Brighten the Porch with Novelty Door Mats 13Aug13

Doormats do so much more than give you a place to wipe your feet. They can welcome people with pomp and circumstance or give guests a chuckle as they ring your doorbell. They come in so many trendy, cool styles that they serve their original purpose while adding unique décor to your home.

Seasonal novelty door mats are very popular today. At Christmas, you can have snowmen or Santa. For Halloween, use a pumpkin mat. They are easy to switch out, and so inexpensive that you can change them whenever you want to, states Ezine Articles.

Novelty doormats aren’t always inexpensive. Some holiday themed mats can carry a higher price tag. They may be more intricate, or be made from materials that will last longer, even when they are being used outside. The mats you want are water proof and durable, so you don’t have to throw them away when the season of the year is gone. You can always hose a mat off before you replace it with a different theme, too.

Classic novelty door mats are often made from natural coconut fiber, crafted into woven coir with a non-skid backing made from recycled rubber. Monogrammed mats have an eco-friendly construction and they look elegant and traditional in front of your door. They trap the dust and dirt before it can make its way into your house, so they are quite functional, in addition to being decorative.

Having your guests enjoy a smile at the door and then clean their feet means that your carpet or flooring doesn’t get exposed to as much of what they would otherwise track inside. Cleaning carpet or flooring can be expensive and time-consuming, and it makes good sense to stop dirt in its tracks, before it has a chance to enter your house.

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Source: Novelty Door Mats Are Cute

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