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What Are Some Good Ways to Keep Files Organized? 06May14

Everyone wants to develop a way to keep files organized more efficiently, but it’s such a boring task. It’s not difficult, though, once it’s implemented, and you can quickly retrieve any file you need in the future. Here are some tips that will help you to become better organized.

Store documents that are related, together. If you have specific projects going, store all graphics, notes, spreadsheets, reports and letters in one folder. This is instead of having one file for reports, one for letters, etc. If you remember the project, which you usually will, it will be easier to find any type of document or file.

Name your folders and files consistently. Mind Tools advises that you divide your main folder into sub-folders with one for each vendor, etc. You can use shortened names, too. Adding colors or other means to distinguish one project from another is helpful, too.

Don’t save unnecessary documents. You don’t need every scrap of paper and every receipt that you receive. Glance through your receipts and only save something if it’s relevant to save. Keeping too many documents makes clutter inevitable, and makes it harder to find the things you do need.

Separate completed months or years from ongoing projects. Perhaps you would find it easier to grab files you need if you keep ongoing work folders on your desk, and put completed files away. On a weekly or monthly basis, or whatever works for you, clean the unneeded files off your desk so that it’s easier to find what you do need.

Make digital copies with your scanner, of paper documents. Then you can archive or store the originals out of the way. Some documents with original signatures should be kept in the main file, so use your judgment on this one. You don’t want to get rid of any paper documents you could need in the near future, just enough to make extra room.


What Are Some Easy Tips to Prevent Messes While Entertaining Guests? 03Apr14

Easy Tips to Prevent Messes While Entertaining Guests

It can be overwhelming at times when you are preparing to entertain guests, so if you can learn some tips and tricks for avoiding messes, you’ll be able to actually enjoy the experience rather than secretly fretting about potential spills. When the evening gets late and the last friend finally heads home, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend hours putting your living environment back in order. With the mindset of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” we’ve provided some handy tips to help you circumvent messy situations.

1) Have enough trash cans scattered throughout the home. Your loved ones probably aren’t intending to be slobs but, if they’re mid-conversation and aren’t sure where to toss the party cup in their hand, they are likely to set it down on a table and forget about it entirely. Therefore, make sure that you have plenty of trash cans scattered throughout the post populated areas in order to subtly prompt guests to clean up after themselves. We offer plenty of compact recycling and trash cans that are attractive and subtly; find one with a lid in order to tastefully conceal the insides and prevent odors from wafting.

2) Buy extra coasters. Yes, spills happen. However, when the gathering has ended and you’re wiping one surface after the next, it is those pesky rings that will require the most work. By having a generous amount of coasters like these readily available, you can do your part to safeguard your glass and wood surfaces.

3) Make sure the floors are clear and there is plenty of room to walk. Many hosts fret over whether there is enough seats to accommodate attendees, but you should also be considering whether there is plentiful amounts of open space for movement. Many falls and spilled drinks can be attributed to bumping into items or, worse, tripping over junk on the ground. Therefore, remove all stray shoes from the environment with a shoe organizer and consider securing any corners of rugs with double-sided tape. Another common cause of tumbles is poor lighting, so make sure that troublesome areas like the stairs to the bathroom or the outside are well-lit. Remember, even though you know where the light switch is, your guests won’t have the same innate knowledge. Solar powered Christmas lights are a fantastic to brighten up your yard for increased safety and beauty, regardless of the current season.

4) Stop muddy feet at the door. One of the most common mistakes is also one of the easiest to remedy. You never know when rain or a sprinkler system will make the ground somewhat muddy, so be prepared with a welcome matt that will enable visitors to wipe away the unwelcomed debris from their feet.

