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No Mess No Fuss: Egg-Tastic 05Feb16

Do you dread making breakfast in the mornings? It may only takes minutes to cook but leaves you with a big mess to clean up. Breakfast can be very time
consuming and no one has the time for all that mess & fuss.

I’ll admit the thought of microwaved eggs grossed me out and there is no possible way they could ever turn out good. However, my motto is to always try
something at least once. Plus the Egg-Tastic™ would eliminate me having to get a bowl out to
stir the eggs in, buttering up a pan, adding the eggs to the pan, hovering over them, and constantly turning them so they don’t get burnt. Not to mention I
wouldn’t have to clean a mixing bowl, a pan, a spatula, and a plate! You just can’t beat fast and efficient, so I gave it a whirl.

The Egg-Tastic™ is a ceramic microwave egg cooker that comes with instructions and a cooking
guide. The commercials promise that you can make flavorful fluffy scrambled eggs, poached eggs, and more. You just simply follow the 4 easy steps of crack
the eggs (up to 4), add ingredients to the eggs if you wish, put the lid on top and place in the microwave, and then simply enjoy. There is a max fill line
that you have to be conscious of which is about half way up the ceramic pot.

Since I’m not a fan of poached eggs I made some good ol’ fashioned scrambled eggs with shredded cheese, salt & pepper. I usually add milk to my
scrambled eggs to make them extra fluffy but I forgot to add it this time. I added 2 eggs, so according to the cooking guide I put it in the microwave for
1 minute and 20 seconds. When I went to put my fork in it I noticed it wasn’t cooked all the way, so I added an additional minute and they came out great!
Just make sure to use an oven mitt when taking it out because it does get extremely hot.

Now it was time for clean up. Since I ate my eggs right out of the pot I only had my fork and the Egg-Tastic™ to clean, but it wasn’t that easy. I used a soft sponge and still had a lining
of eggs around the pot. So I had to use a coarse brush to clean it and with a little elbow grease it came clean but wasn’t as easy as I thought it was
going to be.

All in all it was great. It cut down on time, dishes, and mess. It also made some pretty good fluffy eggs. Not only is it great for someone who’s always on
the go but perfect for a college student too.

You can get your own Egg-Tastic™ from Taylor Gifts
for $9.98 or $8.98 each if you buy 2 or more.

From Credit Cards To Cash You’ll Always Find It Fast: PHONE POCKET 21Dec15

Want the handiness and convenience of a fanny pack without the embarrassment of actually having to wear one? Sometimes all you need is just a few things without carrying around the excess bulk of your wallet or purse. Like I promised in my last blog, here’s a review about…you guessed it, The Phone Pocket™! (please contain your excitement)

I’ve had the Phone Pocket on my Samsung Galaxy S6 for about 3 months now and I absolutely love it! It claims to stretch and hold up to 10 cards, IDs or cash, and great for carrying ear buds and coupons. So naturally I shoved everything I could think of inside of it to test it out. Everything was secure even after flipping it upside down and giving it a good shake; not a thing fell out. Even after 3 months of use it hasn’t gotten stretched out and has kept its original size. The only thing I recommend not putting in it is change, that’s the one thing that seemed to fall out occasionally.

It’s very slim (probably about less than half an inch) and fits in my back pocket just fine even with cards inside it. It feels no different than having just my phone in my pocket. Removing just one item from the pocket isn’t difficult and it doesn’t interfere when I’m talking on my phone either.

It also claims that it can be easily removed without leaving any residue, but I like mine too much to remove it and risk losing the stickiness.

Now I’m about to get a little Bill Nye The Science Guy on you…

Some people may have concerns about their cards getting demagnetized because it’s right up against the battery. Cell phones do produce a lot of RF energy (Radiofrequency) but the electromagnetic energy is what you should be worried about. After some research (aka I Googled it) It seems to be unlikely because mos of the energy is the RF energy that won’t affect the credit cards. Also for your protection there’s a built in anti-theft RFID technology which secures your credit card data. (nerd rant over)

The Phone Pocket can be used for more than just your phone! It’s also great for creating a pocket anywhere you need one like on a jacket, your gym clothes, purse, bag, desk, other electronics, etc. Anywhere that needs a pocket, the possibilities are endless!

