Clip On E-Reader 17Oct12

I love to read. I love when I can get involved in a book instead of the television – mostly because there are no commercial breaks or time restrictions telling me I have to wait until next week to see what happens next. I love to read when I am home alone, sitting on public transportation en route to work in the morning and afternoon, and while I am lying in bed getting ready to go to sleep.

As I love to read, especially on the go, I found myself run a few hiccups along on the way. The first problem that I came across was the hard back books did not fit nicely (or lightly) in my bag that I carry to work every day, and it is never a good start to the day lugging around a heavy hard cover book into the office. So, I came up with a solution: while choosing books to read in transit I will only use paperback books. Then the second problem arose, which was even the paperback books were becoming too heavy and large to carry day in and day out. Therefore, I decided it was finally time to buckle down and purchase an e-reader. Some people might ask, “Why an e-reader and not a full touch screen tablet?” My answer is simply this: I want an easy way to carry something light to read, not a way of connecting to the internet at all times. So with this all being said and done it certainly sounds like all of my problems are resolved. Yet, I still had one more problem. clip on e-readerI found myself on public transportation later at night and the lighting to read was not as good as it was during the day. I also couldn’t read the e-reader in bed at night. So after a little searching, I found a Clip on E-Reader Light which allows me to read my e-reader at anytime, anywhere, without any problem. All of my reading problems resolved!

Now that I have found a way to carry my books with me without any kind of struggle, I am finding myself reading so much more. So, what could my problem possibly be now? Now I cannot keep up with what books to put on my e-reader! Do you guys have any good book suggestions for me?

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