Cozy Air Panel Heater 04Jan12

Yesterday I walked outside and for the first time this season it actually felt cold…winter cold. Now, please understand, I am not happy about this sudden change in temperature, I love warm weather and would take 50 degrees all winter long. Not only was it cold, but there were light snow flurries. Needless to say, yesterday I was cold shock to my system.

WINE COLD SACK” width=What do you look for when you’re cold? When you get into the office from the cold outside what’s the first thing you do? Before I even take off my jacket I grab a hot cup of coffee, and then slowly but surely, after I turn on my space heater, I defrost and take off my coat. When I get home from work, I immediately turn on my Cozy Air Panel Heater and change into my warmest sweats. I put on my slippers and come up with the warmest meal I can think to make that is comforting but also healthy.

Some people tell me I am always cold and that I am weak to the cold weather. I am okay with it. I do not like being cold and I try to find every way possible to stay warm. Yes, I have a space heater at work, a Cozy Air Panel Heater at home, mittens, gloves, hats, and earmuffs, but at least I know I’ll be cozy this winter. What do you do to stay warm?

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