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Snack Table Ottoman 30Aug11

I have been looking high and low for a coffee table solution. SNACK TABLE OTTOMAN The size and shape of my furniture doesn’t leave much room for a coffee table, but I need something for when I have a drink, a snack or want to put my feet up. I thought with all the choices for furniture that I would have found something that works for my space. I thought wrong.

After searching high and low, I finally found this Snack Table Ottoman. It will nest perfectly in the small space I have for a table or ottoman, I can put my feet up on a cushioned surface, or flip the top to use as a sturdy table. It has great bonus features as well. It’s on wheels so I can move it around the room or use it as an extra seat for guests, and it has a lot of storage inside for a blanket to snuggle with on chilly nights.

This ottoman was the perfect solution for my problematic space and even pulls double duty as storage and seating. Do you have any double duty furniture?

Laptop Desk 24Aug11

LAPTOP DESKLast night as I was walking home from work and errands that took entirely too long, and after a well-deserved mani/pedi, I ran into a friend of mine who reminded me of what is happening between now and 2 weeks from now…BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!

For me, this really only means more traffic during my morning commute—hardly a stunning change. For others it means getting kids up in the morning, after-school activities, and homework after dinner. For a friend of mine, it means being a student once again. He is going back to school and while maintaining his full-time job. He is not happy about it because in his words, “It’s not like starting 3rd grade when you get to shop for Trapper Keepers”. I guess shopping for school was more fun when we were young. Now everyone shops for new computers and laptop desks, and printers.

I think its safe to say that times have changed!

Crosley Corsair Clock Radio with CD Player 10Aug11

CROSLEY CORSAIR CLOCK RADIO WITH CD PLAYERDo you ever find yourself sluggish around 3pm? Generally, I am very productive in the morning, and have lunchtime to look forward to a good hour break away from my desk and computer. After lunch I am rejuvenated and ready to be productive again…until about 3pm…then motivation starts to fade. With only 2 and a half hours to go, and after work activities to look forward to (dinner, family, friends, etc), sometimes I just slow down. Sometimes my co-workers and I will take a quick walk outside around the building, and other times we feel like the only thing we have to pick us up is coffee.

Last weekend I read an article, “3 Ways to Snap Out of An Afternoon Slump.” I thought I would share it with you in case you need a pick me up during the day. The three tips are to drink water throughout the day, turn on your radio and listen to some upbeat music, and call a friend for a quick 5 minute positive conversation having nothing to do with work. I plan to give these tips a try throughout the week. Do you have any other tips to add?

Retro Fan 26Jul11

RETRO FANAs I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the weather is hot. Since the severe heat has passed—at least for now—I can get back to my normal routine. I’m still avoiding certain activities, namely, cooking. I boiled water for pasta and when I needed to bake, I opted for Rice Krispies treats; simple, easy, 3 ingredients, and no time in the oven. As the temperature drops to the mid or low 90’s instead of the 100’s, I am still thinking of ways to keep cool.

I came across an article last night, “Top 10 Eco-Ways to Keep Cool While the Planet Heats Up .” Of course, I will not list out all ten ideas for you, but I will recommend you check out the article. It gives great tips of things you can so easily do to stay cool in these ridiculous temperatures. One tip that I found interesting was to use a fan in addition to the air conditioning. But I don’t like those large plastic box fans. That’s why I opted for this cool retro fan that matches the décor of my home. Other tips from the article I found helpful were to use the oven only in the morning and to cook several meals at one time.

I hope you’re keeping cool…drink lots of water!

Arm Rest Organizer 20Jul11

ARM REST ORGANIZERWhat would you consider a perfect Sunday? How would you spend a day just relaxing? What would you do? What would you need? Let’s say, for instance, that you had a whole day to do nothing, how would you spend it?

There are some days that all I want to do is literally sit on the couch, watch television (good shows, bad shows, movies, reruns, etc.), eat snacks, and veg out. Sometimes having that time to do nothing is important. I was so close to having that kind of day Sunday. I didn’t really have much to do. I went grocery shopping, put laundry in the machine, made lunch while laundry was going, and cleaned the bathroom while laundry was in the dryer. It’s a good feeling to be done before the sun goes down. After the chores, all I had left to do was call my mom and sit on my couch and do exactly what I love…nothing! It’s so nice to have that time every once in a blue moon.

What would have made my “night of nothing” better? Not having to get up for anything. My place is small, but when I’m cozy and comfy on the couch, the last thing I want to do is continuously get up to reach for food, my beverage, a book, the cell phone, or remote control. What I really wanted was everything at my fingertips. I really wished I had the arm rest organizer. It will hold everything you need including food, phone, remote controls, and anything else you need.

