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What Are Some Products to Enjoy with Your Pets 28May14

Your pets are a part of your family, and it’s great to have proper equipment to use if you want to take them along for car rides and family outings. Special products will allow you to spend more peaceful and relaxing time with your pet.

Pet Strollers

You can take your pet with you wherever you go with a pet stroller. A large compartment contains and protects your pet. It is set close to the ground, allowing your pet to enter easily. This stroller even has mesh, to allow for proper air circulation while it keeps annoying bugs away from your pet. The liner is removable and easily cleaned. This pet stroller has shock absorbers, giving Fido a smooth ride.

Faucet Waterers for Dogs

If your dog spends time with you in the yard, he may drink his water bowl dry in hot weather. A faucet waterer attaches easily to your garden hose or standard outdoor faucet, giving your dog fresh water whenever he needs it. The waterer works much like a water bottle that you use to hang on a dog crate. It’s easy for him to get a drink and the water flow stops when he is done.

Keep Pests Away from Your Dog

Sonic repellent collars repel fleas and ticks efficiently and safely. They provide an excellent way to keep your pets pest-free without using drugs, poisons or chemicals that could harm them. The collar is easily adjusted for various dog sizes.

Cats Need Fun Times, Too

Pamper your cats with a cat tree and lounger. This will keep them busy and off your furniture. Your cats will simply love leaping, playing with dangling toys, exploring and sleeping languidly. This cat tree engages your kitties in physical and mental activity, and has lounging platforms on which they can rest. Platforms have sturdy bamboo scratching posts, which your cats will also love to use.


What Are Some Tips to Preparing Your Home for a New Pet? 08Apr14

Congratulations! You’re thinking about welcoming a new member into your household in the form of an adorable pet. Depending on the kind of animal you are adopting, there are different levels of preparation that needed to create a safe environment. Smaller animals such as hamsters or gerbils are simply need a quality cage or holding pen. However, since dogs and cats are often free to roam across every surface of your home (whether you like it or not), it’s important that you make sure your entire house is safe and sound for your new furry friend.

Puppy or kitten proof your house

If you are bringing an animal into your home that chews on things, likes to hide, is not housebroken or has no knowledge of right or wrong, brace yourself for the occasional mess or two (or five). Make sure your give your new furry friend a place where they can feel at home. Typically, new puppy or kitten owners can enclose a small area in a room where they spend plenty of time and can keep a close eye on their new friend to make sure they are following the rules. Never allow your new puppy or kitten to wander freely around the home as nothing good can ever come out of it. The next time you walk into your kitchen, do not be surprised if you find a little accident waiting to be cleaned up by you. It’s important to have the proper pet cleanup products readily available for your pooch or kitty, and consider having multiple litter boxes or pet potty patches scattered throughout the house to determine where he or she would prefer to “go.” Cats can be picky about where they “do their business” so, if your new feline friend is not responding to its current box, experiment with multiple makes to see which ones tickle his or her fancy.

Be prepared for some messes

Bringing a new puppy or kitten into your house means that you realize some of your personal belongings may be damaged. Blinds, curtains, shoes, socks, furniture, pillows, and anything else your new friend can get their claws or teeth on could be ruined beyond fixing. To minimize the potential damage, take preemptive steps to make sure your favorite items are out of reach. Pups are especially fond of chewing on footwear, so make sure no sneakers are left lying about the floor with a shoe rack or organizer. Animals are also naturally attracted to dangling items, so it might be wise to move any suspended scarves or jewelry to either a horizontal storage unit or the interior of your closet. To protect your more precious furniture items (at least temporarily), purchase a pet parade couch pet bed that you can easily place on top to shield your couch or chair from dog hairs or accidents.

Protect your new pet’s health

Just like you wouldn’t want to leave harmful chemicals in reach of a small child, you should take the same measures with your dog. Move potentially harmful cleaning substances from beneath the sink to higher shelves or find a way of latching ones that are more easily accessible. Additionally, tape down any electrical cords they might be tempted to chew on. Take a look around your home and consider whether your determined kitty or pooch might be able scale to new heights to reach things like the deadly bowl of chocolate; what looks like a counter chair to you might look like a ladder to your resourceful four-legged pal. Similarly, what may look like a waste basket to you may look like a smelly buffet of flavors to your pet, so make sure all trashcans are tall and not easy to knock over so your dog doesn’t end up eating something he or she shouldn’t. Finally, make sure that you don’t have any poisonous plants within easy reach like lilies, mums and poinsettias. Don’t forget, this goes for your garden as well.

