Arm Rest Organizer 20Jul11

ARM REST ORGANIZERWhat would you consider a perfect Sunday? How would you spend a day just relaxing? What would you do? What would you need? Let’s say, for instance, that you had a whole day to do nothing, how would you spend it?

There are some days that all I want to do is literally sit on the couch, watch television (good shows, bad shows, movies, reruns, etc.), eat snacks, and veg out. Sometimes having that time to do nothing is important. I was so close to having that kind of day Sunday. I didn’t really have much to do. I went grocery shopping, put laundry in the machine, made lunch while laundry was going, and cleaned the bathroom while laundry was in the dryer. It’s a good feeling to be done before the sun goes down. After the chores, all I had left to do was call my mom and sit on my couch and do exactly what I love…nothing! It’s so nice to have that time every once in a blue moon.

What would have made my “night of nothing” better? Not having to get up for anything. My place is small, but when I’m cozy and comfy on the couch, the last thing I want to do is continuously get up to reach for food, my beverage, a book, the cell phone, or remote control. What I really wanted was everything at my fingertips. I really wished I had the arm rest organizer. It will hold everything you need including food, phone, remote controls, and anything else you need.

Enjoy your resting time!

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