Enjoy your resting time!

Fruit Holder 19Jul11

FRUIT HOLDER” width=I am the queen of trying products to use on my face. If you’re anything like me and don’t have the best skin, you’ll likely try just about any product that claims to resolve the problem you have. Personally, I have oily skin that breaks out, but the products out there generally dry my skin, but moisturizer makes it oily again…vicious cycle. Maybe you have dry skin; maybe you have wrinkles you are looking to get rid of. Whatever your problem, if it bothers you enough, I am sure you have tried everything that you think might help at all – just like me.

Over the weekend I read an article online called “9 Foods to Smear All Over Your Face.” I was instantly intrigued by the title, so I opened it up to read what it had to say. In fact, I am always interested to read what kind of foods in my refrigerator I can potentially use to make my skin better.

What was most interesting about this article versus other “home spa products” is that it actually recommended products that I had in my fridge all the time. To be honest, I am always skeptical about rubbing food on my face, but since I thought it was pretty cool and convenient I thought I would share some of the food items with you here. Items you can use on the list included bananas, oranges, lemons, yogurt, oatmeal, and vinegar. So, head out to the grocery store, get your regular staples, and hang your fruit on your fruit holder, because that’s what you’ll need to get closer to perfect skin.

Always Fresh Containers 28Jun11

Some people like having roommates, other people (like me) are very happy people living alone and not having to worry about other peoples’ feelings where we live. Obviously, I will explain.

I’ve had roommates. I have had roommates I didn’t know and became friends (and then fought with and then became friends again…you can imagine the cycle). I have also had roommates who were friends first. Honestly I lived with 3 of my friends (pre-roommates) and I am still friends with 2 of them. I think that’s a pretty good record. But, I hate doing things on other peoples’ time. I love living alone.

I love cleaning up dishes whenever I want. I love that when my apartment is dirty and/or messy it is my fault and I don’t have to see someone else’s mess in my living space. I love not having to share a bathroom, and I love that no matter what, the TV is always on, on the channel I want to watch. This may sound selfish…until I hear what my friend had to go through with his roommates, and it made me happy to overpay in rent in order to live alone.

Always Fresh ContainersThe other week my friend and I went grocery shopping together. My friend has 2 roommates (and to be fair, they really do get along almost all of the time). While we were in the store he picked up some laundry detergent. He and his 2 roommates live together, but everything (food, drinks, laundry detergent, cleaning products, etc.) is purchased separately (yes, there are 3 milks in the fridge at a time). My friend does mostly everything when it comes to chores in the house (taking out trash, putting dishes in the dishwasher, running the dishwasher, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning, etc) and he’ll never complain saying “I knew what I signed up for when we moved in together, no point in getting mad.” He also cooks all the time, so he always is at the store and always has his fair share of food in the fridge. The other day he called me and asked “When did I buy that laundry detergent?” I told him definitely less than a month ago and he should still have a good amount left considering he doesn’t do his laundry more than once a week. It was gone! Poor guy couldn’t do his laundry because one of his roommates (or both…who knows) used it up! I felt sorry. Then yesterday I was there for a few minutes and I overheard his roommate ask him about plastic food containers that he recently bought, and he couldn’t find them because they were his and not for anyone else to use.

I absolutely appreciate the good things that come with having a roommate. But, I am not sure “discussions” over Tupperware containers are worth the fun of living with a friend. If I can’t find my containers, I know who took them…ME! And I likely threw them away because I am notorious for that (which is why my mom and dad still won’t let me take any of theirs back home with me).

Taste of the South 18Apr11

How often do you get the opportunity to attend a gigantic, formal, black-tie fundraising event? Probably not all the time. Southern FoodThis weekend, I had the chance to go to a huge event in Washington, DC called Taste of the South. The Taste of the South raises money for different charities. The event is one big fancy party with lots of food, take-aways, dancing, silent auctions, and fun. I was lucky enough to go with 3 of my girl friends, and we had so much fun.

There are three days in the weekend, and our black-tie affair had to be on the one day that it was pouring rain all day and not sunny. So we got all dressed up in beautiful dresses and jewelry, we did our hair and make-up, and then we put on our socks and rainboots. We packed bags full of nice shoes with heels, flat shoes to wear for when our feet hurt later at night, and our purses. We also had our raincoats and umbrellas…living in the city is great…except on rainy nights like this. So, once we got there, we changed our shoes, grabbed a drink and started the fun!

