Always Fresh Containers 27Sep11

WINE COLD SACK” width=I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like bugs. Really, I hate them. I know most bugs are good and have a purpose, but I don’t want them in my house and especially not in my kitchen! I’m fanatical about wiping down the stove and counters after I cook to get rid of any crumbs that could be a bug’s dinner. I’m not obsessive about it, its just part of my routine; cook, eat, do the dishes, wipe everything down.

I guess my efforts are worth it. I’ve never had a bug problem….until the other night. I saw a large bug crawling across the floor! I did what any normal person would do and jumped as high and as far away as I could while screaming–this is a normal reaction, no? After taking care of the bug, I realized that where there is one, there are many. I ran to my computer to look up ways to keep the bugs at bay. I came across this article on with some good tips. Most are things I already do, but its good to have a reminder. Take the trash out, keep surfaces clean, and keep food closed up. I thought about my plastic food containers, the ones that you can give to friends with leftovers and not care that you don’t get them back. They’re in pretty terrible shape these days so I’m going to replace them with Always Fresh Containers. Not only will they keep my sealed tightly to keep the bugs away, but they help food last longer. They’re naturally antibacterial to prevent the growth of mold and fungus. This should be a good addition to my bug deterrent regiment.

Do you have any good tips for keeping the bugs out of your kitchen and home?

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