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Product Highlight – Chilli Two in One Cleaning System 24Feb15

When it comes to keeping your house clean, you need a vacuum cleaner that is designed to handle your floors and carpeting. However, it can be rather cumbersome to lug that full size vacuum around to clean up spills or even sweep the steps. If you are looking for an option that gives you the best of both worlds, you have found it with the Chilli Two in One cleaning system.

This is a stick style vacuum cleaner that you can use on your carpets, hardwood floors, and tile floors. It also doubles as an easy to use handheld vacuum for getting into smaller spaces and vacuuming the stairs and other areas that are difficult to clean with a larger vacuum. While this is a stick vacuum, it provides all the benefits of its larger cousins, including:

· A 1,000-watt motor to provide excellent suction power

· A 23-foot cord to help you clean the entire room without having to move to another outlet

· An air-powered rotating brush that helps you get deep into the carpet fibers, and traps tiny dirt particles to ensure you aren’t just pushing them around

· Five attachments to help you tackle all of your vacuuming needs

· A shoulder strap to make moving around easier than ever

· Two reusable, washable filters

The Chilli Two in One cleaning system provides all of this, and only measures 7 inches by 7 inches by 44 inches, which means storage is a breeze as well. The vacuum is made from durable plastic to provide additional durability. You also don’t have to deal with emptying cumbersome bags thanks to its bagless design.

If you need a vacuum that can handle larger areas, yet still provide you with the convenience of a handheld, get your Chilli Two in One today.


What are the Benefits of Shampooing My Carpets? 27Jan15

Carpets take a beating every single day, and this means they can be harboring tons of gross stuff like dirt, dust mites, fungi, and bacteria. If you have a dog or cat, you also have to add in fur, dander, and tiny particles of feces as well. While you might think that simply vacuuming will get rid of it all, this is not the case. Many of the particles are too small, and vacuuming can’t help if there are liquid spills and the like. Keep reading to find out the benefits of dragging out that carpet shampooer, or renting a steam cleaner.

Better Health

This is the number one benefit of carpet cleaning. Even if you vacuum at least three times per week, there are still pollutants caught in the fibers. These pollutants can be tiny micro particles and gases, to which micro particles can attach themselves. As you walk over the carpet these gases are released into the air, where you can easily breathe them into your lungs.

Cleaner Environment

Shampooing your carpets removes nearly all of the aforementioned contaminants in your home. However, if you want to make sure that dust mite allergens are kept at bay, a steam carpet cleaner uses high heat to kill off those tiny critters. If you have ever spilled liquids on your carpet, the steam coupled with serious drying power will also protect your carpet from mold and bacteria growth.

Better Looking Floors

Even if you think your floors are clean, the next time you vacuum, run your carpet shampooer over one pass. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and dry it properly. Chances are you will be quite surprised at just how dirty your carpets are.

Carpet cleaning provides many health and aesthetic benefits, especially for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. If you want better health, clean those carpets!


What Are Some Car Cleaning Essentials for Interior Detailing? 14Oct14

Most people will only let the interior of their car accumulate so much junk, and then it’s time for a good cleaning. As the months go by, your car fills with wrappers, receipts, grime and dirt.

When it’s finally time to clean out your car, you can start by sliding the front seats back and then cleaning out the junk that is hidden underneath them. You can grab the big stuff and use a vacuum on the rest. Then slide the seats forward and remove all the stuff you find below.

You won’t be able to imagine what you might find when you fully clean out the interior of your car. Pencils, pens and piles of small change are usually on the list. Vacuum off the seats, the mats and the carpet, states Family Handyman.

You’ll want to use a smaller attachment to do the dashboard and the insides of the doors. Those pockets on the doors are always gathering dust and candy wrappers. A carpet cleaner with attachments will remove the deeper dirt and clean your cloth seats.

Deep dirt settles into your car’s floor carpeting, too. Spray the carpet with a special solution of cleaner and water and then use the carpet cleaner to suck all the nastiness out. It will pay for itself if you buy a small carpet cleaner for your car, as compared to renting a machine when all you want to clean is the vehicle.

Leather and vinyl seats can be cleaned and conditioned. Use a cleaner that is made for vinyl and leather, and then follow it up with a leather conditioner, to keep the seat material soft and supple.