It’s buy one get one FREE from Taylor Gifts for $14.98.

Look Mom No Hands: Gadget Grab 02Dec15

How many times have you tried to hone in on your inner MacGyver by making some kind of contraption to hold your phone or tablet up, but then you realize you’re not MacGyver and it always fails miserably. Do you wish there was a way you could prop up your Smartphone or tablet without worrying it will fall?

The Gadget Grab™ claims to instantly grip your device (horizontally or vertically) making it totally hands free, but does it really work?

First, I tried out the cell phone stand. I wasn’t able to get my Smartphone to stick with my Phone Pocket™ (that’s for another blog) on my Otter Box cell phone case. After taking the case off I stuck the phone to the solid circle, it held but it was wobbling quite a bit. So I flipped it around and stuck my phone to the thin ring and it was much more secure on the counter.

Depending on what kind of case you have on your phone you may have to remove it for the product to work correctly. With my particular predicament it didn’t work with the case on. However, once the case was off I didn’t have to worry about it moving or getting knocked over.

Next I tried out the full-sized version; I used several different tablets varying in sizes. At first I had trouble getting the bigger tablet to stick, but with a little re-positioning and squeezing I managed to get it to work. Then I tried the smallest tablet I have; it was more secure but still jiggled a tad when I touched the screen.

Nonetheless all the devices stuck to the sticky surface and didn’t fall off…oh yea and it didn’t leave behind any sticky residue.

The Gadget Grab™ also claims when the grip pads get dirty to just give it a quick rinse and it’s good as new.

So of course I had to test this claim out too. I stuck the Gadget Grab™ to the cat, rubbed it on my clothes and ran it through some dust. I ran it under the faucet and the hair and dust came right off. About 30 minutes later when it was good and dry I tried it again. It was just as sticky as the first time and wasn’t affected by washing it at all.

The Gadget Grab™ is great for reading, watching movies, video calls or cooking. Both the full size and cell phone stand fold down into a pocket-size, portable accessories. You can buy your own at Taylor Gifts for just $5.99!

Here’s a video from Taylor Gifts’ Colt Sebastian Taylor demonstrating how the Gadget Grab™ works.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled…Coffee, Anymore! 21Oct15

Are you having the case of the Mondays or are you just naturally clumsy? We all know coffee + clumsy equals one big mess to clean up. If you’re like me, who can’t speak without flailing their hands about, someone or something always seems to get caught in our crossfire. My expressive hands make me highly susceptible to spills; no cup is safe around me, until now!

Luckily, I got to test out the Earthquake Topple Proof Mug from Taylor Gifts for a week. I didn’t waste any time; the second I got it home I went at it to test out the spill-proof claim. I started off gingerly with a light poke, then I pushed it with my palm, I smacked it back-and-forth, I punched it, I even thought about getting out my boxing gloves like demonstrated in the picture, but decided I was getting a little too slap happy. After all my aggressive attempts of trying to knock this thing down it held steadfast every time!

What’s the secret? Through the use of air locking technology that is built into the bottom of the mug. It grips and grabs onto any smooth, flat surface like a suction when hit from the side. Yet when you’re ready for a sip it effortlessly lifts straight up.

I’m sure there are the naysayers who need the visual proof, so here’s a video from Taylor Gifts very own Colt Sebastian Taylor demonstrating how the Earthquake Topple Proof Mug works.

I wanted to test how strong this suction really was so I kicked it up a notch. I filled the mug with water so it would be heavier and stuck it to the wall. Yes, it was hanging horizontally from a wall! I couldn’t believe it stayed! I wouldn’t be surprised, for those of you who are the forgetful type and drive away while your coffee is still on the top of your roof, if it made it all the way to work. Not that I would recommend trying that because who knows what the MPH is on this thing. All I know is, it withstood my brutal testing and that’s good enough for me.

