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What Are Some Great Items for Your Kitchen? 04Nov14

Great Items for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the epitome of creative space. You do some of your best brainstorming in there, not to mention all the energy you put into creating meals that your family will love. These items will make things easier, faster, and more convenient so you can spend more time doing other things.

1. Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill. There is nothing better than steaks, burgers, or veggies fresh off the grill. However, when the weather is not cooperating, or you don’t have room for a full size grill, this stovetop grill is the perfect substitute. You can grill your favorite foods on this 12.5” grill, without worrying about the smoke.

2. Roll Up Dish Rack. Dish drainers are anything but convenient, and they are breeding grounds for mold and mildew. This little gadget rolls out over your sink to allow your dishes to air dry, then conveniently rolls back up to save space. The draining water runs back into the sink, so there is never any water left standing.

3. Masha Perfect Potato Veggie Masher. Mashing potatoes and veggies cannot be easier than using this specially designed masher. The unique design ensures that you get perfectly smooth, pureed foods quickly and easily, without the hassle of traditional mixers and beaters.

4. Over Size Can Opener. Everyone hates having to drag the can opener to the edge of the counter to open those large cans, especially if it tips while you are trying to use it. This over size can opener allows you to open cans of all sizes, without having to move things around on your countertop – or risk spilling an entire can all over your floor.

You work hard to feed your family, but these items for your kitchen will get you out of there quickly.


Help Us Pick A Winner! 18Jun14

This year Taylor Gifts offered a $1,000 scholarship. To receive the scholarship, one had to pick one of the following prompts and write an essay.

1. If you could create a device to better mankind’s quality of life, what would it be? Who would use it most?
2. Who do you consider to be history’s greatest entrepreneur or inventor? Why?
3. Do you consider yourself unconventional? When has it paid off?
4. Has there been a time in your life when you’ve felt guided by an entrepreneurial spirit? Did you act on it and take the initiative to achieve your goal? Explain.

We received over 50 entries and have narrowed it down to 4 choices.

Rachel Grace Siddons

Rayna Perry

Morgan Lynch

Eric Garrett

We need your help! Read them and vote for your favorite on the official scholarship page.

Click here to vote.


Top 10 Flowers to Plant in Springtime 15Apr14

Spring is the season in which nature starts to “warm up” for summer’s big act, teasing us in the meantime with cherry blossoms, friendly breezes and fresh buds on the trees. Of course, we all become wildly excited for the end of winter; suddenly, people are out and about on the sidewalks and smiles are plentiful.

Welcome spring with open arms and a readied garden. Playing around in the dirt is a gratifying way of spending a weekend afternoon. Taylor Gifts’ garden accessories and hoses will make the process both easier and more fruitful. Plus, you’ll light up as you see flowers poke through the soil. To learn what plants to nurture this time of the year, consider the following:

1. Peruvian Lily. These flowers only require a little amount of care and are absolutely beautiful. Originating in South America, they are perennials that feature uniquely speckled insides.

2. Dianthus. These old-fashioned favorite flowers provide bright colors along with a noteworthy, pleasant fragrance. This purple-pinkish bloom is accompanied by lusciously green leaves, adding a gorgeous contrast to your garden. There are various plants that fall into the category of “dianthus”; some breeds will last years, while others have a lesser life span.

3. Gardenia. If you are looking for an elegant, perfect flower to plant in your garden with an incredible scent that anyone will be able to enjoy, gardenia’s may be the best addition to your garden. Though the plant often resembles a small shrub more than a traditional flower, it has plenty of white blooms to enchant those passing by your garden.

4. Nicotiana. These are also very elegant flowers and are absolutely gorgeous to admire. They are best when planted outside your bedroom window, as their scent is stronger throughout the night and can naturally provide your home with a calming aroma. Yes, it is associated with cigarettes, but the plant itself does not threaten your health to plant it inside your garden your home.

5. Phlox. This type of flower grows in full clusters of candy-colored shades and can fluctuate in heights; some species climb to be four feet tall! They can come in a wide variety of hues like baby blue, lilac, blush and reds. The phox’s incredible scent is most evident on a warm, sunny day.

