2011 Organization Challenge: The Closet 05Jan11

Let’s get organized in 2011!  Everyone has a room that could use a little extra help in getting organized.  Sometimes it’s because we keep putting it off, other times it’s just because we simply do not know what products to buy in order to organize the space.   The space in my apartment that could use help is my closet.  So it is my New Years resolution to finally get my closet organized!

The question is, how can I organize my closet without cluttering it with products to get organized?  I want to be able to hang my clothes nicely without everything being jammed on the closet bar so I am unable to see what I have hanging.  I want to organize my shoes and get rid of the growing pile of loose shoes I have lying on my closet floor.  And I also need space for clothes and other accessories to be stored in an organized fashion.

Set of 2 Steel Hanger CascaderSo far, I have resolved 2 of my closet organization dilemmas.  As far as hanging my clothes I found the best closet hangers for me.  I use the Hanger Cascader to hang up to six items in the space of only one hanger!  This is great!  I can hang similar items, like skirts, on just one Hanger Cascader instead of using 6 regular skirt hangers.  I can see all of my clothes and decide what I want to wear every morning without having to dig through my unorganized hanging clothes to find what I need.

Overdoor Wire Shoe RackFor my shoes, I decided to take 2 different routes.  I have chosen an Overdoor Wire Shoe Rack that holds about 18 pairs of shoes conveniently behind my door.  The overdoor shoe rack will work great to hold my casual shoes and sneakers.  I also purchased plastic Clear Shoe Boxes.  The clear shoes boxes are saving the life of my good shoes.  Now, instead of my good shoes being tossed in a mound of shoes on top of each other, the clear plastic shoe boxes allow me to separate them, keep them protected and see which shoes are in which box without having to open them.  I love the way my closet is looking so far.Set of 12 Clear Shoe Boxes

Now, all I have left to do is figure out a way to organize the folded clothes and other accessories in my closet.  I will keep you updated on my final closet organization decision.

What room do you need to organize, and how do you plan to get it done?

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