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Car Trash Can 26Sep11

CAKE POPS MAKEREveryone has a pet peeve. One of my biggest ones is when I go to use the milk and there is just a sip left. Why can’t the last person who used it either finish it off and replace it or at least let you know that there is very little left? I feel like the solution is so simple. Another pet peeve is ketchup (or any condiment ) in a tiny little packet. The issues I have with food in a packet are many. You always need a handful of packets, they never tear easily, at some point (its happened to all of us) the ketchup will squirt directly at you and ruin your new shirt, and the list goes on.

Never fear, Heinz has come up with a new ketchup packet! You can read all about it here. In a nutshell, Heinz has spent years coming up with a new way to get your ketchup on your fries. The Dip and Squeeze packets have to options; tear off the top (like your classic ketchup packets but easeir) or peel off the lid and reveal a small container (like dipping sauce for nuggets) that holds three times the amount of ketchup as an old-fashioned ketchup packet! So now, while the kids are in the back eating their favorite kids meal, the most you have to worry about is whether or not the trash is getting in the car trash can car trash can or going on the floor…another pet peeve! I guess Heinz can’t solve all of my problems.

What do you think about the new ketchup packet?

Clean Step Mat 31Aug11

We love our cats and dogs. We love playing outside with our kids and our friends. Because of all of this, we have to do the best we can to clean up our shoes and our pets’ paws before we go back into the house. The new Clean Step Mat can help in resolving this problem.

The Clean Step Mat is super absorbent. The microfibers of the Clean Step Floor Mat pull dirt and water right from your shoes keeping your floors in your house nice and clean. You can be worry-free when your pet goes outside and runs to the house first knowing the Clean Step Mat will protect your floors from the mud on your pets’ paws.

With the Clean Step Mat you do not need to worry about stained floors again. Just let the Clean Step Mat take care of the dirt and grime, and you can continue to play outside.

Pet Seat Protector 15Jul11

PET SEAT PROTECTOR” width=What are you up to this weekend? I hope you’re doing something fun. Maybe you’re staying in because it is ridiculously hot, or maybe you’re taking a weekend trip because it is summer and you might as well. If you do decide to take that trip, don’t forget to take your favorite furry friend with you on the road! Dogs love road trips too! Just be sure to protect your car from your pet with the pet seat protector.

While your pet enjoys being chauffeured and feeling the wind in its ears, you may not enjoy the hair, dirt, and claw marks that are sure to get all over your back seat. The pet seat protector covers the entire back seat, the floor and the backs of the front seats from the mess that comes with your pet. It attaches to the headrests in seconds and has quick release buckles so you can quickly remove it and zip it up in its own carrying case when you have human passengers.

Don’t leave the animal members of the family out of the fun this weekend! Bring them along and keep the mess to a minimum.

Some Spring Cleaning 13Apr11

I read a blog post recently titled “What have you gotten rid of lately?”. These kinds of blog posts always catch my interest, mostly because I never know how much to get rid of, or if I am doing it too much.

I recommend checking out the original post itself. The post starts off because a mom told her sons they needed to clean up their toys and get rid of some of them. To her surprise, they were happy to do it, and were even more pleased to find all the extra space in their toy bins. Piggy-backing on her children’s motivation, the author of the post also decided to do a little “spring cleaning” herself. She found getting rid of specific items was liberating.

Cluttered ClosetPersonally, I have a purging issue. I am not really much of a collector of things. I generally do not like having extra stuff around to clutter my space (except for clothes and shoes taking up my closet…but that’s for another time). While I am not the person who really keeps things around, I do frequently go through my things to either throw away or donate. I probably do this 3-4 times a year, and I mostly do it with my clothes. I so easily get in the zone of donating my clothes, that I get rid of too much. I definitely get rid of the things I have not worn in over 2 years (except for my overalls…I am having a hard time separating from them) and I get rid of things that simply do not fit anymore and never will again (I do not believe in keeping jeans that are 2-3 sizes too small in hopes that I will one day fit into them again…NOT going to happen). I also find that I get in “moods” when I do not like just about everything in my closet and I literally start throwing almost everything in the donation bags. My mom has tried to teach me to stop giving things away just because I do not like it that day, because I might like it tomorrow. I learned my purging lesson when one winter I went to put on my favorite sweater and it was missing. I have no proof, but the conclusion my mom and I came to was I accidentally gave it away along with other articles of clothing I would miss later because I was not liking them the day of cleaning.

Woven Storage ToteSo how do I stop myself from this? I have a storage box – just one that I keep throughout the year. As I put on clothes during the year and decided I do not like them and/or they do not fit, I will put them in the tote. This way, I am not getting rid of those items immediately. I am putting them aside. This way, they are out of sight. And if I decide one day that I really wish I had that tank top, I can go and get it, put it on, and hopefully recognize why I put it in the tote in the first place, or if I decide I like it again, I still have it and no loss. This way, when I do my regular cleaning, I can look at that shirt and say “You almost gave that away and have already worn it three times since…it’s a keeper.”

Do you do “spring cleaning” often? Are you a person who keeps everything and hates to part with anything? Are you like me, and once you start to throw away you cannot stop? How do you feel about getting rid of your things?

Finding Another Route From Cleaning 14Mar11

Good morning!  Happy Monday.  I hope your weekend was full of fun, and maybe a little responsible and productive.  This weekend for me was full of more fun than responsibility, but I promise you I made up for it on Sunday evening when the responsibility of living in my own apartment without a maid caught up to me.

Now or LaterMy weekend was great and full of friends and fun.  The weekend basically started on Thursday night and didn’t stop.  So, what’s the best way to wind down from a busy and eventful weekend?  On a gorgeous 70 degree Sunday with procrastinating chores being the only thing on my mind, I grabbed my car and my friend, we put the GPS on the GPS Nav-Mat, and we went for a drive around the city with the windows down and sunroof open.  We didn’t really have anywhere to go or errands to run, but how do you pass up a day like that?  So, he made up an errand to run (pick up a few things at Whole Foods) and we took the longest route we could take to get there, which happened to be right by the waterfront (gorgeous!), and a long route back home.  GPS Nav MatI know we live in a city and we could have spent the day actually outside walking, playing, and/or running around, but sometimes a drive on a great day is just wonderful.

After the ride it was back to reality.  I dropped off my friend, and then I took a longer route back home (what’s a couple extra minutes of chore-procrastination to drive by the water again?).  Then it was back to reality. Since I had been away from my apartment all weekend, there was a lot of cleaning up to do and other domestic things to do – like grocery shopping for the healthy food I knew I should eat during the week.  So I decided to keep up the cleaning procrastination, and walked to the grocery store for just a few more minutes outside.  After that I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer…the dishes that were in the dishwasher were put away, the dishes that were left in the sink on Thursday night after dinner were put into the newly emptied dishwasher, the trash was taken out, the clothes that were lying all over were put away and hung up, and the weekend bag that was packed full of weekend clothes was emptied and put back on the shelf.  Looking forward to doing it all over again!

I hope your weekend was amazing, and I hope you have a great start to a brand new week.