5) Be careful with your food selection. As you’re preparing your grocery shopping list for the shindig, be mindful of how potentially messy the various foods may be. For example, fondue will undoubtedly be a hoot, but don’t be surprised if the table below receives a generous amount of dribbled cheese. Avoid items that easily crumble or will lead to greasy fingers. Avoid watery salsas in favor of thicker, less “drippy” toppings like guacamole. To do your part to prevent soiled hands from brushing against your curtains or couch, stick tooth picks in finger foods.

Parties are supposed to be fun for everyone involved, especially you. Therefore, take preventative steps to preventing messes so your mind can be focused on the moment rather than the future clean-up.

InstaHang 05Jan12

One of the greatest parts about having your own place is hanging whatever you want on the walls. Also, you can organize your place in so many different ways when you can hang items on the walls.

INSTA HANGFor Christmas I received a few new pieces of art for my wall. I am excited to hang my new art on the walls, but dread the actual hanging. I always have a hard time juggling holding the nail steady, swinging the hammer while trying not to hit my fingers. When I hang the picture, I realize the nail is in slightly the wrong place, so I try again. When all is said and done, I have bruised fingers and several holes in the wall. I just found the new InstaHang eliminates the hassle and potential injury.

InstaHang allows you to hang your picture, posters, and mirrors on your wall in one simple step. By using the InstaHang you just need to push and the peg will go into the wall. The InstaHang peg holds up to 10 pounds, so you can hang virtually anything you might want!

So now you can enjoy your empty walls and all of the potential they have. The InstaHang will help you decorate like a professional without the hassle.

Storage Solutions 28Dec11

One of my favorite New Years resolutions is getting organized. I love buying storage boxes and closet organizers to rearrange my things and kind of start all over – new year: new organization.

Don’t worry about me though. This year, if getting organized is your New Year’s resolution, I have the perfect information for you to look forward to. In honor of getting organized in 2012, I have put together a list of my top 10 favorite organizing products (in no particular order). I hope you enjoy them. And if you have some favorites, please leave me a comment and let us all know what you use to get organized.

1. Christmas Ornament Storage Box2. Spice Stack3. Over the Toilet Space saver4. Soft Grip Hangers5. Clear Shoe Boxes6. Document Boxes and Files7. Stainless Steel recycle Containers8. Foldaway Mobile Workcenter9. Roll Top Wood Desk Organizer

…and last, but certainly not least…the COOLEST way to store your waffles…

10. Eggo Pop Up Waffle Storage


Slim Hangers 02Dec11

My plan for this weekend: Get as much done as humanly possible 2 in two days plus some of Friday night. I am taking this weekend as an opportunity to be as productive as I can in holiday shopping and getting my apartment organized.

I have a lot to do and not a lot of time. So instead of spreading it all out over the next few weeks, I am going to try to squeeze it all in 2 days. I have errands including returning items purchased online that do not fit and picking up shoes I had re-healed at the cobbler. I also have to make it to at least one store so I can check my mom, and hopefully a few others, off my To Buy For list. I also made a promise to spend some time with a friend on Saturday, and I am hoping to fit in some errands while I am with her–because what says “hanging out” better than running my errands together? Lastly, but most importantly, I am finally cleaning out my closet and drawers.

slim hangers” width=It has been cold outside for well over a month, and I have not yet changed my drawers from summer clothes to winter clothes…it’s time. Also, it is a fact that I have too many clothes. I have clothes that I haven’t worn in several years. It’s time to clean it all up. It is the season to give, and I think I could make several families very happy with the amount of clothes I can donate. I have already prepared for my massive cleaning. Aside from trash bags to pack up my clothes to donate, I have purchased more thin hangers so I can free up space in my drawers and hang most everything. The goal is to finish this task on Friday…it will be an exciting start to the weekend!

