Dorm Room Essentials 16Aug10

I wanted to share a blog that was originally written for our sister site Get Organized regarding dorm room essentials.

Dorm rooms have the basic furniture essentials; such as a bed, desk, and closet. But what other items are needed to make the next 9 months away from home the most comfortable. Here are some essential items that every college student needs to help their transition from home to living on their own.

Having an organized desk and the right materials is the first step to achieving higher grades in school. Organize your desktop with the 4 piece Mesh Office set. Includes 1 paper cup holder, drawer organizer, pen cup & letter holder. Metal mesh construction with silver finish.

Closet Doubler I know I had 3 suitcases worth of clothes when I moved into my dorm and only one stand alone armoire. This is the perfect space saver for keeping your closet clutter free for storing all of that excess clothing. The bottom bar is also height adjustable and the added hooks are ideal for hanging either your ties or belts and even purses!

Convertible Shower Caddy
Convertible shower caddy hangs from the shower arm or flips over to hang from the door or wall. Adjustable deep shelves let you customize to fit larger bottles. Suction cups affix the caddy to the wall for added stability. You can even hang it on your closet door to dry out when you are finished. Soap, razors, washcloths and more are kept tidy and out of the way.

This is probably the most essential item of all because if you miss class and oversleep Mom or Dad isn’t there to wake you up. Talking Alarm Clock starts your day with a friendly voice rather than a startling buzzer. Time and temperature are promptly announced at the programmed wake time, eliminating the straining to read the time in those first groggy moments. Digital display also includes date and day with a dimmer function for the blue background. Loud alarm feature also included.

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