind but can’t decide on what to wear. This way, if you know you want to wear baby blue, you just thumb through that section until a combination speaks to you.

Another way to organize the clothes is by style. For instance, one section can include casual outfits and then progressively move towards more formal arrangements. This type of organization would make dressing for specific occasions much easier. You’ll know to head directly to your better clothing when going to dinner with your boss, and to the casual side for a beach side barbecue.

For those who like to dress on the spur of the moment and never know what to wear, your summer clothes can also be organized by type of article, with pants in one section, shorts in another, and tops separately. When it’s time to get dressed, you can select one item from each section to complete your ensemble.

Regardless to how you decide to organize your summer clothes, make sure to start with only the essential items you actually wear. If you start with a closet without extra items taking up necessary space, you make room for what will be staying. Then, you’ll be sure to choose a way that suits your personality and makes getting dressed easier so you get where you’re headed faster.

Organize your summer clothes with some of these great closet organizers.




Design Your Outdoor Space to be a Reflection of You

Most people surround themselves with things they love to look at in their homes. Cherished pictures have places of honor in hallways. Ornaments stand on shelves and drape off mantles. Favorite paintings embellish walls and fabrics that bring pleasure cover furniture. Extending your comfort and personality to your outdoor living space is a good way to make a cohesive design statement with your home. Consider these items for the outdoors and yard:

Themed décor.
If you have a favorite theme, feel free to use it in decorating your outdoor living spaces. Consider a nautical theme for water lovers. Or a wild western theme for those who love wood and boots. A fantasy themed yard could include faeries, gnomes, and other whimsical creatures.

Career based articles.
If you have a career you love and want to surround yourself with reminders of how lucky you are to have that job, you could decorate your yard with items representing your occupation. A writer may decorate with weatherproof books or library shelving in the yard. An entomologist may use different insects in varying sizes to put color in the outdoor spaces.

A place of rest.
No matter what other items you decorate your yard with, you may want to include a hammock or similar item for resting among your treasures. Large, comfortable chairs and fans that keep the breeze flowing are also great additions. When you spend time out of doors, you will want to be able to relax and enjoy your collection, and there’s no better way to do this than by reclining in a comfy chair or swing.

You can fill your outdoor spaces with items that reflect your personality and the things you enjoy in life. By arranging your yard to be in sync with your indoor living spaces, you can create an entire oasis for your enjoyment.




The idea that one has to sacrifice comfort when enjoying the great outdoors is a cruel myth. Fact is, there are many affordable seating options offered that fit the bill no matter what activity you fancy! Whether you love to fish, go camping, watch spectator sports or simply sunbathe in the park, there are cozy and portable seats available to you that will improve both your posture and mood while outdoors.

Stadium seats are usually constructed of hard plastic or metal and deter many older folks from cheering on their favorite sports team from anywhere that isn’t their favorite recliner. If you can make it to the game in person, a stadium seat cover offers padded cushions to support your backside and legs while also protecting them from hot metal benches. As a bonus, it folds up into a convenient tote with front zippered storage to boot. Be the ultimate savvy spectator and watch your tike or team score without suffering a sore back. Find out when the next game is happening and give this chair a chance!

Be one with nature with this relaxed outdoor seating option. A reclining camp chair can offer a multitude of uses while allowing you to lean back and enjoy the great outdoors. Its padded seat and back rest paired with assistive reclining seat positions will have you itching for a night by the campfire. Lightweight yet durable, this folding chair can hold up to 300 pounds and will not buckle. An insulated cup holder keeps your drink cold and close-by, while the large zipper on the back of the chair can store books or magazines for daytime reading.

Planning a picnic in the park? Look to a portable reclining seat such as this one for quick and easy support. This chair is densely padded and has multiple reclining positions so you can feel right at home in the countryside. Small and lightweight, an adjustable strap also makes this chair a breeze to carry on any al fresco trip. Because this seat can adjust to varying degrees of back support, it can be used on a boat, in a stadium or in the grass as a wonderful picnic accessory. The sturdy black outer keeps it clean so you can use this seating anywhere, anytime.

You can tailgate at your Alma Mater in far greater comfort than you experienced back in college with this reclining travel couch. Sit right inside of your hatchback with a buddy, or simply park it in the grass for a seat that offers great back support. Its three reclining positions make you feel at home, while storage pockets keep your cell phone close by. Because of its strong steel frame, it can even withstand the kids’ rowdy video game play. This also makes an excellent gift for a current student as fun and flexible dorm furniture. Let this couch inspire you to fold it up, sling the strap around your shoulder and find an outdoor movie night in your community — but don’t forget the popcorn!

Be a happy spectator and ensure your comfort in the fresh air! Don’t let unsupportive seating stop you from enjoying the events you love to attend. Spend some time in the sun with your loved ones with cushiony, adjustable, transportable seating from Taylor Gifts.

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, the pillow you choose plays a key role. If you spend more time tossing and turning than you do snoozing, you should consider the following types of pillows to see which one works best for your sleeping positions.

Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back, your pillow should support your head in a way that keeps your head and neck in a straight line, without any flexing either direction. You want a soft pillow that provides a bit of firmness to give you the best night’s sleep.

Side Sleepers

If you sleep on your side, you need a pillow that is thick enough to fill the gap between your head and where your shoulder hits the bed. You will want to choose one that provides firm support, with filling that doesn’t shift around too much when you move.

Stomach Sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach, you will want a thinner pillow that keeps your neck and spine in alignment. You will want it to be soft, yet still provide the support you need to keep your head in the right position.

Filling Matters

Pillows are available with different fillings, including:

Down or Feathers
– This provides superior comfort, and tends to last for quite some time.

– This is similar to feathers, but is cheaper and machine washable.

Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows are also popular sleeping options. These are made from a material called viscoelastic. This option is soft and absorbs energy, allowing it to conform directly to your head and neck. While many people find these the most comfortable, they do provide firmer support, and many find that they can become uncomfortably warm when sleeping on them.

When trying to find the right pillow, you might find that you have to try a few different options to find the absolute best one for your needs.

Check out Taylor Gift’s great selection of pillows.



One popular substance that is quickly gaining recognition for its benefits to the body is emu oil. It has been used by the Aborigines for centuries due to its healing properties, and it has been successful in treating a wide range of health problems.

What is Emu Oil?

Emu oil is essentially the rendered fat of the emu. There are different kinds of this oil available, depending on how it was processed. If you want to ensure the highest efficacy, you need to ensure that you choose pure emu oil, which is refined using clays, rather than lye or other caustic measures.

Emu Oil Benefits

Emu oil provides many benefits for the skin and body. This oil is nearly 100% triglyceride lipids, which is one of the most similar substances to the fatty acids found in the skin. As a result, it is absorbed much more quickly than many of the lotions and creams that are currently available.

This oil has been studied extensively, and has been found to provide numerous benefits, including:

· Anti-Inflammatory Benefits – When used on the skin in areas of swelling and inflammation, it has been found to reduce both issues within 12 hours or less.

· Skin Cell Regeneration – Studies conducted at Boston University have found that emu oil may help to heal bedsores,
arthritis, and thin skin by stimulating the regeneration of skin cells.

Emu oil also contains several natural substances that provide benefits for the skin:

· Vitamin A

· Linoleic Acid

· Oleic Acid

· Sapogens

· Terpines

Each of these provide numerous benefits such as skin repair, regeneration, anti-wrinkle and antiseptic properties, and easing of joint and muscle pain. Emu oil does all of this without harmful substances or phospholipids, making it an all natural healer that your skin will love.