5 Slot Tool Holder 25Aug11

5 SLOT TOOL HOLDER” width= Everyone has one, but no one wants to admit it; the closet of “stuff”. Mine is my coat closet. Sure, I keep my coats in there, but if you part the coats and look into the back you will see a vacuum, a broom, two different mops, a bucket, a wood floor mop, and a cordless sweeper. If only I could force myself to use all of these tools as often as I should, my house would be spotless!

The problem is that when I want to get one tool, they are all tangled together. They fall over, fall out of the closet, I have to guess which handle belongs to which broom/mop/sweeper. Its far more difficult than it needs to be. But this won’t be a problem anymore with the 5 Slot Tool Holder. Just mount this on the wall and place the handle of any tool on the holder. The “magic” ball technology grips the handle and keeps it in place. I’m going to mount this on the back of the door of my closet door so all of my cleaning tools will be displayed and easy to reach.

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