Dog Pedic Cushion 21Sep11

DOG PEDIC CUSHION” width=If you’re a dog owner, I found a great product for you. If you like to show your dog how much you love it, then give your dog the perfect night’s sleep with the Dog Pedic Cushion.

Made of memory foam that forms to the shape of your dog, your dog will sleep great Dog Pedic Cushion. The 4” thick cushion won’t lose its shape as your dog moves off and on again. Dog Pedic reduces stress for your furry best friend with made of a heat-activated material that can help relieve muscle pain your dog may feel.

Don’t worry about making your dog sad by throwing out the Dog Pedic Cushion when it starts to smell, the Dog Pedic Cushion is machine washable. Sleep well knowing your dog is resting well too!

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