A Perfect Celebration, Times Two 08Apr11

Last night was a great night! Last night I had so much fun with my friends because we were celebrating. Last night was more than just a great night for me…it had absolutely nothing to do with me. Last night was more than a great night out with my friends on a Thursday evening…it had nothing to do with the group. Last night was great because it was my friend, Sarah’s, birthday and we were celebrating her. But, even greater than that – last night was great because Sarah and her boyfriend got engaged…and that is definitely a great event to celebrate!

About two and a half months ago, my girlfriends and I got word from our friend Sarah’s boyfriend that he was going to propose to her on her birthday, April 7th. Our role in his plan was to convince Sarah to meet up at our favorite bar to celebrate her birthday…on a Thursday, and to wear a dress (not as easy as it sounds). Fortunately, we were demanding enough to get her to have a birthday party on Thursday. The harder part was getting her to “dress up.” We told her “We are all going to wear dresses, so go out buy a new dress, and wear it. You only have your birthday once a year.” It worked! The hardest part since then: keeping the secret. We did it! Not only did we do it, but we convinced her that a proposal wasn’t going to happen and she would probably be waiting another year for it to happen.

Personalized Mr. and Mrs. FrameEverything worked just as planned. Boyfriend proposed, Sarah said yes, and we had a party with lots of friends to celebrate. Naturally, we planned ahead and ordered cupcakes for the occasion (what’s a party without cupcakes?). My friend and I got to the bar early to scope out the “best spot” in the bar, and it was a great night for everyone! Now Sarah has a wedding to plan, and as the friends of the bride, we get to do the fun things, like buy gifts such as the Personalized Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Frame.

I hope your weekend is starting off as great as ours! Happy Friday!

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