The whole room was set up kind of like a tradeshow floor with each state of the south having their own booth. Shopping CartAt each booth you could eat food native to that state (for example, Florida served oranges among other things, and Louisiana served crawfish along the other foods on their menu), and they also had give-aways. Some of my favorite freebies were hot sauce from North Carolina, Koozies from different schools of the states, and a new recycle bag from Georgia. We collected our goodies, ate drank, and danced the whole night away.

By the time the whole night was over, and it was time to walk the several blocks back to the metro to get home, all I wanted was a shopping cart to hold all of my stuff so I didn’t have to carry it. The good news is we danced the rain away! We did not have to make the trek through the city with all of our bags and extra bags, umbrellas, and coats in the rain.

I hope I get the opportunity to attend this event again. It was a great time for a great cause.

Home Sweet Home 28Mar11

I decided this past weekend that I needed to get away; not vacation get away, but relaxing, no-expense get away. It’s one of those very strange things about not living with mom and dad – you work and save up to move out to be independent, then you move three states away, and you don’t really get homesick, but you miss the comfort of mom and dad. Home Sweet HomeWhen you move out on your own, there are things you just don’t realize beforehand – like the fact that you have to take care of yourself, for yourself at all times. No one is home to cook dinner for or with you, cleaning is either on you or a maid (if you can afford one), you have to run all of your errands yourself – no one does those things for you because everyone else is doing those same things for themselves. So, I took off on Friday night to go spend some quality time Friday night through Saturday night with my mom and dad.

Sometimes, I just need to get away and…shop! I know everyone has their favorite shopping friends, but mine is my mom. Since I don’t live 30 minutes or less away from her anymore, our weekly shopping trips have turned into sporadic shopping trips (sad!). So after breakfast with both of my parents, my dad took my car over to his friend and the two of them did manly things with my car (like check the brakes – better safe than sorry), and mom and I hit the mall. Credit cards and coupons were burning through our wallets – I do not remember the last time we went shopping together. Do not worry, I definitely still enjoy my shoe collection growing, and we absolutely went to DSW (two of them). After shopping I have a tradition: lug in all of the bags and boxes; take everything out; and show my dad my purchases, and yes, he loves every moment of it.

What do a mom and dad need most after their daughter was home for a full 17 hours? Large Cooler Tote CollectionThey need to take her out to their favorite restaurant (this is true…I would have been happy with hoagies and french fries) for an absolutely amazingly perfect meal for three. No meal is ever complete without leftovers to go. And no matter how much I insist, my parents packed the delicious leftover food up into the cooler, put it in my car, and I was off on my three hour drive back home – my stomach full of great food, and my car full of new clothes and shoes!

How was your weekend? I hope it was perfect! Have a super Monday!

Relaxation Therapy: The Many Options 22Mar11

Over this past weekend I was thinking about what I could write to you about this coming week. Sometimes I watch and/or read the news and come up with fun topics. Other times, I use my life and what I am doing as a topic of interest. This weekend I was asking around to see if anyone I came in contact with if they recently heard anything new or interesting I could share with you. The best response that came to me was not all that great; however, it did give me an idea of what I could talk to you about.

The best response was “Tell your readers to tickle their girlfriends at least once a day – it is very therapeutic.” As a girl who is very ticklish, I assure you, this is not therapeutic for the person being tickled, but maybe it is for the tickler. Several years ago I watched a clip on the news saying that people laugh when they are tickled, but not because it is funny. It is some sort of reaction that we cannot control. I try to use this as my means of getting out of tickled, but it never seems to stop people from doing it – maybe it is therapeutic – who knows. Either way, this had me thinking of “What is therapeutic for people after a long week of work, family, housekeeping, and stress?”

For me, I have several therapeutic plans of action. Magnetic Therapy PadSometimes working out, sometimes drinking with friends, sometimes girls night in, sometimes junk food, sometimes sleeping, sometimes talking on the phone to the best therapists (friends are great people to have!), sometimes walking around the city, sometimes shopping, sometimes cooking…the options, for me, are endless and dependent on my mood. When the best therapy is a massage or taking a nice warm bubble bath, you might also want to consider the magnetic therapy pad. This pad relieves pain and improves circulation. Whatever your method of therapy might be, I highly encourage making sure you take time for yourself – however you choose.

In our very busy lives, in which we are constantly on the move, we need to have our own “therapeutic” solutions. It allows us to take a minute and recover from everything else going on, and the busy life around us. What do you do to relax?