Make your new pet feel right at home in his or her new environment with lots of love, hugs and, of course, home pet products from Taylor Gifts.

How Do You Amuse Your Dog with Unique Pet Toys? 06Feb14

Dogs are naturally playful, whether they are with you or by themselves. Playtime is important for dogs, since it helps them to exercise and stay healthy. When you play with your dog, you also give him bonding time and mental stimulation. Your dog should always have the proper types of toys for safe playtime. This means that you need to check your dog’s toys daily, to make sure that they are still safe and intact.

If you have a smaller dog, invite him to play with a toy that is just his size. You don’t want to give a German Shepherd-sized ball to a Toy Poodle. He wouldn’t know what to do with it, unless he could push it around with his nose. Toys should be in good condition, so that your pet won’t eat the squeaker from inside his squeaky toy. Small toys and squeakers could be a choking hazard for your dog.

Elastic bands, ribbons or string are quite interesting for your dog, according to Hills Pet. But you should not give them toys that have any of these things attached. They are simply not safe. Stuffed animals are also not suitable for dogs, since they may have plastic eyes or parts that could be chewed off and swallowed.

A good rule of thumb is that if you have any toy – even toys designed for dogs – that wears out, you should throw it out and get your dog a different toy.

Kong toys are among the best in safety and acceptance. You can fill the wobbler toy with treats, and as it rolls, wobbles and spins, he can only grab a treat here and there. It will keep your dog interested for hours, since there are yummy things inside. You can fill up the toy by unscrewing the top, and your dog won’t be able to gulp his treats so quickly. Some toys can even be healthy for your dog, such as a dog bone tooth brush.


Dog Pedic Cushion 21Sep11

DOG PEDIC CUSHION” width=If you’re a dog owner, I found a great product for you. If you like to show your dog how much you love it, then give your dog the perfect night’s sleep with the Dog Pedic Cushion.

Made of memory foam that forms to the shape of your dog, your dog will sleep great Dog Pedic Cushion. The 4” thick cushion won’t lose its shape as your dog moves off and on again. Dog Pedic reduces stress for your furry best friend with made of a heat-activated material that can help relieve muscle pain your dog may feel.

Don’t worry about making your dog sad by throwing out the Dog Pedic Cushion when it starts to smell, the Dog Pedic Cushion is machine washable. Sleep well knowing your dog is resting well too!

Pet Seat Protector 15Jul11

PET SEAT PROTECTOR” width=What are you up to this weekend? I hope you’re doing something fun. Maybe you’re staying in because it is ridiculously hot, or maybe you’re taking a weekend trip because it is summer and you might as well. If you do decide to take that trip, don’t forget to take your favorite furry friend with you on the road! Dogs love road trips too! Just be sure to protect your car from your pet with the pet seat protector.

While your pet enjoys being chauffeured and feeling the wind in its ears, you may not enjoy the hair, dirt, and claw marks that are sure to get all over your back seat. The pet seat protector covers the entire back seat, the floor and the backs of the front seats from the mess that comes with your pet. It attaches to the headrests in seconds and has quick release buckles so you can quickly remove it and zip it up in its own carrying case when you have human passengers.

Don’t leave the animal members of the family out of the fun this weekend! Bring them along and keep the mess to a minimum.

Crazy Critters Stuffing Free Dog Toy 19Feb10

Finding the perfect toy for our dogs is sometimes tricky. We want to make sure they have the best toy to play with that is fun for them, and durable enough that we don’t have to keep re-purchasing the same toy several times. No one likes to come home to find the inside stuffing of a dog toy all over the living room floor. We now have the perfect solution for our favorite dogs: Crazy Critters!

Crazy Critters Crazy Critters are dog toys that are stuffing free. It is a great toy for any dog of any size. The Crazy Critters all have a squeaker in the head and a squeaker in the tail. Every Crazy Critter will lay flat so all dogs can easily pick them up to play. Since each Crazy Critter has no stuffing inside, your dog can play and tug for hours and you do not need to worry about the toy falling apart and making a mess.

Crazy Critter is the new dog toy that is a winner for everyone. Dogs will love to play with their new squeaky toy, and you will love to give your dog a great toy without having to worry about cleaning it up. Have your dog try out any of the new Crazy Critters and let us know what you think!