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What Are Some Comfortable Seating Options for Outdoor Activities? 06May15

The idea that one has to sacrifice comfort when enjoying the great outdoors is a cruel myth. Fact is, there are many affordable seating options offered that fit the bill no matter what activity you fancy! Whether you love to fish, go camping, watch spectator sports or simply sunbathe in the park, there are cozy and portable seats available to you that will improve both your posture and mood while outdoors.

Stadium seats are usually constructed of hard plastic or metal and deter many older folks from cheering on their favorite sports team from anywhere that isn’t their favorite recliner. If you can make it to the game in person, a stadium seat cover offers padded cushions to support your backside and legs while also protecting them from hot metal benches. As a bonus, it folds up into a convenient tote with front zippered storage to boot. Be the ultimate savvy spectator and watch your tike or team score without suffering a sore back. Find out when the next game is happening and give this chair a chance!

Be one with nature with this relaxed outdoor seating option. A reclining camp chair can offer a multitude of uses while allowing you to lean back and enjoy the great outdoors. Its padded seat and back rest paired with assistive reclining seat positions will have you itching for a night by the campfire. Lightweight yet durable, this folding chair can hold up to 300 pounds and will not buckle. An insulated cup holder keeps your drink cold and close-by, while the large zipper on the back of the chair can store books or magazines for daytime reading.

Planning a picnic in the park? Look to a portable reclining seat such as this one for quick and easy support. This chair is densely padded and has multiple reclining positions so you can feel right at home in the countryside. Small and lightweight, an adjustable strap also makes this chair a breeze to carry on any al fresco trip. Because this seat can adjust to varying degrees of back support, it can be used on a boat, in a stadium or in the grass as a wonderful picnic accessory. The sturdy black outer keeps it clean so you can use this seating anywhere, anytime.

You can tailgate at your Alma Mater in far greater comfort than you experienced back in college with this reclining travel couch. Sit right inside of your hatchback with a buddy, or simply park it in the grass for a seat that offers great back support. Its three reclining positions make you feel at home, while storage pockets keep your cell phone close by. Because of its strong steel frame, it can even withstand the kids’ rowdy video game play. This also makes an excellent gift for a current student as fun and flexible dorm furniture. Let this couch inspire you to fold it up, sling the strap around your shoulder and find an outdoor movie night in your community — but don’t forget the popcorn!

Be a happy spectator and ensure your comfort in the fresh air! Don’t let unsupportive seating stop you from enjoying the events you love to attend. Spend some time in the sun with your loved ones with cushiony, adjustable, transportable seating from Taylor Gifts.

How to Prevent Common Kitchen Injuries 15May14

Cooking can be so much fun, as you can be as creative as you’d like and enjoy the delicious meals that come as a result. Introducing your children to home cooking is a brilliant way to bond, and it will provide them with a skill that they will build upon for the rest of their lives. Keep in mind though that there are several hazards to beware of in the kitchen, so be mindful of the environment to protect individuals both young and old.

It’s always a good idea to be aware of common kitchen injuries and how to avoid them, thus keeping you and your family safe.

Electrical burns or shock. One of the key hazards in the kitchen is electricity. Yes, items such as blenders and electric stoves are crucial for whipping up all of those delectable culinary treats and yet they can also present the occasional risk. A loose plug, bare wires sticking through the protective casing of a cable, and heated apparatuses can lead to burn. Avoid these injuries by switching off appliances like toasters when you are not using them. This is especially important when you have kids around who might start playing with them! Avoid placing metal objects like knives into toasters and plugs as well. To be extra safe, invest in some plastic plug guards to place in your sockets to cover up the holes. Have your kitchen appliances tested regularly for faults (you can do this at your local electrical or hardware store) and ensure that they are all fitted with the appropriate fuse to prevent them overheating or giving users electric shocks. If you need new cooking tools to replace faulty ones, we carry plenty of small kitchen appliances that range from juicers to Panini makers.

Burns on the stove. Hot items, like pans full of oil or boiling water, should always be placed far back on the stove. Turn the handles inward and away from you so that they cannot be accidentally tipped over by your elbows or curious children.

Cuts. Store all sharp utensils, like carving knives and skewers, in a cabinet high up with a child safe lock. Cuts are actually one of the most common kitchen injury, so be careful while you use knives and other sharp utensils and do not allow your children to use such. Also, be careful when using the blender, juicer or food processing machine. Furthermore, keep you knives sharp to prevent accidents, as a dull blade is more likely to erroneously slip.

Falls. We’ve all been guilty of balancing our weight on wobbly chairs as we reach towards the highest cupboard. Obviously, situations like these can lead to disaster, which is why a sturdy stepping stool is a necessity for the kitchen. Furthermore, keep your most commonly used foods and accessories without arm’s reach instead of buried in the back of your shelves. We offer plenty of food storage, and our stove and countertop section features plenty of attractive options for displaying your favorite spices that you’ll turn to time and time again. Another step that is paramount to preventing slips is to make sure that all spills and puddles are cleaned up immediately; check out our floor cleaning options to find mops and more.

Carbon monoxide poisoning. Beware of the dangers of carbon monoxide (which can be released from gas heaters) by having a carbon monoxide detector placed right next to the stove or beside the kitchen door. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, but can cause nausea, dizziness, and loss of consciousness within minutes.

Taking precaution in the kitchen will serve you and your family well, as it is always better to be safe than sorry. Teach children kitchen safety rules as well so they can grow up knowing how to avoid common kitchen injuries.