Deep Frying 21Mar12

I love testing and trying new recipes. I am not afraid to fail in the kitchen…you win some, you lose some. Sometimes you spend hours attempting to bake or cook an item or a full meal to wind up throwing it away and ordering pizza or grabbing store bought cookies. I distinctly remember a time that I accidentally put in ¼ cup salt into my chocolate chip cookies instead of ¼ teaspoon…they had to go into the trash and ever since then I never really felt guilty about food fails. But, it’s also helpful to have the right tools, which I sometimes don’t have.

A few weeks ago on a Sunday morning I was watching the Cooking Channel while I ate my breakfast and drank my coffee before I started the day. I was watching Alton Brown and he made the quickest and easiest bread I had ever seen made (I am generally afraid of making bread because I am scared of yeast). This bread was perfect for me because it was just a few ingredients, only needed one bowl, and it used beer, therefore eliminating the need for yeast and/or time for the dough to rise. The problems I ran into were the following: Alton gave measurements by weight and I didn’t have a food scale, he also said the final product would be finished after it reached a certain temperature and I didn’t have a food thermometer. I estimated the measurements and the time the bread should be in the oven, and it actually turned out pretty good!

DEEP FRY THERMOMETER” width=since this was a recipe testing success, my friend and I decided to make this bread for our friends for a BBQ to use instead of buying store bought buns for burgers. With that in mind, we planned ahead and bought a deep fry thermometer and a food scale. We figured we might as well buy these items for this BBQ because we cook so much together we’ll definitely use them again.

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