Now that you probably believe me…it gets better! Not only is it topple proof, it has a drip catching rim, secure closure top, and a double wall installation to keep any beverage hot or cold. Oh, and of course it’s BPA-free! You may believe me on how hard it is to knock this thing over, but you’re now questioning how secure this top really is. Well, I tested that out too. While it was still filled with water I shook it vigorously all over the place, up and down, side to side. The verdict…not even a drop came out!

The Earthquake Topple Proof Mug protects your computer, clothes, important documents, and phone from clumsy spills. You’ll never have to worry about another messy spill or cleanup again! You can get your own from Taylor Gifts for $19.98.

How Much Should I Spend on a Gag Gift? 25Mar15

There is no denying that gag gifts can be incredibly funny – when they are given appropriately. If you are trying to figure out the perfect gag gift for a close friend or family member, you might be stumped on just how much you should spend. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on the “right” amount to spend.

Spending Limits

If you and your friends and family have established spending limits, make sure your novelty gifts stay within that range. Spending considerably more or less than someone else only makes things awkward, and considering the potential for this with funny gifts in general, you don’t want to add any more insult. If no limits have been set, it might be a good idea to recommend that you all stick within one to make sure everyone is able to participate, without feeling self-conscious.

Past Gifts

If you and someone else have a long running gag gift exchange, the right amount to spend is usually dictated by the amount you think he or she spent on their last gift to you. While you shouldn’t ask how much, it is fairly easy to come up with a reasonable guess by checking out some of the prices online.

Gag Wars

If you and another person have gag gift wars, there may not be a limit on what you should spend. If the two of you spend your free time trying to outdo the other’s last gift, the right amount is pretty much whatever you want to spend. Just make sure not to go overboard so that you run into financial trouble later on – and yes, this really can happen with any kind of gifting!

The bottom line is, you should either stay within a spending limit, or spend only what you are comfortable with when choosing the best pranks. Take a look at Taylor Gifts great selection of Gag Gifts.


What Are Some Gifts for Grandparents? 16Dec14

Even though grandparents always love gifts from their children and grandchildren, there are plenty of gift ideas available that they will treasure. Grandparents are special, and they deserve gifts that come from the heart so you can show them exactly how you feel about the love and support they have given you over the years.

One of the best gifts that you can give grandparents is a photo album or memory book. You can personalize the photos to include only moments that you have shared together, or you can choose to include photos of the entire family. For a more special gift, take the time to bust out those scrapbooking supplies and decorate the pages yourself.

Grandparents will also love large prints or canvases of their grandchildren as sketched photos. These create a unique gift that also provides the perfect touch of whimsical. The sketched photo is much more personal than a simple photo, and it is something that your grandparents will treasure for years to come. A stylized family tree also make great home décor for any grandparent.

A memory quilt is also a great gift for grandparents, and you can choose to do them ina number of different ways, You can choose to integrate clothing items or blankets from the grandchildren, or you can make a memory quilt with items from the entire family. For the perfect finishing touch, you can personalize it by adding your grandparent’s names, wedding date, or other information that will show just how special they are.

For grandparents that live far away, consider giving them a webcam. If they are comfortable with computers and technology, this will allow the entire family to stay in touch through Skyping or some other type of chat program. This way, your grandparents will be able to watch their grandchildren grow, without having to rely on school photos and other types of pictures.


Product Highlight – Redneck Plunger 04Dec14

If there is a hunter in your family or someone who has a hunting cabin, then they will love the Red Neck Plunger. This working plunger has a shotgun stock on one end and a plunger on the other end. It is a gag gift, but it’s a gift that someone could actually use. The plunger comes complete with sound effects and pump action motion. It is perfect for anyone with a great sense of humor. As a bonus, it can be incorporated to any number of creative Halloween or general costume parties.

Check out Colt Sebastian Taylor’s demonstration video with this product.

September is National Courtesy Month – Guest Related Products 02Sep14

When you invite guests into your home, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. When relatives or friends spend the night, they may not be accustomed to the temperature at which you keep your house. A lovely throw at the end of the guest room bed will give them a chance to snuggle in if they need to. It also adds design and flair to the room, states Chicago Tribune.

