8 Pocket Coupon Organizer 26Jan12

We are getting near the end of January. Have you kept your resolution for a full month? I am especially interested in those of you who chose to save more money. What are you doing to save more money and how is it going?

8 pocket coupon holderEvery day and I am bombarded with emails from my favorite stores. It takes everything I have not to look at all of them and shop every day…because who doesn’t like 30% off? I also joined several groups to receive emails about discounts on places and things going on in the area. Of course, I will never stop clipping coupons and saving them in my coupon holder for all of the hard copy coupons I get in the mail and particularly for the grocery store.

In addition to coupons, I have just been better about not purchasing things I don’t need, keeping up my coffee savings account, buying things on sale at the grocery store, and making sure to use what I have in the house before I buy new food items that will go bad. Tell me what your plan is and how it’s been going.

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