Texting Gloves 18Nov11

I am starting to notice the colder temperatures more and more in the mornings. Here on the east, we’ve had a nice fall so far but the temperature is absolutely dropping. I had to put gloves on the past two mornings just to grip the steering wheel! My problem with wearing gloves is that I no longer have the use of all of my fingers!
To my surprise and delight, the Huffington Post has taken note of Taylor Gifts’ texting gloves in their article, “19 Weirdest Products For Keeping Warm”. We’ll take the “weird” distinction, as we think we’re the most normal product of the bunch! These texting gloves are great! There is a flap on the mitten to keep your fingers covered and warm, or if you need your fingers for texting (not while driving, of course) or any other reason, just flip it back and there your fingers are! The extra-long arm of the mitten keeps your arms warm as well as your hands.
Thanks for the mention, Huffington Post!

Bathroom Organization 15Nov11

TISSUE TOWER” width=So as you know I was recently on a cleaning kick and scrubbed my entire apartment. All I have left to do is change my sheets on my bed. I’ll probably do that tonight. However, in the spirit of cleaning, let’s go back to cleaning the bathroom.

I read an interesting blog post last night about organizing your bathroom, and I recommend reading it here if you get the chance. It discusses different way to keep your bathroom organized since it is probably the most used room in your home. Some of the highlights included putting a Lazy Susan under the sink, toilet paper holders to vertically store toilet paper right next to the toilet, hooks to hang towels and robes, and more.

There are many different ways you can succeed in organizing your bathroom. Definitely check out the article for other tips to organizing your bathroom. What will you do?

Dining Chair Covers 07Nov11

It’s a funny thing that happens once Halloween is over–everything goes immediately from fall to winter even though winter doesn’t begin for nearly two months! Look around, listen to everyone talk…all of a sudden we went from fall and pumpkin flavored everything to holiday shopping and winter seasonal items. And I am not exempt from the chatter.

I started thinking about the holiday party I am hosting—my annual friends gathering. I have probably seen each of these people at some point throughout the year, but this is the one time of year when we are all in the same place at the same time. I have many of my decorations, serving pieces and table sets ready, but as I looked at my dining chairs, SHORT SUEDE DINGING CHAIR COVERS” width=I thought they looked very old, drab, stained. I can’t have company over to sit on these dirty chairs! And I definitely don’t have money to have them recovered or to purchase new ones. But these dining chair covers will do the trick! And I always have to use extra chairs to fit everyone around the table. These chairs don’t match my existing chairs, but with these long chair covers LONG DINING CHAIR COVERS
I can mix and match, and no one will be the wiser.

Hooray for DIY easy fixes that won’t cost me a fortune! Best of all, this is a lasting, year-round solution, not just for the holiday season.

Cell Charge Valet 14Oct11

CHARGE VALET” width=Have you ever turned off your phone for no reason? Two nights ago I did. I didn’t want to hear it ring, I didn’t want to have to answer my cell phone if it rang. I just wanted to have a night without the phone attached to my ear catching up with friends or family–which I love but I wanted a night where I wasn’t a slave to the phone.

Normally on nights that I have nothing to do I will call or send a text message to a friend or two to do dinner, dessert, or just come over to hang out. Generally if I am at home doing nothing, I watch bad reality TV and it’s always more fun with a friend. But instead, I turned off my phone. Well, I put it on silent in case there was an emergency, but I left it on the Charge Valet so I wouldn’t be tempted to check it every 5 minutes. It was nice to have a night of pure solitude, cooking, watching TV, and not having any phone distractions.

Now I am ready and charged up for the weekend – phone on and all! What’s your weekend plan?

Spice Clip Set 12Oct11

SPICE CLIP SET” width=Over the past year and a half I have been making my new home truly mine. While I still have a ways to go, my kitchen is where I have made the most progress. But, with progress means I need more stuff.

I continue to look for ways to keep things organized without adding to the clutter. I don’t like a lot of things on the counter. So I have been looking for a way to store my spices that will hide them away but keep them at an arm’s reach. I don’t have many solutions for organizing my kitchen, but I have found something that I think will help me immensely: the Spice Clip Set. This will hold as many spices as I need on my cabinet door. So the spices will no longer take up room and space and I will be able to see everything I have.