6. Roses. Of course, roses are one of the best plants to plant in the springtime because they tend to be deemed America’s favorite flower. Their colors range from pure white to deep red and the scent is intoxicating. A perennial, a healthy form of this plant can live for years. Be aware that they often have prickles on the stem that may jab young children who may reach for the bloom.

7. Sweet pea. Sweet peas are known as one of the most pleasant smelling flowers of all time. Their vines can grow between four to six feet tall, and it comes in a myriad of rich pigments. It responds well to sunlight and, if properly cared for, can last you a lifetime.

8. Lily-of-the-valley. This plant is perhaps one of the easier ones to take care of and, conveniently, it need minimal light. The lily-of-the-valley can spread aggressively (especially in moist conditions), so consider positioning it near physical barriers like pavement. Be mindful that this white or pink bulb can be poisonous to small animals that might be inclined to take a mouthful.

9. Lilac. The lilac flowers are favored among millions of people around the world because of their vivacious scent and easy upkeep. As long as they are not completely in the shade, they will never disappoint you; they’re durable and require little attention, though be careful of excessive powdery mildew damaging the appearance. An added bonus is that lilacs attract butterflies!

10. Lavender. Lavender flowers are not only known for their beautiful appearance, they are known for their scrumptious scent. Many aromatherapy products even harness its aroma for its relaxing properties. Made up of dozens of different subspecies, lavender can be cultivated in both gardens and flower beds.

This list is plenty to take your yard and turn it into a flower heaven that you can enjoy day in and day out! Soon, you can take out your patio furniture and enjoy nature’s wonder as your precious blooms surround you.

My Favorite Organizing Products 12Apr13

It can be difficult at times to keep a home organized. No matter how much space there is in a home, it seems everyone struggles to keep things organized. I am always looking for ways to better organize my home. I know there are professional organizers in the world who actually make it their job to organize peoples’ homes, but for those of you who are more hands-on and like to do things around the house yourself, I have outlined for you some of my favorite organizational items that have truly helped me keep my life and apartment in order. I hope it helps you and gives you some ideas of what to do for yourself.

1. Velvet Touch Suit Hangers – These hangers literally saved my closet. I replaced every single hanger in my closet with the Velvet Touch Suit Hangers, and I continue to buy them as my wardrobe grows. The clothes stay on the hangers, and they take up so much less space that I can see everything hanging neatly.

2. Convertible Shower Caddy – This shower caddy has really made my shower much more organized and clean. With the Covertible Shower Caddy hanging on the shower head I am able to keep all of my shower items in one place as opposed to on the edge of the bath tub. It helps keep the edge of the shower clean, and it helps make cleaning the bath tub a much easier task.

3. Canvas Storage Bin with Handles – I have several canvas storage bins with handles in my apartment and they are awesome. I keep them in a bookshelf. The canvas storage bins hold my toys and my extra wires and cords that I have in the apartment that one day I might need but currently do not use. I love how cute they look in the bookshelf while also being a very practical piece to the apartment.

4. Upright Jewelry Valet – Having all of my jewelry in one place and properly organized really helps to keep my bedroom look more put together. With the Upright Jewelry Valet I have a place to put each piece of jewelry away. This way I do not need to leave all of my jewelry out on the dresser, and the Upright Jewelry Valet holds items so I can see everything easily.

5. Seagrass File Box – The Seagrass File Box has literally transformed my whole living room from looking like a disorganized mess, to an actual living room without papers all over the place. The desk that stays in the living room now has pencil boxes, a laptop, and a Seagrass File Box to hold every single paper and important document that comes into my home. It looks great, and serves a serious purpose. I love it.

My Top 5 Favorite Items from Taylor Gifts 20Feb13

I know over time I can throw a lot of ideas and topics out over the Taylor Gifts blog. I like to talk a little bit about everything. I like to tell you what I like, what I do not always like, I like to offer you suggestions on items that could potentially help you out, because likely, they have helped me out. I really love it most when I mention something (anything) and you comment on it. I love hearing back from you about what goes on here. With all of that being said, today I thought I would just present to you some of my favorite items that I use—some I have spoken about before, and others may be new:

One Touch Can Opener: I love the One Touch Can touch can opener It opens my cans for me so I do not have to struggle to open a can, and I can do something else while the One Touch Can Opener opens the can for me.

