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What Are Some Hot Appetizers for Football Playoff Parties 31Dec13

Traditional football playoff party food is not usually healthy food. Greasy foods with melted cheese and sweet snacks often make up the football party menu. Healthy snacks may be surprisingly popular for your football fans.

Small versions of the best party foods make interesting finger foods that can be grabbed and eaten between plays. The smaller versions also allow guests to more easily control their portion sizes. Small “hamburgers” made from turkey are tasty, as are grilled chicken or turkey sandwiches. Serve them on football themed plates that are sturdy, to avoid messes.

There are plenty of other types of snacks to serve at your playoff party. Vegetables and low-fat dips and spreads can be used as garnish for mini sandwiches. You might also like to offer your guests mini tacos, mini pigs in blankets and mini turkey meatballs. There are many football themed serving plates you can use for your sandwiches.

Party dips often have a high percentage of dairy products in them, which means extra calories and fat. Consider using salsa, black bean dip and hummus, says Live Strong. You may be surprised at how well these will go over. As long as your party food is tasty, there’s no reason it can’t be healthy, too. Football bowls work very well for holding dips and salsa.

Munchies have always been a part of football parties. You can use a large bowl filled with air-popped popcorn as a healthy alternative to typical chips. If you want to add flavors, you can sprinkle on Italian seasoning or Parmesan cheese.

Nachos are not necessarily unhealthy. Whole-grain, baked tortilla chips on a football plate with a football bowl of low-fat cheese can be a tasty snack option for your party. You can also mix popcorn, dried fruit and nuts to create a trail mix that your crowd will love. Using turkey instead of ground beef in your game day recipes will help in giving your guests healthier choices.


How To Create a Holiday Tree for Your Deck 29Nov13

With Christmas on the way, thoughts turn to holiday decorating. A fun project to try this year is to create a holiday tree for your deck or porch. Decorating an outdoor tree is the perfect way to spend some family time outdoors. Prepare for the project by selecting an artificial Christmas tree to fit the deck area. Take measurements so you are sure to purchase the right size tree. It’s best to choose an area that is located under an overhang if possible, to keep it sheltered from the weather. Place it next to your front door to create a warm and inviting festive look.

Use natural décor to trim the tree. Collect some pine cones, sticks, and leaves from the yard and use them as they are or paint them gold, silver, or white. Use natural burlap as garland. If tree doesn’t have lights, add some solar powered outdoor lights. They charge during the day and provide up to 8 hours of light. Choose from white or colored lights, depending on your own personal preference. Purchase some inexpensive plastic ornaments that can withstand the elements or tie plastic bows to the boughs. Get some artificial poinsettia picks and simply pop them in between the limbs.

Take the kids inside and make some home crafted ornaments out of natural materials for tree décor. Natural ornaments look great on an outdoor tree and the kids will be proud of the tree they adorned. Use twine to tie ornaments onto the branches. Decorate underneath the tree with some sisal gift boxes with clear lights. They come in three sizes and look exactly like wrapped gifts but are made for outdoor use. Once you create your outdoor tree you can easily use it over and over again, each year gathering new decorations from nature to make the deck tree a new holiday family tradition.


Imako Teeth Story 27Nov13

Usually when we post on this blog it is to suggest products to make your life easier or to highlight some of our new items. However, we’d like to share with you a comment made on a YouTube video about a product we carry:

Thanks for your product. My wife has colon cancer that has metastasized to her left breast. The chemo and meds killed her beautiful smile. Her dentist wanted to wait til after treatment because it was going to get worse. She stopped smiling and laughing. I found this and she is smiling again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

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How To Choose Your Artificial Christmas Tree 12Nov13

With Christmas on the way you’ll want to get ready as early as possible for the festivities. One of the most important parts of every holiday home is the Christmas trees. Real trees can be expensive, are difficult to transport, and lose needles all over your house. Instead, many people now prefer to put up an artificial tree. Artificial Christmas trees have come a long way in recent years and many of them now look just as nice as a real tree – without all the problems. There are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for artificial Christmas trees.

Choosing the right size tree is essential so begin by measuring the location where you want to place the tree. Check height as well as width to ensure the tree will fit. Keep in mind that if you’re going to be putting the tree up alone you may prefer a slightly shorter tree because these are easier for one person to manage. The most common sized trees range from 3 feet to about 9 feet in height with the average size about 7feet. Spruce, pine, and fir are popular types of Christmas trees.

