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What Are Copper Fit Compression Sleeves? 23Dec14

Copper Fit is the latest in the line of compression sleeves that are designed to provide better pain prevention and relief through the use of copper. Many people swear by this product when used for exercise or other high impact activities, but you need to understand how these sleeves work in order to determine whether they will work for your needs.

Compression sleeves have been a popular doctor-recommended method of pain prevention for many years. Compression provides support for muscles by helping to increase the flow of blood through the area. The tightness of compression sleeves also work by helping to reduce the potential for swelling, since the blood does not pool due to the compression. Additionally, there have also been studies that have shown that compression such as that provided by Copper Fit sleeves can also assist with preventing the sore muscles that often occur after exercise when the sleeves are properly sized.

Copper has been recognized as having natural antibacterial properties that protect against odor and stain causing bacteria. It is well known that copper is a nutrient required by the body, and while these sleeves contain copper, it is not known whether it is actually absorbed through the skin. However, copper does not cause irritation, which makes the compression sleeves more comfortable than other types of compression material.

Copper Fit technology is one that relies on compression first, and copper second. Many athletes and other users have found that compression does help with muscle pain, soreness, and stiffness. The addition of the copper protects against odors and bacteria, which can be important for those who have recently had surgery or an open wound.

If you are looking for something to help minimize pain and soreness, Copper Fit may provide you with the solution you need.


Help Us Pick A Winner! 18Jun14

This year Taylor Gifts offered a $1,000 scholarship. To receive the scholarship, one had to pick one of the following prompts and write an essay.

1. If you could create a device to better mankind’s quality of life, what would it be? Who would use it most?
2. Who do you consider to be history’s greatest entrepreneur or inventor? Why?
3. Do you consider yourself unconventional? When has it paid off?
4. Has there been a time in your life when you’ve felt guided by an entrepreneurial spirit? Did you act on it and take the initiative to achieve your goal? Explain.

We received over 50 entries and have narrowed it down to 4 choices.

Rachel Grace Siddons

Rayna Perry

Morgan Lynch

Eric Garrett

We need your help! Read them and vote for your favorite on the official scholarship page.

Click here to vote.


Announcment: Taylor Gifts $1000 Academic Scholarship Is Now Open For Submissions 01Apr14

Taylor Gifts is all about nurturing the young, creative minds of today so they can yield the fantastical creations of tomorrow. After all, ingenious (and delicious) inventions like the Bacon Bowl and Vegetti were once pipedreams before patience and hard work made them a reality. Therefore, Taylor Gifts is pleased to announce the inaugural Taylor Gifts $1000 Academic Scholarship!

There are just a few requirements to keep in mind before the real fun begins:

* To enter the scholarship contest you must be a freshman, sophomore or junior currently enrolled in a university within the United States.
* The Taylor Gifts $1000 Academic Scholarship is also open to high school seniors in the United States.
* One essay submission per student.
* Each essay must be 750-800 words. No more, no less.
* Okay, so now that you’ve committed these requirements to memory, let’s take a look at the prompts you can choose from for your submission:

1. If you could create a device to better mankind’s quality of life, what would it be? Who would use it most?
2. Who do you consider to be history’s greatest entrepreneur or inventor? Why?
3. Do you consider yourself unconventional? When has it paid off?
4. Has there been a time in your life when you’ve felt guided by an entrepreneurial spirit? Did you act on it and take the initiative to achieve your goal? Explain.

Choose one and answer it with all you’ve got in 750-800 words. Muster up your creativity and problem-solving skills to potentially earn this $1,000 scholarship!

When you’ve completed the masterpiece, please submit it to . Entries must be submitted by no later than midnight on 6/15/2014. Otherwise they will not be taken into consideration. Do not forget to include your first name, last name and the name of your institution before submitting the document.

Here’s how the winner will be chosen:

First, the top twelve semi-finalists of the Taylor Gifts essay competition will be picked by a select panel of judges. These judges will consider creativity, style, grammar, spelling, concision and how well the student has stuck to the topic they picked. Once they’re chosen, online voting will begin.

This means that the ultimate winner will be determined by you, the public. An online voting system will be established so friends and strangers alike can cast a ballot for the essay that inspired them.

Scholarship Payout Details

The scholarship will be paid to the school of the selected recipient in a one-time amount of $1,000.00. The scholarship funds will be made payable to the winning student’s university by Taylor Gifts’ CEO, Francis Ruthkosky, sent specifically to the Financial Aid Office and placed in the student’s account.

Before the scholarship can be officially awarded, the winning student must provide Taylor Gifts with:

* Written proof of enrollment at an accredited university, college or institution within the United States.
* The address of the school’s Financial Aid Office.
* His or her student ID number.
* If you are selected as the winner, please send this information to:

Attn: Scholarship Coordinator

Taylor Gifts

600 Cedar Hollow Rd

Paoli, PA 19301

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any other questions regarding this opportunity.

How to Create the Perfect Holiday Cocktail Bar 29Oct13

The holidays are approaching and what better way to celebrate with friends and family than with a refreshing cocktail? Get ready for the season by stocking your bar with all the essentials you need to serve your guests the best drinks ever. To prepare for guests, use a table as your bar area and decorate it with a holiday tablecloth. You can keep the table ready for use throughout the entire season. Stock your bar area with some glasses, an ice bucket, and a blender or cocktail shaker.

Create a signature cocktail before your party. This allows you to focus on just one mixed drink. Add wine and beer to give everyone some additional options. When making a signature drink think about the taste and color. Some drinks can be made in large batches ahead of time and placed in pitchers so there will be no need to spend time making them during the party. A lighted party fountain offers a unique way to serve your cocktail. It looks spectacular yet it’s simple to set up and operate. If you’re making the drinks ahead of time simply store them in a cold refrigerator until you’re ready to serve them.

