All in One Travel Bag 08Mar13

So I am running away from the east coast, and heading to California for a nice long weekend away. This trip was planned months ago so I could visit my friend who has been living out there for three years. After this snow, it is the perfect time to get away and I could not be more excited. One of the best things about this trip is the money I will save. Having the privilege to stay with a friend sure does cut down on travel costs.

I will also be saving money at the airport since I won’t have to check any extra luggage. Not checking luggage also saves you a ton of time after exiting the plane too. With that being said, I always pack in a way that I only need to bring one carry-on luggage bag and my purse on the plane. all in one travel bag
I like to consolidate all of my cosmetics, jewelry, and toiletry items into my All in One Travel Bag that I use each time I travel. The bag helps me save space in my carry-on and it safely keeps everything secure and organized. It is not that I do not care to spend money at all; I just would rather squeeze everything into a carry-on for the flight and spend the money I saved on a pass to go to Disneyland, nice dinners, and entertainment.

Do you have any plans to get away from the cold this year? How do you like to save money as you travel?

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