Another consideration is whether to choose a prelit tree. Prelit Christmas trees feature miniature lights that are already applied to the tree so there is virtually no work for you to do. Full size trees should have a minimum of 400 lights to look good. If you live in an apartment you can choose from a variety of slim Christmas trees that will fit in almost any area. Artificial trees fit together easily and come with an integrated stand so there is nothing to do but pull the tree out of the box and put it together. Properly storing your tree after the holidays will ensure that it will last for many years to come.


How to Create the Perfect Holiday Cocktail Bar 29Oct13

The holidays are approaching and what better way to celebrate with friends and family than with a refreshing cocktail? Get ready for the season by stocking your bar with all the essentials you need to serve your guests the best drinks ever. To prepare for guests, use a table as your bar area and decorate it with a holiday tablecloth. You can keep the table ready for use throughout the entire season. Stock your bar area with some glasses, an ice bucket, and a blender or cocktail shaker.

Create a signature cocktail before your party. This allows you to focus on just one mixed drink. Add wine and beer to give everyone some additional options. When making a signature drink think about the taste and color. Some drinks can be made in large batches ahead of time and placed in pitchers so there will be no need to spend time making them during the party. A lighted party fountain offers a unique way to serve your cocktail. It looks spectacular yet it’s simple to set up and operate. If you’re making the drinks ahead of time simply store them in a cold refrigerator until you’re ready to serve them.

Condiments add something special to cocktails so be sure to have some items ready to use. Think about olives, cherries, cut limes, or peppermint sticks, depending on the taste you’re trying to achieve. Be sure to have plenty of clean glasses on hand and fill your freezer with bags of ice, something you certainly don’t want to run out of. Add several bowls of snack items such as nuts or crackers so guests can have a small bite to eat. Decorate the table to suit the holiday season by placing some ornaments in the middle and use some candles to provide some soft lighting.


Need Fun and Useful Holiday Hostess Gifts? 22Oct13

The holidays are here and that means plenty of festive parties and gatherings. Hostess gifts are an expected part of every event, yet bringing a bottle of wine every time gets boring for you and the hostess. This year, be prepared for all your holiday celebrations by choosing some useful and fun hostess gifts that your friends will really love. When you’re purchasing hostess gifts consider items in a price range of about $30 to $60 dollars. Never re-gift a hostess gift – if you didn’t like it, chances are nobody else will either.

Food items are nice, but they are becoming commonplace. Instead of baking a batch of brownies, choose a colorful baking dish and include the ingredients and recipe so the hostess can use the gift in her leisure. If you want to bring a bowl of delicious fruit, think about placing it in a stainless steel colander to make a gorgeous presentation along with a useful item the recipient can use over and over again. If the hostess enjoys baking, bring her a cookie making set or measuring set so she can make her own bakery to enjoy time and again.

Chances are many of the other guests will be bringing a bottle of wine. Rather than wine, consider a wine box set that comes with an opener and all the tools necessary to enjoy a good bottle of wine, all in a handsome storage case. If you really want to bring wine, place it in an insulated wine tote cooler so the wine can become a fun take-along picnic. Remember to think outside the box, and consider some ideas of gifts that you would enjoy receiving. Then, order a few different items to keep them on hand so you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice whenever a holiday party happens.


It’s Fall – The Baseball Season Is Ending and Football Is Starting 03Sep13

The evening air has a slight chill to it and the flowers are finishing up their colorful summer run. It’s time for baseball to wind down and for the football season to start.

Baseball has been played since the middle of the 1800’s, and watching adults in the Major Leagues isn’t a lot more fun than the joy of watching kids in sandlot games and Little League. In alleys and back yards, baseball has been a favorite for years. Sometimes it’s played with a stick and anything that resembles a ball.

When you head to the local park to watch the kids, you’ll enjoy sitting on a baseball themed sports chair. It has five positions for adjustable reclining and an adjustable strap so that you can easily carry it on your shoulder. You might have to get up now and then to fetch an errant fly ball, but otherwise, you’ll be very comfortable. For a sports chair with more options, you may want a folding sports chair with a pocket and side table.

When fall arrives, thoughts turn to football. The NFL has all the hot match-ups, but again, watching kids play flag football can be just as fun. Flag football is safe for youngsters because it’s not physical. They don’t tackle the opposing ball carrier – they pull off the flag attached to his belt or pants. That is flag football’s method of “tackling”, according to Kidzworld Football.

Flag football fields are typically not as long as regulation fields. Where NFL and college football fields are 100 yards in length, flag football fields may only be from 60 to 80 yards long, unless they’re using a high school field for their games. There are lots of flag football leagues across the United States, if you have a child who would enjoy playing on a regular team.

