2011 Closet Organization Challenge: The Closet Part 2 18Jan11

A short while ago I posted to you my New Years Resolution to organize my closet, but I hadn’t finished.  I promised you an update on how I would finish up my closet organization, and this past weekend I figured it all out.

Let me first give you an update on my closet.  All of the clothes are perfect hung and I can see every article of clothing.  Now every morning when I wake up with just enough (or sometimes not enough) time to wake up, pick out and out, get ready and go, I can do it without making a mess.  It’s wonderful.  I also don’t have to go digging through loose shoes and opening every shoe box just to find the exact pair I need to find.  What a great way to get dressed in the morning.

Yaffa BlocksSo now, let me tell you about the new stuff.  What I had left to do was find a way to store some clothes that didn’t need to be hung and some accessories that could also be put into drawers and/or folded.  In my head I wanted something like Yaffa Blocks like I had in college, but that could hang because I certainly don’t have the floor space in my closet for big blocks (that space is saved for more shoes!).  After searching, shopping, buying and returning, I found exactly what I was looking for – a Shelf Organizer6 Shelf Sweater Organizer with Plastic ShelvesThis shelf organizer is just what I needed.  It is plastic so it holds my heavy sweaters, workout clothes, and my scarves that I tend to fold instead of hang.  It has 6 shelves, so it is a great size, and it hangs.  I am thinking about getting a second one to store my purses and other bags in my coat closet.

So there you have it.  The 2011 Closet Organization Challenge success!  Clothes are hanging, shoes are hanging on the door and placed nicely in boxes, and clothes are folded and organized.

Have you completed any part of your room organization triumphs?  Keep us posted.

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