2 Piece Key Finder System 15Jan13

This past weekend I had the same problem I find myself having fairly regularly. I am not generally a forgetful person, but I am the queen of misplacing my keys. I know I am definitely not the only person who seems to have this problem, and I know this mostly because there are so many products out there to help us find our keys when we cannot find them.

We have all seen those items they sell where you attach a beeper to your keys and you hold onto the other one to use as a key finder, which helps you to find your misplaced keys with a beeping noise. To make a long story short, what do you do if you also cannot find the key finder beeper?

I have recently come across a new item that I recommend called the 2 Piece Find It Key Finder System. Now, I know what you are thinking, “You just said you can never find the second 2 Piece Find It Key Finder System piece!” This is true. Except the second piece (the “finder” piece) in the 2 Piece Finder It Key Finder System is a credit card thin, touch button transmitter that tucks into a wallet or purse. This way, you will likely always keep the transmitter in your wallet, which hopefully will not be lost nearly as often as your keys.

I know how difficult it can be to need to get out the door in a hurry because you are already late, and to make everything worse, your keys are missing. Where is your go to place to find your keys? What do you do to help keep them in the same place so you do not habitually lose them?

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