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From Credit Cards To Cash You’ll Always Find It Fast: PHONE POCKET 21Dec15

Want the handiness and convenience of a fanny pack without the embarrassment of actually having to wear one? Sometimes all you need is just a few things without carrying around the excess bulk of your wallet or purse. Like I promised in my last blog, here’s a review about…you guessed it, The Phone Pocket™! (please contain your excitement)

I’ve had the Phone Pocket on my Samsung Galaxy S6 for about 3 months now and I absolutely love it! It claims to stretch and hold up to 10 cards, IDs or cash, and great for carrying ear buds and coupons. So naturally I shoved everything I could think of inside of it to test it out. Everything was secure even after flipping it upside down and giving it a good shake; not a thing fell out. Even after 3 months of use it hasn’t gotten stretched out and has kept its original size. The only thing I recommend not putting in it is change, that’s the one thing that seemed to fall out occasionally.

It’s very slim (probably about less than half an inch) and fits in my back pocket just fine even with cards inside it. It feels no different than having just my phone in my pocket. Removing just one item from the pocket isn’t difficult and it doesn’t interfere when I’m talking on my phone either.

It also claims that it can be easily removed without leaving any residue, but I like mine too much to remove it and risk losing the stickiness.

Now I’m about to get a little Bill Nye The Science Guy on you…

Some people may have concerns about their cards getting demagnetized because it’s right up against the battery. Cell phones do produce a lot of RF energy (Radiofrequency) but the electromagnetic energy is what you should be worried about. After some research (aka I Googled it) It seems to be unlikely because mos of the energy is the RF energy that won’t affect the credit cards. Also for your protection there’s a built in anti-theft RFID technology which secures your credit card data. (nerd rant over)

The Phone Pocket can be used for more than just your phone! It’s also great for creating a pocket anywhere you need one like on a jacket, your gym clothes, purse, bag, desk, other electronics, etc. Anywhere that needs a pocket, the possibilities are endless!

It’s buy one get one FREE from Taylor Gifts for $14.98.

Look Mom No Hands: Gadget Grab 02Dec15

How many times have you tried to hone in on your inner MacGyver by making some kind of contraption to hold your phone or tablet up, but then you realize you’re not MacGyver and it always fails miserably. Do you wish there was a way you could prop up your Smartphone or tablet without worrying it will fall?

The Gadget Grab™ claims to instantly grip your device (horizontally or vertically) making it totally hands free, but does it really work?

First, I tried out the cell phone stand. I wasn’t able to get my Smartphone to stick with my Phone Pocket™ (that’s for another blog) on my Otter Box cell phone case. After taking the case off I stuck the phone to the solid circle, it held but it was wobbling quite a bit. So I flipped it around and stuck my phone to the thin ring and it was much more secure on the counter.

Depending on what kind of case you have on your phone you may have to remove it for the product to work correctly. With my particular predicament it didn’t work with the case on. However, once the case was off I didn’t have to worry about it moving or getting knocked over.

Next I tried out the full-sized version; I used several different tablets varying in sizes. At first I had trouble getting the bigger tablet to stick, but with a little re-positioning and squeezing I managed to get it to work. Then I tried the smallest tablet I have; it was more secure but still jiggled a tad when I touched the screen.

Nonetheless all the devices stuck to the sticky surface and didn’t fall off…oh yea and it didn’t leave behind any sticky residue.

The Gadget Grab™ also claims when the grip pads get dirty to just give it a quick rinse and it’s good as new.

So of course I had to test this claim out too. I stuck the Gadget Grab™ to the cat, rubbed it on my clothes and ran it through some dust. I ran it under the faucet and the hair and dust came right off. About 30 minutes later when it was good and dry I tried it again. It was just as sticky as the first time and wasn’t affected by washing it at all.

The Gadget Grab™ is great for reading, watching movies, video calls or cooking. Both the full size and cell phone stand fold down into a pocket-size, portable accessories. You can buy your own at Taylor Gifts for just $5.99!

