3 Ways to Protect Your Furniture This Winter 10Jan13

Winter weather can be harsh on more than people, pets and plumbing. Snow, ice and driving winds can ruin outdoor furniture. Such weather can fade, mildew, crack and even warp or tear various materials, leaving your outdoor décor looking shabby, tired and tacky by the time spring comes back around. Instead of risking what you’ve gone to great effort to acquire, be prepared this winter by considering one of these ways to protect your valuable outdoor furniture.

Try going clear so you can see your outdoor furniture even as it’s being protected from the elements this winter. Outdoor Vinyl Covers come in a variety of sizes to offer protection for patio chairs, outdoor patio furniturestacking chairs and lounges. Each see-through cover is constructed of heavy duty ten gauge vinyl, and each piece features reinforced seams for added strength and security. Elastic around the bottom of every cover ensures a secure fit around the base of each piece of furniture. That means fewer snowflakes, raindrops and ice chips will reach the legs of your chairs or base portions of your outdoor sofa.

When you use a cover, your wooden rockers, wicker chairs, metal or plastic tables and lounges will survive the winter weather and come out looking new when the air turns warmer and dryer. At that time, loosen the covers and remove them, then fold them flat for storage over the summer months.

Go green—or white—this winter with Patio Furniture Covers that act like fitted sheeting for your outdoor furniture. Constructed of 3-ply tarpaulin plastic, each cover features double stitched seams to ensure they won’t tear as you fit them over your favorite wicker chair or chaise lounge. Sturdy and durable, the covers slide easily and snugly in place, so you’ll be able to protect your outdoor furniture in a short space of time—and that will get you out of the winter weather faster, too.

Choose white or green plastic to protect your backyard chairs, deck lounges and patio tables. Everything will stay safe from the elements and dry beneath these weather resistant Patio Furniture Covers because they secure in place with attached cords. And each cover will stay as good looking as the furniture they protect because they won’t fade, discolor or tear over the winter months. You won’t have to worry about mildew forming on your furniture or on the covers, either. Everything will come out of storage looking and smelling fresh when spring is in the air, and the Patio Furniture Covers will fold away until you need them again.

No matter which way you choose to protect your outdoor decor, your chairs and other items will come out of storage in the spring looking fresh and ready to use for the summer season.

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