Condiments add something special to cocktails so be sure to have some items ready to use. Think about olives, cherries, cut limes, or peppermint sticks, depending on the taste you’re trying to achieve. Be sure to have plenty of clean glasses on hand and fill your freezer with bags of ice, something you certainly don’t want to run out of. Add several bowls of snack items such as nuts or crackers so guests can have a small bite to eat. Decorate the table to suit the holiday season by placing some ornaments in the middle and use some candles to provide some soft lighting.


Consumer Reports: the Pocket Hose 02May13

One of our most popular and top selling items, the Pocket Hose, was featured in an article written by Consumer Reports today. After testing 3 different hoses, Consumer Reports concluded the Pocket Hose was the “clear winner.”

Click here to read the Consumer Reports article.

Click here to purchase the Pocket Hose. It’s available in 4 different sizes!

pocket hose

Daylight Savings 14Mar13

It is finally post-daylight savings, and no longer dark outside when I leave the office at the end of the day! It is quite amazing how springing forward one hour can change so much in life in general.

I have noticed so many changes in this past week, like how it is darker earlier in the morning, and how most people in general seem to be much happier throughout the day with that extra hour of daylight.

outdoor table set

Where I live people love to do things outside. During this time of year the whole city just becomes an open place of friendliness, joy, and fun…no more dreary nights that start before the work day is over. And of course, who would not get excited over the fact that all of our amazing friends with houses and backyards start to uncover their patio furniture so we can all enjoy long days that last into the late evenings outside.

There is nothing quite like this time of year.

Super Bowl Party Food 06Feb12

The weekend is sadly over. I hope you had a good one. As usual, my weekend was buy but for great reasons. On Saturday I got to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of my oldest friends and, of course, it was Super Bowl Sunday.

I really didn’t care that much about the outcome of the Super Bowl. I wasn’t rooting for either team, but I am always in the mood for get-togethers at friend’s houses with food, beverages, fun, and football. This was a small party…I like it when things are simple. individual layer dip” width=My friend decided to make it a pot-luck party – this way everyone could bring something they were good at making (there was a rule that only one person could bring chips and salsa). My contribution to the party was a vegetarian 7 layer dip. Here’s the catch – my 7 layer dip came in individual plastic cups so each person could have their own, eliminating the double-dipping in a big dish of 7 layer dip. I cannot take any credit for this. Please check out the recipe here recipe, I highly recommend making these for your next party. Someone else brought a cheese boardcheese board
full of cheese and crackers. Someone else made bacon, and the host of course filled in odds and ends.

What’s your favorite dish to bring to a pot-luck party?

Enjoying The Not-So-Winter Weather 09Jan12

Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend. Wherever you’re located, you probably had decent weather this weekend. Over here, on the east coast, we are having a crazy winter. One day it is 20 degrees and the next day it is in the mid 50’s! I’m enjoying the warm days as they come.

TREADMILL” width=PILATES MAGIC CIRCLE” width=This weekend, I made every effort to be outside. Most of my errands were within a 3 mile distance, so instead of spending an hour indoors on the treadmill and I took a hike in lieu of Pilates. I’ll be back to using the indoor equipment this week when it’s cold or too dark outside before and after work, but it felt really great to take advantage of the nice weather and fresh air!

What a great spring weekend in the middle of winter!

A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep! 27Dec11

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend! I hope it was full of family, friends and food…lots of all three! But, now that Christmas is over and 2011 comes to an end, we have end of the year work to get done, and New Years resolutions to make and stick to for 2012!

New Years resolutions are tricky entities. We make New Years resoltuions because we want to make a change in our lives…we have the best of intentions for our New Years resolutions, but somehow our want to make a change becomes a burden or too difficult and we fall off our new wagon and back into our old ways. For 2012, let’s make a real change – let’s stick to it! The goal of the 2012 New Years resolution is to follow through – so make your resolution something you truly can do! Don’t set yourself up for failure. If you’ve never worked out before and you want to lose some weight, don’t make your resolution to hit the gym 5 days a week and go on a super-strict diet 7 days a week. Start with smaller steps, such as Cook healthy meals at least one more day a week and exercise at least one more day a week than before. This way, you’re able to accomplish your goal and you’ll be setting yourself up for easier success. If you like to stay active but you’re too busy to hit the gym, and too cold to go running outside, take the plunge and purchase that elliptical you’ve been looking to buy but never did!

This year, take the time to really think about your New Years resolution for 2012. Make a change in your life that you believe you really can make without feeling guilty. Make your New Years resolution right for you this year!

Happy Halloween! 31Oct11

PLASMA WAND” width=Happy Halloween friends! I hope your weekend was full of fun Halloween festivities. I know that some towns have trick-or-treating the weekend before Halloween, did anyone already celebrate and collect candy? Where I live, trick-or-treating will happen tonight. I am excited to hand out candy and see all the fun costumes the kids will be wearing.

I don’t have a costume this year because I just couldn’t’ decide what I should be. I didn’t want to do something that has been done a million times before. I wanted something slightly original, but never thought of an idea that I really liked enough to put the effort into creating. Now I’m stuck with no costume. I don’t know if it is better to have an unoriginal costume or none at all! While I don’t have a costume myself, but I have put a scary black cat and a plasma wand to add a festive, but not too scary, element to my place. I guess something is better than nothing.

What did you, your kids or grandkids dress up as this year?

Have a safe and happy Halloween!