Here’s a video from Taylor Gifts’ Colt Sebastian Taylor demonstrating how the Gadget Grab™ works.

The Dog Days of Summer Organization 14Jul15

As summer begins to wane, it is also time to get ready for the start of the school year. While you may have spent the entire summer in a state of clutterdue to the children always being underfoot, when school starts you need to make sure everything is as organized as possible to cut down on the stress of keeping up with school and work schedules.

1. Dry erase boards. These are a must-have for end of summer organizing and the entire school year. You can use the board to remember appointments, assign chores, and keep track of special school activities.

2. Storage bins and containers. Cooler temperatures mean that the kids are spending more time indoors, which means their toys are too. Clean up those messy rooms with storage bins and other containers to keep everything where it belongs. You can choose canvas, metal, or wooden bins to make sure everything matches the décor. Storage containers are also a great way to safely store all those summer clothes to clear out space for all those new school clothes.

3. Create child spaces. Mornings are hectic when school starts, so you need a way to make sure the kids don’t forget anything. Dedicate one area of a counter or table for each child, and use it to stage backpacks, lunches, and other items they will need for the upcoming school day. This is also a great way to help you remember which kid still needs a lunch, who has homework that needs checking, and who needs a signature on a permission slip.

We all hate to see summer go, because it always means much higher stress levels are right around the corner. However, using these tips to get organized will make every morning that much smoother.


How To Organize Your Summer Clothes to Fit Your Personal Style 16Jun15

Once spring eases its way out and summer shines into our lives, we begin to think about what we’ll wear to various events throughout the warm days. Whether you’re planning to attend casual cookouts or dressier outdoor weddings, it’ll be much easier to get dressed for each event if you organize your summer wardrobe and give some order to your clothing items.

For easy access to all things summer in your closet, try arranging the items by color. Many times, we have a color in mind but can’t decide on what to wear. This way, if you know you want to wear baby blue, you just thumb through that section until a combination speaks to you.

Another way to organize the clothes is by style. For instance, one section can include casual outfits and then progressively move towards more formal arrangements. This type of organization would make dressing for specific occasions much easier. You’ll know to head directly to your better clothing when going to dinner with your boss, and to the casual side for a beach side barbecue.

For those who like to dress on the spur of the moment and never know what to wear, your summer clothes can also be organized by type of article, with pants in one section, shorts in another, and tops separately. When it’s time to get dressed, you can select one item from each section to complete your ensemble.

Regardless to how you decide to organize your summer clothes, make sure to start with only the essential items you actually wear. If you start with a closet without extra items taking up necessary space, you make room for what will be staying. Then, you’ll be sure to choose a way that suits your personality and makes getting dressed easier so you get where you’re headed faster.

Organize your summer clothes with some of these great closet organizers.


What Are The Best Tools to Have for Winter? 02Dec14

When it comes to winter weather, most of us would rather stay inside wrapped up in our warmest blanket, sitting in front of a roaring fire. However, until the day that humans are able to hibernate like the bears, we have to go outside. When winter snow and ice have you feeling pinned, the best tools for winter can help.

One of the most important tools to have for winter is a shovel . While no one relishes the back breaking use of a snow shovel, this tool comes in handy. A good quality shovel can help you clear out around your tires, and provide some added tread if you get stuck.

Another great tool for winter is a snow blower. These handy tools allow you to clean off the walking areas, driveways, and other areas that you need to have access to. However, as they are gas or electric powered, they are one of the easiest methods of removing snow.

Calcium chloride is another winter tool that you have to have. Often referred to as ice melt, calcium chloride is one of the most effective means of melting ice that has made sidewalks and other areas treacherous.

Waterproof gloves are also high on the list due to their ability to provide protection. When dealing with snow and ice, you need something that will keep your fingers warm and dry. Bare or wet fingers in frigid temperatures can result in frostbite, which can be quite dangerous.

