Enjoy the Outdoors with Handy Garden Accessories 30Jul13

When it’s time to enjoy the outdoors again, you’ll want to check out helpful garden accessories that make gardening more a hobby than a task. A portable sprinkler system is useful for spraying only the area that needs watering. These systems have three sprinkler heads and five various settings, so they can water even delicate, young plants. Of course, they also work great on sturdier shrubs and plants. They are easy for you to use, and disperse water evenly.

Pocket hoses are the answer to lugging out the long, heavy hoses you used to use. They come in a small shape that can fit in your hand, but they expand to three times the size when the water is turned on. You won’t have to worry about wasted time or kinked hoses. When you turn the water off, the pocket hose returns to its miniature size. It’s lightweight, yet durable for seasons of use.

If you love to garden, you may be tired of kneeling or stooping over to work with your plants. A green gardening chair with a folding seat and a detachable tote is quite handy to take out to the garden with you. The tote has zippered openings so that you can keep gardening tools in them. It comes with five metal gardening tools that are always ready to use.

Decorate your garden with the Solar Bird Garden Buddy. Birds Solar Garden Buddy He will add a whimsical look to your garden or deck. The belly of the bird is a solar orb, that charges during the daylight hours and glows at night. Textured metal makes this a sturdy visitor to your garden.

Some of your garden plants may grow better in a resin garden planter. You can sit these at a level where it’s more comfortable to care for your plants. This makes gardening less stressful on your back and your knees. It’s also a handy way to garden if you live in an apartment or condo and don’t have your own green space.

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