If you want to do the bumpers, headlights, mirrors and door handles, try the Detail Doctor, as seen on TV. It’s recommended by Danny the Count of “Counting Cars” and “Pawn Stars”, and his cars always look great.


How to Make Your Clothes and Shoes Last Longer 23Sep14

Figuring out how to prolong the life of your favorite clothes and shoes is great not only for the sake of your style and wardrobe, but your wallet, too!Spending a little extra time and thought on these items will make them last longer. Here are some tips to help get you started…

Stop washing/drying/dry-cleaning so much

Many of us are guilty of simply throwing our clothes into the hamper at the end of a long day without much consideration—it’s just routine. But all this scrubbing, tumbling and chemicals are harsh on fibers and slowly work to break them down. Instead, consider layering more delicate sweaters and shirts over thin tank tops to serve as a barrier between your skin (and sweat), and your clothes. By doing this, you’ll find washing after every wear isn’t really necessary. If you’re uncomfortable throwing the top right back into your closet, air-it out on a line or in the bathroom when showering—the steam will help refresh the clothes. Also, make sure to read the labels. Hand-wash or use the gentle cycle when necessary, and be sure to separate laundry between colors and delicates for optimal cleaning conditions. Consider investing in either a drying rack or hang up a line to dry items outside, which is much gentler than the dryer.

Rethink detergents and cleaners

Spot cleaning is a great way to take care of small blemishes while preserving the life of your clothes. Stain removal pens and wipes are small and convenient enough to throw into your purse or car without hassle, and they enable you to address spills right away so the liquid doesn’t have time to sink deep into the fabric.

On the chance you might miss a stain, take the time to also look through clothes before tossing them into the washer. Also, pay attention to directions on your detergent, which will let you know how much you really need to use per load size—most people use too much, which doesn’t make clothes any cleaner, and in fact, actually harms them by having the extra soap stick to the fabrics.

Consider storage organization

Stuffing your clothes into drawers and piling up your shoes in a basket aren’t doing any of you a favor. Storing them properly will help make them last longer, so invest in a shoe rack or organization tool that will keep your footwear properly spaced rather than piled on top of one another. Fold sweaters and pants neatly before putting them into drawers, and hang what you can in a closet, especially if it’s an item that wrinkles easily or a delicate fabric, such as silk. Lack of room doesn’t have to be an excuse to not properly hang your apparel, as Taylor Gifts offers plenty of closet hanger organizers that are designed to maximize space.

Take time for small repairs

A lost button, loose hem, and worn-down heels are all relatively fast and easy repairs that you can either do yourself, or take to a nearby tailor or cobbler for a few bucks. If a favorite black pair of jeans is fading, consider giving it a dye bath to refresh color and often make items look new again. The little effort required on your behalf is nothing compared to the extension of life you’ll give your clothes and shoes.

Wear Apparel Strategically

Not all items are meant to be donned from morning to night, rain or shine. Therefore, consider what is best for your clothing and footwear prior to getting ready for the day. Is it supposed to storm? If so, don’t wear suede shoes that can easily get damaged. Are you going to a children’s birthday party? Don’t wear fine silks that would get ruined by a child’s juice stains. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth an ounce of cure.

Our clothing helps to communicate our individuality, as well as protect us from the elements. By taking the effort to care for your attire, you can guarantee its longevity for years to come.

What Are Some Tips to Preparing Your Home for a New Pet? 08Apr14

Congratulations! You’re thinking about welcoming a new member into your household in the form of an adorable pet. Depending on the kind of animal you are adopting, there are different levels of preparation that needed to create a safe environment. Smaller animals such as hamsters or gerbils are simply need a quality cage or holding pen. However, since dogs and cats are often free to roam across every surface of your home (whether you like it or not), it’s important that you make sure your entire house is safe and sound for your new furry friend.

Puppy or kitten proof your house

If you are bringing an animal into your home that chews on things, likes to hide, is not housebroken or has no knowledge of right or wrong, brace yourself for the occasional mess or two (or five). Make sure your give your new furry friend a place where they can feel at home. Typically, new puppy or kitten owners can enclose a small area in a room where they spend plenty of time and can keep a close eye on their new friend to make sure they are following the rules. Never allow your new puppy or kitten to wander freely around the home as nothing good can ever come out of it. The next time you walk into your kitchen, do not be surprised if you find a little accident waiting to be cleaned up by you. It’s important to have the proper pet cleanup products readily available for your pooch or kitty, and consider having multiple litter boxes or pet potty patches scattered throughout the house to determine where he or she would prefer to “go.” Cats can be picky about where they “do their business” so, if your new feline friend is not responding to its current box, experiment with multiple makes to see which ones tickle his or her fancy.