You should also make sure that you have a battery charger available during the winter as well. This will allow you to start your car when cold temperatures zap your battery. Additionally, there are also battery chargers that use the sun ray’s to keep your battery charged when it is not in use.


What Are Some Benefits of Gift Catalogs 25Nov14

When it comes to helping your children and family begin writing those long awaited Christmas or holiday lists, gift catalogs are the perfect idea generator. There are tons of items to choose from, and even the pickiest person on your list is sure to find something that interests them.

The key to using gift catalogs to start those ideas flowing is to make sure to choose catalogs that are relevant to the person you are needing a list from. Toy catalogs from major retailers are some of the best options for children, and the colorful photos can also help younger children begin to find things they hope to receive.

For the teacher in your life, there are plenty of school supply and educational materials catalogs available to help them get started with ideas. For the man who loves to tinker, tool catalogs work great. There are even clothing catalogs that are sure to fit nearly any taste, so you can help the ones you love figure out what they may want.

There are also gift catalogs that are filled with nothing but items that are meant specifically for gift giving. These catalogs contain a variety of gift ideas and options, and they truly contain something that will work for anyone. Whether you are trying to help a child, a teen, or even an older adult, he or she will be sure to find something that interests them in a dedicated gift catalog.

If you are simply trying to generate gift ideas that you want to surprise others with, these catalogs work for that as well. The sheer number of ideas available in these gift catalogs ensure that you will be able to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list – from the youngest to the oldest, and even for the pickiest.

Check out Taylor Gifts Digital Catalog.

Do You Have An Invention? We Want To Hear About It! 10Nov14

Taylor Gifts has partnered with Lightning Launchpad to take submissions for new products and inventions. You may just get your product or invention featured in one of our catalogs and even demonstrated by Colt Sebastian Taylor.

Need more details? Click here to visit our official page laying out all of the terms and conditions. Good luck!

Be More Productive with the Right Office Furniture 09Sep14

Office furniture can make the difference between a place that is easy to work in and an office where you can never find what you need. The desk is a most important choice. There are so many styles and varieties that it may be hard to pick one out.

If you have a home office, you can choose mix and match computer desk components and build just the right workspace for your needs. They come in sets of five pieces, and you can choose just the pieces you need. They’ll work along the wall or in a corner. From cabinets to computer and writing desks, these sets have you covered.

Offices require the proper furniture for you to get your work done in comfort. Whether you need a small desk or a larger model, you can shop many stores in addition to office furniture stores, to find what you need, according to Christian Net: Office Furniture.

Smaller offices might seem easier to furnish, but you have to be even more careful in a small space not to get too much furniture for the size of the room. You can buy small desks that can still be perfectly functional. For most purposes, you’ll be able to find what you need online or in local stores.

Laptop computer carts are quite handy for smaller offices, since they are mobile and compact. They have a cherry finish for good looks and a pullout shelf that will work very well for your laptop or netbook. You can even set up a small printer, and there is also room for manuals, books and office supplies. A file drawer is a great place for those important papers you don’t want to lose.

Office furniture dealers realize that everyone needs something different in office furniture sizes and styles. That’s why so many different desks, chairs and other pieces are available for sale for your office.


Keeping Your Home Green Using Solar Power 11Aug14

We constantly hear about global warming and pollution on Earth, but what are some simple actions we can take to be more kind to our planet? Reducing your carbon footprint could be as simple simply installing compact fluorescent light bulbs. After all, each CFL bulb can save you upwards of $40.00 over its lifetime and only uses a third of the energy that average bulbs do. Other actions can include carpooling to and from work; unplugging devices that aren’t currently in use and, most of all, harnessing solar power.

Let’s talk about solar driven devices. ‘Solar powered’ means exactly what you think it does—powered by the sun. Solar paneled gadgets use photovoltaic material which mimics the photosynthesis process normally found in plants. This kind of energy is clean and does not produce any emissions, so you can get electricity without harming the environment.

