Car Seat Stuff Catcher 18Feb11

How much stuff do you lose in your car?  What do you lose in your car?  I have a problem losing chapstick and the caps (separately).  One weekend I was driving home to see my parents, and as usual I took the cap off my chapstick and I lost the cap because it fell out of my hand (there is no pulling over on 95 to look for a chapstick cap).  Then somehow, I dropped my chapstick and figured I would just find it under the seat later.  I never found it.  Luckily, my dad is a master of finding things in cars and found both!  But what a hassle!  There is a new product called the Car Seat Stuff Catcher that could solve these kinds of problems.Car Seat Stuff Catcher

The name “Car Seat Stuff Catcher” speaks simply for itself.  The Car Seat Stuff Catcher fits right in between the small spaces and catches everything you might drop by accident, or not even realize you’ve dropped, like change.  With the Car Seat Stuff Catcher, you don’t have to worry about your phone slipping and falling under the seat.  And now, unlike my chapstick dilemma, you do not have to spend so much time searching for the lost items.

The Car Seat Stuff Catcher will make it easier to concentrate, and will make driving safer.  It will even keep your car cleaner since the small pieces of trash (example: gum wrappers) won’t get stuck in between the seats anymore either.

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