Bamboo Drying Rack 12Jan12

Yesterday was a very rainy day! I don’t really like rainy days–not sure that I know of anyone who does. But I know that I’d prefer a few inches of rain over a few feet of snow, so I’ll try not to complain. While I knew it was supposed to rain and I planned for it by bringing my rain boots along, I neglected to bring my umbrella. So my feet were dry and my jacket was soaked. bamboo drying rack” width= No big deal though because as soon as I got home, I pulled out my collapsible bamboo drying rack and I hung my coat and wet clothes to dry. If it were laundry day, I would have just tossed everything in the washer, but it isn’t and I don’t want those clothes going in the hamper soaking wet and getting mildewed. Everything was dry this morning, so I collapsed the drying rack and tucked it back in the closet beside the washer. How handy!

Luckily, today is a sunny day so far…but I’m bringing my umbrella just in case!

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