Always Fresh Containers 28Jun11

Some people like having roommates, other people (like me) are very happy people living alone and not having to worry about other peoples’ feelings where we live. Obviously, I will explain.

I’ve had roommates. I have had roommates I didn’t know and became friends (and then fought with and then became friends again…you can imagine the cycle). I have also had roommates who were friends first. Honestly I lived with 3 of my friends (pre-roommates) and I am still friends with 2 of them. I think that’s a pretty good record. But, I hate doing things on other peoples’ time. I love living alone.

I love cleaning up dishes whenever I want. I love that when my apartment is dirty and/or messy it is my fault and I don’t have to see someone else’s mess in my living space. I love not having to share a bathroom, and I love that no matter what, the TV is always on, on the channel I want to watch. This may sound selfish…until I hear what my friend had to go through with his roommates, and it made me happy to overpay in rent in order to live alone.

Always Fresh ContainersThe other week my friend and I went grocery shopping together. My friend has 2 roommates (and to be fair, they really do get along almost all of the time). While we were in the store he picked up some laundry detergent. He and his 2 roommates live together, but everything (food, drinks, laundry detergent, cleaning products, etc.) is purchased separately (yes, there are 3 milks in the fridge at a time). My friend does mostly everything when it comes to chores in the house (taking out trash, putting dishes in the dishwasher, running the dishwasher, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning, etc) and he’ll never complain saying “I knew what I signed up for when we moved in together, no point in getting mad.” He also cooks all the time, so he always is at the store and always has his fair share of food in the fridge. The other day he called me and asked “When did I buy that laundry detergent?” I told him definitely less than a month ago and he should still have a good amount left considering he doesn’t do his laundry more than once a week. It was gone! Poor guy couldn’t do his laundry because one of his roommates (or both…who knows) used it up! I felt sorry. Then yesterday I was there for a few minutes and I overheard his roommate ask him about plastic food containers that he recently bought, and he couldn’t find them because they were his and not for anyone else to use.

I absolutely appreciate the good things that come with having a roommate. But, I am not sure “discussions” over Tupperware containers are worth the fun of living with a friend. If I can’t find my containers, I know who took them…ME! And I likely threw them away because I am notorious for that (which is why my mom and dad still won’t let me take any of theirs back home with me).

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