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Seasons Change: The End of Summer and the Start of Fall 27Aug13

Although summer has not yet officially ended, it’s almost time for schools to reopen and the raking of leaves to begin. This signifies the beginning of fall every year.

Before nature begins her brilliant display of autumn leaves, it’s time to think about the end of the warmer months. This includes checking your deck furniture covers for damage and cashing in on the end of summer sales online.

Summer is a favorite season with children, since school is out, and for adults, since the weather is mild in most places, and you won’t have to worry about shoveling snow for a long time to come.

There is still time to enjoy time spent outdoors, before the air gets chilly. A fiber optic solar gazing ball makes an excellent addition to your back yard, while there is still time this season to enjoy it.

This gazing ball welcomes night with light and color. It gives your yard an incandescent look during the day and illuminates the area beginning at dusk. The sun charges it during the day, so there are never batteries to change, and it turns off by itself at dawn. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the last warm evenings of the season.

When the air gets chillier, you’ll turn your thoughts to pumpkins and autumn leaves and adding a windbreaker or sweater to your outfit, as you head out the door, says Heart Light.

You may be adding more bedding, too, like comforters, quilts or extra blankets. Your favorite drink for the evening may be sun tea right now, but soon it will be warm herbal tea or cocoa, or perhaps hot apple cider.

Bonfires will be back soon, for those that don’t mess with them during evenings that are already too hot. Comfortable outdoor chairs are handy, especially if you can fold them up and take them back into the garage or house after the marshmallows have been toasted and eaten.


Novelty Signs Make Wonderful Gifts 20Aug13

Novelty signs are original gifts for all occasions. You want people to remember the gifts they have received and think of you, and novelty signs help them to remember.

Not all novelty signs are humorous. One popular metal sign has a lovely message: “Be still and know that I am God”. Signs like this add inspiration to either your home or to another’s, if you give it as a gift. This sign uses a neutral palette mosaic that will blend seamlessly with any décor. Some signs, like this one, are made to look like weathered wood, but crafted from metal, so they’ll last longer.

The companies who make and market novelty signs have a wide selection, from which to make your choice, according to Build a Sign. They ship your sign out quickly after you order, so it will arrive in time for your friend or family member’s birthday, or any other special event for which you might be gifting a sign.

Neon signs are also quite popular, especially in home bars and game rooms. Some of them feature car logos, like a Chevy table top sign. You’re sure to find the type of car that your favorite friend drives represented, so that you can give him a unique sign for his birthday or for another occasion. Neon signs can have a solid or flashing illumination, and some have both.

Perhaps the most popular gifted sign is “Home, Sweet Home”. They can be made from any materials from wood to metal, and some are made cleverly with needlepoint samplers. These make wonderful housewarming gifts, or choose one for your own house. Some of these signs can be personalized, which makes them even more special.

Irish themed bar signs are popular for birthday or holiday gifts. They work so well in home bars. Their nostalgic look will make them a hit with whomever you give them to. Composite wood signs are popular and have an aged look, even though they are brand new.


Brighten the Porch with Novelty Door Mats 13Aug13

Doormats do so much more than give you a place to wipe your feet. They can welcome people with pomp and circumstance or give guests a chuckle as they ring your doorbell. They come in so many trendy, cool styles that they serve their original purpose while adding unique décor to your home.

Seasonal novelty door mats are very popular today. At Christmas, you can have snowmen or Santa. For Halloween, use a pumpkin mat. They are easy to switch out, and so inexpensive that you can change them whenever you want to, states Ezine Articles.

Novelty doormats aren’t always inexpensive. Some holiday themed mats can carry a higher price tag. They may be more intricate, or be made from materials that will last longer, even when they are being used outside. The mats you want are water proof and durable, so you don’t have to throw them away when the season of the year is gone. You can always hose a mat off before you replace it with a different theme, too.

Classic novelty door mats are often made from natural coconut fiber, crafted into woven coir with a non-skid backing made from recycled rubber. Monogrammed mats have an eco-friendly construction and they look elegant and traditional in front of your door. They trap the dust and dirt before it can make its way into your house, so they are quite functional, in addition to being decorative.

Having your guests enjoy a smile at the door and then clean their feet means that your carpet or flooring doesn’t get exposed to as much of what they would otherwise track inside. Cleaning carpet or flooring can be expensive and time-consuming, and it makes good sense to stop dirt in its tracks, before it has a chance to enter your house.

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Source: Novelty Door Mats Are Cute