Easy Suburban Living 11Sep12

Recently I moved as many of you know from previous blog posts. I moved from the city to a more suburban area. Life just outside of the city is certainly different. Last weekend I realized I love life right outside the city so much more than being 100% in the city or 100% in a suburb.

This location gives me the best of both worlds and I love it! First of all, running errands takes no time at all. In 2 days I was able to get more done than I could ever have if I lived in the city. Why? Well, there are malls, shopping centers, and parking lots that don’t cost money. What else have I found that I love about not living in the city?wicker hose storageNeighborhoods! I love seeing families and regular people walking around in their houses and in the neighborhood. I love seeing the sprinklers watering the lawns, and later seeing the grass so perfect and green. Perrault hose holder I really enjoy seeing all of the hose and garden accessories because some of them are so cute! People really do put a lot of thought and effort into storing away their hoses so they do not detract from the other beautiful aspects of the lawn. It is so nice to walk around and drive around to see all of the excellent aspects of living in a neighborhood.

While I love the idea of living in a hip and cool city where life is happening right outside my front door, the easy-living of a suburb truly is…well…easy.

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