Baking with a Muffin Pan 30Oct12

I am sure no matter where you live, you heard about the hurricane on the east coast. Preparation for the big storm began on Friday, which included making sure we closed our windows and blinds, and took everything off the windowsill. After Friday, we had a full day of sunshine on Saturday, and most of the day on Sunday to run errands and get everything together for the weather that was predicted to come our way. muffin pan

I always find running errands with friends is much more fun than doing it all yourself. We did not go too overboard at the grocery store; we did our normal weekly grocery shopping and grabbed a few extra items just in case power went out. Sunday was crop share, and our fruit selection was a variety of apples, and I wound up with 6 pounds of them. Obviously, when I got home on Sunday I was going to be baking something with apples. My friend suggested apple muffins. I typically have bad luck when it comes to making anything in a Muffin Pan but the idea of muffins sounded much better than apple crumble, and much less time-consuming than apple pie. My friend sent me the recipe and I gave it a try…and I failed. The muffins were not coming out of the muffin pan, and the ones that did were dry and not good. I threw them away. Then I tried again. This time I put liners in the muffin pan so the muffins would not stick, and I hoped the muffins just would not be dry. It must have been my lucky day because my crop share apples (in round two) made delicious, not dry, apple muffins! No need to worry, I still have so many apples I am thinking of baking some apple chips, and I will still have enough apples to eat two every day this week.

So far as I write this to you, I am fortunate enough that the hurricane did not do too much damage in my area. I did make the most of the time off from the office and stuck inside the apartment during the storm as I did some more baking, cleaning and closet organizing. For those of you who were also faced with the storm, I hope you stayed safe and dry.

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