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How To Design Your Outdoor Space to be a Reflection of You 20May15

Design Your Outdoor Space to be a Reflection of You

Most people surround themselves with things they love to look at in their homes. Cherished pictures have places of honor in hallways. Ornaments stand on shelves and drape off mantles. Favorite paintings embellish walls and fabrics that bring pleasure cover furniture. Extending your comfort and personality to your outdoor living space is a good way to make a cohesive design statement with your home. Consider these items for the outdoors and yard:

Themed décor.
If you have a favorite theme, feel free to use it in decorating your outdoor living spaces. Consider a nautical theme for water lovers. Or a wild western theme for those who love wood and boots. A fantasy themed yard could include faeries, gnomes, and other whimsical creatures.

Career based articles.
If you have a career you love and want to surround yourself with reminders of how lucky you are to have that job, you could decorate your yard with items representing your occupation. A writer may decorate with weatherproof books or library shelving in the yard. An entomologist may use different insects in varying sizes to put color in the outdoor spaces.

A place of rest.
No matter what other items you decorate your yard with, you may want to include a hammock or similar item for resting among your treasures. Large, comfortable chairs and fans that keep the breeze flowing are also great additions. When you spend time out of doors, you will want to be able to relax and enjoy your collection, and there’s no better way to do this than by reclining in a comfy chair or swing.

You can fill your outdoor spaces with items that reflect your personality and the things you enjoy in life. By arranging your yard to be in sync with your indoor living spaces, you can create an entire oasis for your enjoyment.


How Can You Accent Your Home with Different Lighting Options? 08Oct14

If you’re not sure how to use the different lighting options available today, you’ll want to be sure you have the wattage you need and still have the option to use various styles of lights that will accent your décor.

Different rooms in your home need different kinds of lighting to work most effectively. A mix of sources at various levels will help to light entire rooms without running up the electric bill. This creates a flattering ambience, says Real Simple, and still allows for the right amount of lighting needed for each space.

In the living room, you can use light for reading and general purposes, and perhaps focus one on a plant or a piece of artwork.Floor lamps and table lamps can both be used, with the best effects seen when you use some that shine up and some that shine down. You can also use dimmers on any overhead fixtures, if you prefer more subtle types of lighting.

In your dining room, the table should be the focal point. A pendant or chandelier above the table does this very well. Indirect lighting can be used in other areas of the room, so that the entire area has a subtle glow. Small lamps on sideboards can cast pleasant light that is not too harsh.

If you need light in different places at different times, you might want to use a cordless LED floor lamp. These can be moved to any room in which they are needed. These lights brighten the room without the use of plugs or outlets, since they run on batteries.

Overhead lighting works well in kitchens, and if you only need low light except when you’re cooking, you can use a dimmer switch. Lower sources of light can work well in illuminating your kitchen work surfaces. Under cabinet lights are especially handy in the kitchen.


Be More Productive with the Right Office Furniture 09Sep14

Office furniture can make the difference between a place that is easy to work in and an office where you can never find what you need. The desk is a most important choice. There are so many styles and varieties that it may be hard to pick one out.

If you have a home office, you can choose mix and match computer desk components and build just the right workspace for your needs. They come in sets of five pieces, and you can choose just the pieces you need. They’ll work along the wall or in a corner. From cabinets to computer and writing desks, these sets have you covered.

Offices require the proper furniture for you to get your work done in comfort. Whether you need a small desk or a larger model, you can shop many stores in addition to office furniture stores, to find what you need, according to Christian Net: Office Furniture.

Smaller offices might seem easier to furnish, but you have to be even more careful in a small space not to get too much furniture for the size of the room. You can buy small desks that can still be perfectly functional. For most purposes, you’ll be able to find what you need online or in local stores.

Laptop computer carts are quite handy for smaller offices, since they are mobile and compact. They have a cherry finish for good looks and a pullout shelf that will work very well for your laptop or netbook. You can even set up a small printer, and there is also room for manuals, books and office supplies. A file drawer is a great place for those important papers you don’t want to lose.

Office furniture dealers realize that everyone needs something different in office furniture sizes and styles. That’s why so many different desks, chairs and other pieces are available for sale for your office.


How to Coordinate Home Décor Colors 01Jul14

So, you’re decorating your home and want to know how to coordinate your colors and watch them flow seamlessly from room to room? Look no further!

Decorating tends to be either nerve-racking, or fun and exciting. By making your first step the careful selection of a color palette, this assortment of hues can help to guide all other decisions and lessen overall stress.

