Barack Obama on SNL Wears Obama Mask 22Sep08

In this 2008 election year there has been an overwhelming amount of publicity. Naturally, the election will be a hot topic for all comedians, and the cast of Saturday Night Live hopped right on.

Democratic Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama, made a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live. The setting for the skit is a mock Halloween party hosted by Bill and Hillary Clinton. As guests arrive Bill and Hillary Clinton greet them, and then, wearing his own mask, Barack Obama shows up to the party as himself. Let’s not get too political over the skit. Let’s enjoy it it for the funny satire that it is.

You can also have the Barack Obama Mask. It is a great costume for Halloween. Whether or not you’re a supporter, you can have fun with the Barack Obama Mask. Or if you prefer to wear a Hillary Clinton, or John McCain Mask, you can certainly have a good time wearing any Candidate Mask.

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