Christmas Lights 12Dec12

Today, let’s not discuss how many presents we still have left to purchase for our family and friends. Let’s not talk about the best food to make for your holiday dinner or pot luck party. Let’s forget about the most efficient ways to clean your home without stressing and focus on the pretty aspects of this holiday season. Let’s talk about the gorgeous decorations we see every day lighting up our streets and towns!

I love it when everyone decorates their homes with Christmas lights and all kinds of décor. I love how everything sparkles while driving and walking down the streets. It definitely is not every day people take the time to light up their homes for everyone to take notice of as they pass by. glow in the dark iciclesSo, I like to take full advantage of this short time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who uses glow in the dark icicles on their homes. solar powered christmas lightsThank you to those using solar powered Christmas lights to brighten up the details of your home. I appreciate walking around the solar christmas path trees set of twoneighborhood to see the solar Christmas tree path lights lighting up the pathway to peoples’ sparkling houses. I also love seeing the flicker candles lit individually in the windows of homes. There is something so special and magical about all of these white flicker candles set of twoChristmas decorations, I think it is important to sometimes slow down and just take a look around at the beauty.

We spend so much of this holiday season worrying about buying the perfect gifts, cooking the perfect meal, baking the perfect pie, and doing it all in enough time to hopefully clean our houses perfectly. There is a lot going on, and a lot to worry about…maybe on your drive home one day you’ll slow down for a few minutes to look at the beauty this time of year can bring. Happy holidays!

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