To assist in turning your house into a home, take a picture of your favorite keepsake, painting, piece of furniture, or other focal decoration and bring it with you when purchasing the paint cans, or selecting paint chips. Your color palette should remind you of the things that give you comfort, and should also create an oasis within your space where you feel ready and willing to unwind.

If you love bright colors but are afraid of overdoing it, have a neutral template in your home; hardwood floors, beige furniture and cream walls are the perfect backdrop for sunny yellow pillows, pink throw blankets, and busy paintings. As a guideline, you should aim to decorate with no less than two and no more than five different colors. Keep in mind, this rule of thumb even includes accent hues.

Wall decals are a perfect way to integrate essential tones in any room!

High-contrast colors, such as pairing black with white, will make a room seem smaller. If that’s not an issue for you, incorporate chrome light fixtures and single pops of a select color, like red or blue throughout a room. For example, in curtains and pillows. This will create a very modern, subtly stark look.

On the other hand, using the same color in darker and lighter shades throughout the setting will really open up your space and make it feel less cluttered. Being overly ‘matchy-matchy’ is not a good look, so simply use a few muted shades within your house to encourage continuity.

You can also create cohesion by using colors with the same undertone. For example, say you like colors with a teal. Try to keep that going between rooms through creative means such as table runners, planters and vases, pillows and bedding.

Lighting can play a big role in exuding a certain tint or air. What’s more, illuminating strategic portions of the space can make certain colors or patterns stand out over others. There are plenty of options for bothindoor lamps and cordless outdoor lighting, so use lights to accent and complement your home’s color palette.

Colors don’t need to – and shouldn’t – coordinate identically throughout a home; this would overwhelm the senses and lack personality. In truth, most colors will go together if you find a way to put them together. Various hues will cycle in and out of style so, when in doubt, find a combination that YOU like rather than what is fickly “popular” at the current moment.

Decorative pillows are both cheap to replace and easy switch around from room to room, which makes them great for accenting!

Colors can greatly influence your mood, so make your home feel like a true retreat for your body and mind. When you personally decorate each room, you can ensure distinctly personal comfort and a happy home. Simply use whatever colors and adornments make you proud – and don’t forget to have fun with it!

How Do You Light Up Your Nights with Creativity? 20Jun14

Once the sun begins to set on long summer days, we often look forward to lazy evenings out on the deck or in the backyard. Sometimes we want to host events at our dinner table or breakfast nook. And our entertainment budgets stretch as far as they can when we look to creative ways we can create ambiance without having to sacrifice our menus. Here are three creative ways to light your summer evenings:

· Seashells and votive candles. Martha Stewart shows one of best creative lighting options with large seashells nestled in a bed of sand with votive candles blinking from between the shells. The beach is brought onto your table in the sweetest way. Not only is this twinkling set-up easy for even the most design challenged host or hostess to bring to life, the cost is also reasonable.

· Holiday lights. Who says we have to wait for the winter holiday season to enjoy various strings of lights? Setting the mood for dinner out on the deck is easy when you forage through your holiday decorations and pull out the most festive of your lights. Not only are you repurposing items that would otherwise remain in the attic or garage, but you also bring a party mood to your meal.

· Tea lights. Buzzfeed shows darling little tea lights hanging from trees in dainty containers with brightly colored ribbons. Simply looking at these lights puts you in a good mood, and seeing how easily they’re constructed leaves you with plenty of time to enjoy your guests after you’re done.

How you bring light to the outdoors will go a long way towards how you will make your guests feel on those sultry summer nights as you talk, eat, and enjoy one another long into the evening. Give them a complete experience to talk about for years to come with creative and memorable lighting.


Plush Pillows 20Mar12

I am one of those people who hates making my bed. I hate straightening the sheets, organizing the pillows, and laying the comforter perfectly even across the bed. I only use my bed for sleeping. I do not watch TV or read in my bed any other time aside from when I am about to go to sleep. My feeling was always, “Well I am just getting back in it to go to sleep to mess it up anyway,” my mom’s feeling when I was younger was, “Make your bed…end of story.” My brother and I even had a trick to making the bed easier: stop sleeping under the sheets at night so they would still be tucked in the next morning! That was so smart of us. I do, however, make it a point to make my bed when I am leaving my apartment for a few days so I can come back to a neat and clean apartment.