People may want a quick drink if they wake up at night when they are staying with you. A simple carafe on their nightstand gives them a chance to take a sip without even having to get out of bed.

Welcome friends and neighbors to your home with a door mat that will give them a smile. One particular design states “Live well, Laugh often, Leave soon”. They know you don’t mean it, and that’s what makes it funny. Outdoor mats should be sturdy and washable with a garden hose. Some mats also have rubber backing, so they won’t slip on your porch.

If you have guests staying at your home, leave them a comfortable robe on a chair by their bedside. You can find robes in many materials and colors, and his gives your guests a chance to wander down to the kitchen to share some coffee before they head into the bathroom for their morning shower.

When you hold a party, make it a more festive event with a lighted beverage fountain. The liquid is first pumped toward the top, and then it cascades from one tier to another through holes located on each bowl. The effect of a waterfall will allow your guests to fill up their cups with delicious punch without needing a ladle. The base is illuminated and lights the entire bowl and its beverage, creating a wonderful centerpiece.


3 Best Gifts for New College Freshman 15Jul14

Entering college as a young adult is one of the biggest steps a person will take in a lifetime. College is a whole new world, where a person who has been largely dependent on others to care for him or her is finally able to assert some independence and learn life lessons on their own. These three gifts are not only items they would probably never buy for themselves, but ones that will help them on their journey to adulthood:

1. Organizer. A planner or organizer is essential for someone who needs to take care of his or her own appointments and deadlines. No longer able to depend on mother or father for wake up calls and homework reminders, college freshmen can use an organizer to get a head start on keeping their new life in order. Not only can school assignments be organized, but work and entertainment schedules can also be added to the calendars, ensuring they are never late for anything important.

2. Savings bonds. Though the idea might be a little old fashioned, the fact that many people still find it difficult to begin saving money for their futures makes savings bonds relevant gifts for today’s college freshmen. With a minimal investment amount, gift givers can give young adults a vehicle for savings that comes with an incentive to save it as long as possible. If the recipient holds the bond until it matures, they will get full value for it.

3. Emergency kit. Kids are used to being able to get first aid from their parents or having them dress wounds before running to the emergency room, if necessary. With their very own first aid kit, college freshmen are able to learn to handle minor medical emergencies on their own, without having to run around looking for bandages and antiseptic cream. Emergency roadside kits will provide assistance for minor car troubles they
might experience.

Above all, gifts to new college freshmen should be thoughtful and help them to become successful adults.


What Are Some Products to Enjoy with Your Pets 28May14

Your pets are a part of your family, and it’s great to have proper equipment to use if you want to take them along for car rides and family outings. Special products will allow you to spend more peaceful and relaxing time with your pet.

Pet Strollers

You can take your pet with you wherever you go with a pet stroller. A large compartment contains and protects your pet. It is set close to the ground, allowing your pet to enter easily. This stroller even has mesh, to allow for proper air circulation while it keeps annoying bugs away from your pet. The liner is removable and easily cleaned. This pet stroller has shock absorbers, giving Fido a smooth ride.

Faucet Waterers for Dogs

If your dog spends time with you in the yard, he may drink his water bowl dry in hot weather. A faucet waterer attaches easily to your garden hose or standard outdoor faucet, giving your dog fresh water whenever he needs it. The waterer works much like a water bottle that you use to hang on a dog crate. It’s easy for him to get a drink and the water flow stops when he is done.

Keep Pests Away from Your Dog

Sonic repellent collars repel fleas and ticks efficiently and safely. They provide an excellent way to keep your pets pest-free without using drugs, poisons or chemicals that could harm them. The collar is easily adjusted for various dog sizes.

Cats Need Fun Times, Too

Pamper your cats with a cat tree and lounger. This will keep them busy and off your furniture. Your cats will simply love leaping, playing with dangling toys, exploring and sleeping languidly. This cat tree engages your kitties in physical and mental activity, and has lounging platforms on which they can rest. Platforms have sturdy bamboo scratching posts, which your cats will also love to use.