8 Pocket Coupon Wallet 29Jul11

Yesterday was the day of good deals. I have recently come to the conclusion that everything costs way too much money. While I am big on saving, I am not so great on keeping perfect track on what I am spending. I mean really, is it that hard to remember to bring coupons to the grocery store? Do I really have to buy that cute shirt if it’s not on sale? I decided I needed to make a change.

In the morning one of my co-workers told me that she went out to a pretty upscale restaurant the other night. She is not the kind of person to go out to dinner on a random Wednesday night and spend $50 just for fun. She told me there is this website called ScoutMob.com. that finds coupons for restaurants in your area…free money! I signed up immediately and snagged up a coupon that doesn’t expire until October! My plan is to go places with coupons as much as possible from here on out – this website kind of leaves me with no excuse not to. All I need to do is print off the coupons and put them in a coupon wallet, and keep it in my purse – it must be simple or I won’t follow through.

Then, I ended my day when I was invited to go to a baseball game with a group of co-workers. I have one co-worker who occasionally tried to get us all to be social outside of work and past happy hours that are sometimes work related, and sometimes actually social. He found a deal (I do not know how…I need to figure out what discount website he looks at) for tickets for an upcoming baseball game for $1. That is not a typo…I really mean go to a baseball game for one dollar. Why not? It’s less than I would pay to go to a movie, go to a bar, go shopping, or go to a yoga class…or anything! Basically, I see this is an almost free night out with friends.

How do you like to save money? Are you on any sites like Groupon or Living Social? If you have any other secrets, please let me know.

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