Recently, I read an article Spring Cleaning: 6 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed. I read the article because I thought it could convince me to start making my bed in the morning before work—and now I am mostly convinced I should give this a chance. plush pillow” width= The fact of the matter is that it really doesn’t take that long to accomplish this task (I am just lazy) and I always feel better when my apartment looks and feels clean. Making my bed, laying out the pillows in a fun way to add some color to my room really does make the whole place look neat, which essentially makes me feel better about staying there. I hate clutter and an unmade bed doesn’t help the cause.

I am not saying I will be able to follow through on this every day, because I hate to make a promise I cannot guarantee to keep, but I can promise to give this a try. I would like to see how it will affect my mood. I would bet that feel better about my apartment and how it looks will make me feel better and less stressed out. For those of you who make your bed every day, do you agree with this article? Also, if you make your bed every day, do you do it before you leave in the morning for work, or do you wait until you get home? I’d also like to know if anyone is on board with me (those of you who do not make you bed) to give this a try to see how it can change our day.

Personalized Frame 07Feb12

Yesterday I watched a woman help an elder woman cross the street. I stopped and watched because I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a stranger help another cross the street. I thought it was such a nice act of kindness and this time of year, so close to Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a great idea to focus on doing more random acts of kindness.

Personalized FrameWhile I will still get the personalized picture frames as gifts, I will also ask friends to do at least one random act of kindness and then email me about it. Imagine how many good deeds can be done in just one day!

What are some of your ideas for random (or not-so random) acts of kindness?

Cozy Air Panel Heater 04Jan12

Yesterday I walked outside and for the first time this season it actually felt cold…winter cold. Now, please understand, I am not happy about this sudden change in temperature, I love warm weather and would take 50 degrees all winter long. Not only was it cold, but there were light snow flurries. Needless to say, yesterday I was cold shock to my system.

WINE COLD SACK” width=What do you look for when you’re cold? When you get into the office from the cold outside what’s the first thing you do? Before I even take off my jacket I grab a hot cup of coffee, and then slowly but surely, after I turn on my space heater, I defrost and take off my coat. When I get home from work, I immediately turn on my Cozy Air Panel Heater and change into my warmest sweats. I put on my slippers and come up with the warmest meal I can think to make that is comforting but also healthy.

Some people tell me I am always cold and that I am weak to the cold weather. I am okay with it. I do not like being cold and I try to find every way possible to stay warm. Yes, I have a space heater at work, a Cozy Air Panel Heater at home, mittens, gloves, hats, and earmuffs, but at least I know I’ll be cozy this winter. What do you do to stay warm?

Fold Up Pool Table 07Dec11

FOLD UP POOL TABLEAs I was awaiting my brother’s arrival to my apartment to pick up the mattress and box spring I stored for him, I took the rare opportunity to do one of my favorite things: wake up early, get some things together and the dishwasher running, and get back into bed while the dishwasher did the work and watched TV in my cozy warm bed on a chilly morning. Coffee would have been nice, but not nice enough to make myself. Anyway, while I was watching TV something fun caught my eye…an air hockey table.

I am not sure what it was about the air hockey table that made me smile, but it did. I don’t even remember what the commercial was for. It got me thinking about playing air hockey. When I was little my brother and I had an air hockey table and we used to play it all the time. I distinctly remember it always being fun, but everyone’s fingers were always getting beat up and it hurt. It also got me thinking of the other games I used to play. We used to play pool at my friend’s house on her dad’s pool table and I was terrible…by far the worst pool player ever. And even as I grew older I was still a horrible pool player. But, even at that I always wanted my own pool table.

I love easy and relaxing mornings that get me thinking about good times from when I was young. Maybe I should buy a pool table and an air hockey table when I buy my own house.

Iron Blanket Rack 08Sep11

IRON BLANKET RACKAccording to Mother Nature (at least here in Washington, DC) summer is over and fall is officially here. It is rainy, cloudy, and cold! Even the stores seem to be in a hurry to get into fall. I’ve already seen Halloween candy—it is the beginning of September!

I like fall for the scenery and beautiful colors, but I dislike the cold weather. To combat the cold, I make hearty foods like soups and stews, as well as comfort foods like grilled cheese. I also cuddle under blankets and quilts which I am going to get out of storage this weekend. However, I’m tired of blankets being thrown all over the sofa or folded up and stuffed in a closet. I’d like to keep them out on display, but would still like some sense of order. This Iron Blanket Rack is perfect! It will hold my quilts and allow people to see them, but keep them out of the way when not in use.

How are some of the ways you keep warm on the first few cold days of fall?