Back to School 14Sep12

Back to school time of year – some people love it and some people hate it. When it comes to going back to school all I can remember is lots of shopping. I would go back to school clothes shopping, school supplies shopping, brown paper lunch bag shopping. School supply shopping was always my favorite, and still is. In addition to the students going shopping, Moms, it is that time of year for you again to get breakfasts, lunches, and dinners prepared for those busy school nights!

For Moms, grocery shopping is a task that is not always the most fun. However, this is my suggestion to all of you Moms who have a ridiculous amount of food to buy every week: insulated market bagsUse Insulated Market Bags! They make bagging and organizing so simple. Also, I suggest you invest in a Utility Cart to make moving the groceries from your car to your house that much easier. You won’t need to really ask your children to help you carry in the food from the car, and you won’t break your back trying to do it yourself. utility cart

Whether you are shopping for yourself or your children right now for back to school items, just remember to make sure you keep it fun, and try to make going back to school exciting for everyone!

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