Crosley Corsair Clock Radio with CD Player 10Aug11

CROSLEY CORSAIR CLOCK RADIO WITH CD PLAYERDo you ever find yourself sluggish around 3pm? Generally, I am very productive in the morning, and have lunchtime to look forward to a good hour break away from my desk and computer. After lunch I am rejuvenated and ready to be productive again…until about 3pm…then motivation starts to fade. With only 2 and a half hours to go, and after work activities to look forward to (dinner, family, friends, etc), sometimes I just slow down. Sometimes my co-workers and I will take a quick walk outside around the building, and other times we feel like the only thing we have to pick us up is coffee.

Last weekend I read an article, “3 Ways to Snap Out of An Afternoon Slump.” I thought I would share it with you in case you need a pick me up during the day. The three tips are to drink water throughout the day, turn on your radio and listen to some upbeat music, and call a friend for a quick 5 minute positive conversation having nothing to do with work. I plan to give these tips a try throughout the week. Do you have any other tips to add?

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