Be prepared for some messes

Bringing a new puppy or kitten into your house means that you realize some of your personal belongings may be damaged. Blinds, curtains, shoes, socks, furniture, pillows, and anything else your new friend can get their claws or teeth on could be ruined beyond fixing. To minimize the potential damage, take preemptive steps to make sure your favorite items are out of reach. Pups are especially fond of chewing on footwear, so make sure no sneakers are left lying about the floor with a shoe rack or organizer. Animals are also naturally attracted to dangling items, so it might be wise to move any suspended scarves or jewelry to either a horizontal storage unit or the interior of your closet. To protect your more precious furniture items (at least temporarily), purchase a pet parade couch pet bed that you can easily place on top to shield your couch or chair from dog hairs or accidents.

Protect your new pet’s health

Just like you wouldn’t want to leave harmful chemicals in reach of a small child, you should take the same measures with your dog. Move potentially harmful cleaning substances from beneath the sink to higher shelves or find a way of latching ones that are more easily accessible. Additionally, tape down any electrical cords they might be tempted to chew on. Take a look around your home and consider whether your determined kitty or pooch might be able scale to new heights to reach things like the deadly bowl of chocolate; what looks like a counter chair to you might look like a ladder to your resourceful four-legged pal. Similarly, what may look like a waste basket to you may look like a smelly buffet of flavors to your pet, so make sure all trashcans are tall and not easy to knock over so your dog doesn’t end up eating something he or she shouldn’t. Finally, make sure that you don’t have any poisonous plants within easy reach like lilies, mums and poinsettias. Don’t forget, this goes for your garden as well.

Make your new pet feel right at home in his or her new environment with lots of love, hugs and, of course, home pet products from Taylor Gifts.

How Do You Prepare for Spring Cleaning? 26Feb14

Although we’re still in the midst of winter, it’s never too late to begin preparing for spring. Of course, spring cleaning is an annual tradition, but that’s no reason that you can’t introduce some new elements this time around. Keep reading for some simple ideas.

First, while it’s important to plan for spring cleaning, that doesn’t mean you should let your normal cleaning regimen fall by the wayside. Stay focused on what needs to get done while you prepare for the coming season, or you’ll end up with even more to do.

While you have the time right now, start things off with a plan. Just because you’ve always had a routine for your spring cleaning doesn’t mean it was the best one. Take the time now to analyze how you’ve done things in the past and think about where you could improve. It might just mean finding more effective ways to go about it. Also, keep in mind anything that might need to be added to the list. It’s been a whole year since the last time you did your spring cleaning, and it’s possible that you’ve acquired new items that will either need attention or that can help out.

When preparing for spring cleaning, it’s ok to think about some new purchases you might need to make. Everything from shelves to containers to wall racks can go a long way in helping to organize your home.

Lastly, don’t shoulder the entire burden on your own. If you have a family, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be pitching in. By planning early, you can assign tasks and give your family members plenty of time to ask for clarification. Better to field those questions now than find out a job wasn’t done correctly later.

It’s best to start preparing for spring cleaning early so you don’t get squeezed for time when the season finally comes around. As soon as the weather gets nicer, there will be all kinds of other activities to prepare for, as well.


Lint Lizard 31Jan12

I have spring fever! Out here on the east, we have had a very mild winter. The temperature will reach nearly 60 degrees today—the last day of January—and I love it! The spring-like weather every other week or so is a little reminder that winter does not last forever, as it sometimes seems it might.

The only thing I do not like about spring is the dreaded spring cleaning. The house has been closed up, needs to be aired out, the windows have collected a fine coating of dust (yuck!), the blades on the ceiling fans are looking a little dusty by this time, and all the nooks and crannies in your home that don’t see a vacuum during a normal cleaning could use a good scrub.

