Bionic Wrench 06Sep12

I am pretty sure on this blog I have mentioned to you all that I actually enjoy doing things for myself. I really like buying furniture and pieces for my apartment and putting them together. I get a lot of satisfaction out of not only putting things together for myself, but I also like being able to fix things without having to ask for help.

bionic wrench
I would not really consider myself a “handyman” but I would consider myself “capable.” Yes, I have a tool kit in my closet. I thought everyone knew how to put things together, and take care of things like using the directions to put together a bookshelf…but after talking to some of my co-workers, I have learned that is actually not the case. My friends rely on other people to do things that I always thought were pretty simple tasks. Furthermore, I love multi-tasking tools. My favorite new multitasking tool is the Bionic Wrench.

The difference between the Bionic Wrench versus a regular wrench is that the Bionic Wrench uses six powerful, adjustable sliders built-in to the 360° head to help you firmly grip nuts on all six sides, instead of just two like a standard wrench. The great part about this is that the Bionic Wrench will help to prevent slips and give you 2-3X’s the power while loosening or tightening nuts. I love products that make big projects that take less time.

So, if you are anything like me who likes to do things for yourself, but also prefers for the project (while fun to do) still be as easy as possible, so the you can enjoy the final product sooner rather than later, the Bionic Wrench might be just the tool you have been looking for. I know I love the idea of doing the hard work, but I love even more the feeling of looking at my final product and being proud that I did it on my own.

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