Manual Treadmill: It is so hard to get in a workout between work, errands, cooking, cleaning, organizing, manual treadmillmaybe a few minutes of relaxing/reading, and eventually sleeping. But, if somehow you can find 30 minutes a day (my favorite way to do this is to get someone else to cook dinner or clean up from dinner) hop on the treadmill and walk or run for 30 minutes – whatever you can fit in your busy schedule. All it takes is a 30 minute walk on the treadmill a day to stay healthy, and actually feel like you have done something good for yourself for the day.

Glass Canisters with Lids: Having glass canisters with lids that seal tight are essential in my kitchen. I make homemade granola every week, and the canister and lid keeps the granola fresh all week long. I also store pasta, four piece glass canister setother baked goods, and whole coffee bean in the glass canisters. The glass canisters with lids not only help me keep food longer, they help me keep my kitchen organized.

Rolling Triple Chrome Sorter: Laundry is a task in my house that takes forever…mostly because of the sorting. urban rolling triple chrome sorter Before I had the triple laundry hamper I was spending so much time on the floor making laundry piles before I could begin getting my laundry done. I generally do three loads of laundry, so the triple chrome laundry sorter works out perfectly for my regular laundry needs. The plus to this laundry basket is that it is on wheels, which is awesome because now I do not have to trace back my steps to pick up the pieces of clothing that potentially would fall out on the way to the washing machine.

Silver Mesh Tabletop File: This mesh file organizer has made my apartment look a million times more organized, and has made me feel much more organized. tabletop file Since my desk is in my living room having all of the bills, files, and other miscellaneous paperwork lying on top of the desk made the whole apartment look disorganized, and realistically, did not make me feel like I always knew where everything was when I needed it. The mesh tabletop file organizer has allowed for all of my stuff to be in one place, in a file that looks nice in the whole apartment.

What are your favorite items in your home right now? What do you have in your place that has really changed and made doing things easier on you and/or your whole family?

Some of My Favorite Gift Items 20Nov08

As the holidays approach we all need to begin to think about the gifts we will give to our families and friends. Some of us also like to take this time to buy ourselves some gifts…perhaps as a reward for finding the perfect gift for someone else. No matter who the gift is for, I personally always like to find the perfect gift for everyone on my holiday gift list. With that said, I came up with some of my favorite gift ideas that we have at Taylor Gifts. I’ll tell you the products (in no particular order) and why I think it’s great.

Pajama Warmer- Pajama Warmer: For the person who is always cold, this is the perfect gift. Just put pajamas, or socks, gloves, or scarves into the pajama warmer, and it warms up before putting the article of clothing on! My friend Joe at Book of Joe has found another use for the pajama warmer – give it to your friend who loves his/her Mac Book Air as a Mac Book Air case; as it is small enough to protect the laptop.

- Iron Gym: A great gift for the tough guy/girl in your life; or for the person who wants to become tough. The Iron Gym is a multi-functional bar that can be used to do pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and dips. It’s functional and practical, and is small enough to fit in any size apartment or house.

- The Cash Shirt: What kid, or big kid doesn’t like to get cash? The Cash Shirt is a creative way to give the person on your list who needs some money the cash they are looking for.

Arm Carpal MassagerArm Carpal Massager: The friend or family member who sits at the computer all day with wrists that hurt (with or without Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) will love you forever if they receive the Arm Carpal Massager from you this holiday season. While it may look like a scary device, Luke Anderson at OhGizmo believes it may feel good on the pain.

- Snuggie Fleece: For the person who likes to cuddle up in blankets while watching TV, reading, or working. The Snuggie Fleece has sleeves, just like a robe, so when you give this blanket as a gift you’re giving the gift of warmth and freedom to stay warm no matter what this person on your list needs to do.

- Counting Sorting Money Jar: Who doesn’t have the disorganized person on their list? Who doesn’t have the money saver (or the person who needs to start saving their money) on their list this year? Whichever type of person you need to buy a gift for this year, the EZ Counting Sorting Money Jar is a perfect gift. It allows your saver to save coins, the organized (or the one who needs to organize) to keep coins sorted, and the lazy to just listen to the bank tell him/her how much money is in the jar.

