A Senior’s Guide to Traveling 13May14

You probably envision your golden retirement as a time for you to travel and explore the world. After all, the working years tend to be overburdened with your career and putting children or loved ones first, so exploring this vast planet was something that was probably put off more than you would have liked. Retirement makes it possible to be free to roam about here and there, but do be sure to learn about how you can travel safely and prepare yourself for the bumps along the way.

Here are some great tips for seniors that are headed out on some fun travel adventures:

Planning the trip

When you’re retired, you can probably travel at any time of the year, which is most fortunate. It is best when planning for your trip that you choose a period that is not the peak season. When you book trips and travel during this time, you will find that rates are cheaper than during the most popular times of the year. You will also be privy to more personalized service, as the staff will not be too overwhelmed by the crowds. Moreover, there won’t be throngs of pushy people to shove you about, allowing you to take your time and really savor the views. Be sure to check the weather forecast for your area and pack accordingly.

Make sure your luggage is light

Too much luggage can be too cumbersome for you, especially during connecting flights or if you will be hopping from one destination to the next. It is advisable to pack light and to carry only the things you will need. You can look at the weather of your destination and see what items of clothing you will need. To lessen your load, consider packing clothing that will easily transition from day to night, as well as items that are easy to wash and have quickly dry (like cotton) to be worn multiple times throughout your adventure. Our travel accessories allow you to buy lightweight and compact bags and storage that won’t be too burdensome.

Wear Proper Footwear

Nothing will dampen your spirits quite like the buildup of blisters or aching soles. Therefore, make sure your shoes have proper treading and are designed for all-day wear (leave the heels at home). Furthermore, take a look at our foot care products to find pain relief aids, compression socks and more.

Take a GPS and cell phone

If you’ll be driving out and about to various destinations, be sure to take a GPS with you or download a GPS app on your mobile phone, as this will save you many headaches on your trip. Keep your cell phone with you at all times in the case of an emergency. Of course, phones have a way of losing their charge during the most important times, so make sure all important facts and addresses are written down as well.

Get a health checkup before you leave

Make sure you see your regular physician before you leave so that they can give you a go ahead on the state of your health. If you have any conditions such as diabetes, you can inquire about any health facilities in your holiday destination so that in case of any medical emergencies you will have an idea of where to go.

Don’t forget your medication

If you are on any regular medications for conditions such as arthritis and blood pressure, make sure you carry more than enough drugs for your trip just in case you choose to stay a little longer. Another important thing to remember is that you should always store your drugs on your carry-on bag and not your luggage. Just in case your luggage is misplaced or delayed, you will have your medication with you at all times.

Practice safety

Avoid wearing jewelry and expensive items so that you do not attract pick pockets. In addition, keep your bags and wallets safe; preferably in your front pocket to avoid them being snatch or stolen.

Traveling during retirement is a fantastic way to spend your golden years. The more adventures you take on, the more accustomed you will become to the ins and outs of it. After the first few times you’ll feel like a seasoned pro and learn many things along the way.

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