Candyland, Mouse Trap…Angry Birds? 25Jan11

I mentioned to you before that I do not have an iPhone.  I have a plain old regular touch screen cell phone.  I think it may have some cool features, but I basically use it to make phone calls and send text messages.  Because of my basic phone needs, I do not have Apps on my phone, but I do know a little bit about them, and I know there are so many Apps out there that anyone with a phone can find at least one App to love.  Today, I would like to talk about what seems to be one of the most popular Apps out there right now: Angry Birds.

Angry Birds AppI first read about Angry Birds on a blog a while ago, and I didn’t think anything of it.  Then, I came across a posting somewhere that said soon there will be an Angry Birds board game…and apparently this is a very big deal.  So I did a little more internet surfing to find out more about how people really feel about Angry Birds.  It’s a game that is taking over the world of Apps.  Everyone who plays doesn’t want to stop.  My friend told me her mom will play on her iPad and if the iPad battery dies, she will take over her son’s!  Did you know you can even buy Angry Birds stuffed animals?  I am so glad I haven’t played this game because I know I would be part of this Angry Birds following.  However, from what I hear, the coming-soon, Angry Birds Board game, is said to be a modern day Mouse Trap.  Do you remember Mouse Trap?  That was a fun game.  And since so many people love playing Angry Birds on their phones, it must be fun to play as a board game with other people.  I’d like to give it a try…what about you?

It’s interesting to see how things cycle.  When I was younger, we played cards and board games.  I used to love Candyland.  But I didn’t really love playing Candyland.  I would say I wanted to play, open the box, steal the princess card and game over!  Fold Up Pool TableAnd Hungry Hungry Hippos will always be a classic. But then as we got older, we played pool, and everyone wanted a Fold Up Pool Table in their basement. Touchscreen Video PokerAnd then, when we got even older we went back to cards for gambling, which you can now play electronically with a Touchscreen Video Poker Game.  And now, it seems board games are back “in” and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  Board games and quiz games are so much fun; I hope it never goes out of style again!

What are some of your favorite games today to play?

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