Sushezi Sushi Tube- Sushezi Sushi Tube: Don’t forget about the exotic food-lover on your list this year! People like sushi, and people want to make their own, but it is a difficult task. The Sushezi Sushi Tube makes the sushi-making process easy, and will make your sushi-lover friend very happy this holiday season.

- Last but not least is the GPS Cup Holder Mount: For the avid traveler (or anyone with a GPS). This is a perfect gift that your friends and family will keep forever and will use every day. It will hold the GPS so it is easy to see, without having to suction a mount to the windshield or dashboard.

These are some of my favorite gifts to give this year for the holidays, what are some of your favorites?

Tips for Simplified Holiday Organization 18Nov08

The tips below can hopefully alleviate some of the stress and pressure the holiday season can create, and help you stay organized.

Take your time
The holidays are supposed to be an enjoyable time of year and there is no reason to hurry A better solution is to take your time and enjoy the process.

Christmas Ornament Storage Box Invest in the right tools
This includes a calendar with large blocks to write all of your engagements and activities in, proper boxes to store your ornaments, like the Christmas Ornament Storage Box, and the right cleaning tools to make quick work of cleanup time before guests arrive.

Divide each job into manageable chunks
Divide each job into pieces. For instance, decorating the house; Put up the tree one day, string the lights the next, and then set out your favorite collectibles over three days.

Store similar items together
You can make the following year much easier. After all of your holiday items are properly boxed for storage, carry them to one storage location and stack them together.

Label each storage container
Labeling each box can make it much easier to find the decorations that you want. Some people are happy with a vague “living room” “dining room” form of labeling, while others prefer more detailed “Santa’s village for sideboard”. Whatever method you choose, remain consistent.

Record what works and what does not
It can be as simple as a list or as complex as a diary. This can include activities, recipes and anything else that makes up your holiday season. Next year, when you are stretched thin, you should automatically know what is worth investing time and effort in and what is not. This is especially true when it comes time to put away your holiday decorations. This can eliminate stress because you have a written record of what type of organizational techniques to avoid and what has worked in years past.

Make lists
List making is an excellent way to stay organized, which reduces stress. Whether it is shopping for gifts or attending Christmas concerts, the number of things that you have to do can seem overwhelming until you get them down on paper.

Be realistic
Christmas may be different from when you were a child, and that’s ok. Your children may have very different ideas of what makes up a fun Christmas. If you work outside of the home, you may have to come to grips with the idea that you have less time to plan than your parent’s did.

Once you have a system in place, maintain it
After taking the time to implement a holiday plan, writing lists and recording what works and what does not, it is important not to become complacent. Developing an organizational plan is the most difficult part of having an organized holiday. Take the time to record, list and store things properly, and you may find each holiday less stressful than the last.

Taylor Gifts Top 10 Scary Movie List 21Oct08

Movie Popcorn

With the help of my Taylor Gifts co-workers and fellow blogger, at, I was able to come up with the Taylor Gifts Top 10 Scary Movie list. It started out with a list of about 30 amazing scary movies, and we narrowed it down to 10. Here is what we picked; let me know what you think:
1. The Exorcist (1973)
2. Psycho (1960)
3. The Shining (1980)
4. The Omen (1976)
5. Halloween (1978)
6. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
7. Friday the 13th (1980)
8. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
9. Scream (1996)
10. Candyman (1992)
So now, go ahead, pop some popcorn, grab a seat on the couch, and see how many of these scary movies you can watch.

Top 5 Items to Keep You Warm 15Oct08

Winter is coming soon and the temperatures are beginning to drop. Stay warm with our favorite cozy items! Electric Fireplace Insert

1. Snuggie Fleece – This fleece blanket has sleeves so you can snuggle up, still use your arms, and not be cold.
2. Heated Vest – The battery-powered heated vest keeps you warm outside without being restricted or weighed down by many layers.
3. Pajama Warmer – Just 15 minutes in this warming pouch and your pajamas (socks, towels, gloves) are toasty warm to go to bed.
4. Electric Fireplace Insert – Keep the room warm and enjoy a nice “fire” without the wood, ash, or real flames.
5. Heated Car Seat Cushion – Get in your car and warm up fast without turning your car on to wait for the heat.

Top 5 Brand New Summer Items 25Jul08

We wanted to tell you about our top 5 new items!
Skinny Mini Wallet