BBQ Season Is Upon Us 23Apr13

It is that time of year when the weather is simply perfect. These perfect temperatures will not last too long, so I know I will need to make sure to make the most of the time that I have. This means lots of walks outside, walking instead of driving at every possible moment, and my all time favorite…eating outside!

It is so easy to sit, eat, and relax outside when the temperature is 70-something degrees, not humid, and not windy. There are plenty of restaurants all over the place with outdoor seating that will happily take my money and let me sit for as long as I would like.

But, would I rather sit at a restaurant, or perhaps uncover my friends’ outdoor patio furniture, dust off the grill that was hibernating all winter, apronand spend the whole day outside grilling, eating, drinking, and playing outside with friends? Yes, I would definitely prefer a nice and relaxing day outside enjoying the gorgeous weather with a big group of friends. And it’s always funny seeing your guy friends in front of the grill cooking delicious food, and wearing goofy aprons like this grill sergeant apron.

So, for those you lucky enough to have such beautiful weather right now, I would suggest taking full advantage of this situation before the summer heat rolls in and it gets to be too hot and humid to enjoy a long length of time outside without needing to hop in a pool to cool down. Gather your group of friends, get the kids together, and enjoy this quality time outside!

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