Most people don’t like cleaning windows. I don’t mind it so much. What I really dislike is cleaning out the dryer vent. There is no good way to do it with a regular vacuum. It’s a necessary safety measure to get the built up lint out of the lint trap and vent hose to prevent a fire, but the vacuum hose can only go so far. It creates such a mess and just seems like I’m making a bigger job of cleaning than I need to.

LINT LIZARDThat is where the Lint Lizard comes in. This handy tool attaches to your vacuum and the long, thin, flexible hose goes right down in the vent to reach where your regular vacuum attachments can’t. I’m also going to use this under, behind and around the washer and dryer, the refrigerator, behind the headboards in bedrooms, and any other place I can find that I can’t reach with my regular vacuum attachments.

Now I’m getting excited about spring cleaning!

Shark Steam Mop 10Nov11

Last night I needed a little therapy. Everything has been busy, people have been needing things, work has been a lot of hard work, and everything, for some reason, needs to be finished or accomplished all at the same time. Therefore, I needed to take charge of my night last night.

SHARK STEAM MOP” width=My house has been suffering. I have barely been at home except to sleep, and when I am at home for an extended period of time that last thing I’ve wanted to do is clean…but the poor place was desperate for a good scrubbing. Fortunately, last night not only was in the mood to finally get to cleaning, but my body wasn’t completely exhausted, I had plenty of time, and I was stressed out from the day. Under normal circumstances, I would have gone to the gym to work off my frustration, but cleaning was the task at hand and it worked like a charm!

I scrubbed every inch of my kitchen, cleaned every single piece of furniture and small item in the whole place. I dusted everything in sight and put every out-of-place item back where it belongs. I ran the dishwasher, took out the trash, and cleaned the floors. I hate cleaning the floors because they are all hardwood or tile. They collect dust and dirt so quickly. Luckily, for me, I use the Shark Steam Mop ( to clean my floors and it makes the task a whole lot less daunting.

Since it took me so long to get through the regular cleaning, I didn’t get to the bathroom. So, on tap for tonight; cleaning the bathroom! I hope you have something better planned. And if you’re cleaning, too…happy cleaning!

Robo Floor Sweeper 06Oct11

ROBO FLOOR SWEEPER” width=I don’t think anyone actually likes to clean. Sure, some people might get more enjoyment out of it than others, but I’m convinced that no one truly loves to clean. I fall somewhere in the middle; I don’t mind scrubbing the tub, dusting furniture, and cleaning the windows, but I do mind cleaning floors.

I don’t detest cleaning floors because it is difficult, it’s not. I just don’t like the multi-step process of sweeping and vacuuming, (mopping if necessary), moving the furniture, getting under and behind the couch, and by the time you’re done the dirt and lint has returned. Its an everyday job. I would love to hire someone to do it for me – at least that way I would not feel like I wasted my time when I could have been doing anything else, but do I really want to pay someone to do it for me? Maybe what I need to do is finally buy a Robo Floor Sweeper. How great is this idea? I can go to work and this little gadget will do the hard work for me. What do you guys think?

Always Fresh Containers 27Sep11

WINE COLD SACK” width=I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like bugs. Really, I hate them. I know most bugs are good and have a purpose, but I don’t want them in my house and especially not in my kitchen! I’m fanatical about wiping down the stove and counters after I cook to get rid of any crumbs that could be a bug’s dinner. I’m not obsessive about it, its just part of my routine; cook, eat, do the dishes, wipe everything down.

I guess my efforts are worth it. I’ve never had a bug problem….until the other night. I saw a large bug crawling across the floor! I did what any normal person would do and jumped as high and as far away as I could while screaming–this is a normal reaction, no? After taking care of the bug, I realized that where there is one, there are many. I ran to my computer to look up ways to keep the bugs at bay. I came across this article on with some good tips. Most are things I already do, but its good to have a reminder. Take the trash out, keep surfaces clean, and keep food closed up. I thought about my plastic food containers, the ones that you can give to friends with leftovers and not care that you don’t get them back. They’re in pretty terrible shape these days so I’m going to replace them with Always Fresh Containers. Not only will they keep my sealed tightly to keep the bugs away, but they help food last longer. They’re naturally antibacterial to prevent the growth of mold and fungus. This should be a good addition to my bug deterrent regiment.

Do you have any good tips for keeping the bugs out of your kitchen and home?