Powering your home with solar panels can be costly, but if you live in a sunny climate and plan on living in your home for several years, it may be a good decision for you and your family. After you pay off the initial cost of the panels, you will have free electricity you can even sell back to energy providers.

For those of us who aren’t ready for that kind of investment but do want to cut down on electricity usage, there are other solar powered lights and devices that can be used for the home. You can line your walkway with green lamps and keep a door light for entering and exiting your home. Place some adorable solar powered critters in the yard for company, as pictured below. Or adorn a railing or tree with twinkling solar powered Christmas lights you can use all year round. Any of these options not only spruce up your lawn or garden, but they are completely free after the initial purchase. No plugs, no fuss; and you’re reducing your carbon footprint while making yourp property a safer place to be! How can you go wrong?

We all have a responsibility to leave the world in decent shape for future generations. The Earth is not a place to trash! Let’s feel good about little choices we make throughout the day and be good to this planet, one step at a time.

For additional environmentally-friendly items, check out our energy saving products.

What Are Some Top Products to Help Keep Your Money and Valuables Safe 03Jun14

To one degree or another, everyone has the fear of having valuables like money, credit cards, expensive electronics or precious jewelry. While completely rational, such anxieties don’t have to be a source of stress of lack of sleep; by investing in simple yet effective products that will protect your valuables, you can breathe a little easier and prevent unwelcomed sets of hands from snatching your belongings.

Here are the top products that will help keep your money and valuables safe:

Store goods in the trunk with an organizer. If you’re a thief who is doing “smash and grab” for valuables in cars, the first thing you do is to peer through car windows to see if any valuables are visible. Secondly, you break the window and rummage about the car’s front compartment and perhaps underneath the seats. Where you don’t look is the trunk (especially if you’re rushing), so consider keeping your goods in the back; our car organizers will help you keep items neat instead of sloppily scattered about.

Safety deposit box. While staying at a hotel, take advantage of the safety deposit box that is usually in the closet. There you can lock up your money, jewelry, passport, or anything else that you deem valuable. This way, you aren’t forced to carry it with you – making it vulnerable to pickpockets – or leave it “out in the open” for nameless hotel staff to have easy reach to.

Fanny pack. If you’re out and about traveling in your local town or on vacation, purchase a fanny pack and keep your money and valuables in it at all times. This way your treasures are close to you and no one can grab it from you easily like they could a purse. If you aren’t a fan of this particular look, try to find a purse that rests flat against your body (making it harder to grab), and has sturdy handles that can’t be quickly snipped or ripped. Browse Taylor Gifts’ travel accessories to find many attractive and practical bags that fit this description.

Carry a dummy wallet. You can purchase an extra wallet, put a tiny bit of cash in it, and if you are approached by a burglar you can give him your dummy holder and run away, thus keeping your real wallet safe and sound. To find many attractive options, check out our selection of wallets found amongst our clothing and personal essentials products.

House valuables in inconspicuous containers. Whether they’re breaking into your house or car, thieves will hastily overlook discrete containers like water bottles or a lunch box, so go ahead and put your money and/or valuables inside a modest holder that will be overlooked.

Utilize a security box. Purchase a fireproof portable security with a lock box for cash, jewelry, and important documents. Keep the key with your car keys or hide it in a location no one will think to look. What’s nice about a portable box is that you can take it with you on vacation.

Wear a money belt. This handy accessory is a thin belt that is wrapped around your stomach and discretely housed below your shirt and outer layers. It’s impossible for slippery fingers to access your essentials without you noticing and, moreover, the discretion of a money belt will make it difficult to notice it in the first place.

Knowing that your valuables are secure can set you at ease so that you can go about your business. Take a look into these products that offer such security and utilize one or more. They also make wonderful gifts.