Father’s Day Gifts 04Jun12

Well, it is now June – one of my favorite and busiest months of the year. So much happens in my world in June, but it is all good. I have three of my friend’s birthdays in June; it is my dad’s birthday in June, and of course time for Father’s Day gifts. I know it might seem like it’s far away, but, friends, Father’s Day is right around the corner – don’t let it sneak up and surprise you.

bbq setIt seems that all of the people I know celebrate Father’s Day differently. Some of my friends (and their mothers) go all out for their dads and make the day 100% about them (think like a birthday but bigger). Funny enough, some of my friends dads prefer to celebrate Father’s Day by grilling all day and night for their families and having big BBQs all day long. And then of course there are dads like mine who don’t really believe in Father’s Day gifts, but have daughters like me (and moms like my mom) who insist on doing something, so they are the dads who will appreciate simple time together no matter what is cooked or what the activity.

Coming up with an activity or gift for Father’s Day is the easy task. But, what do you buy for the greatest dad in the world who already has the mug that says “World’s Greatest Dad,” and maybe the t-shirt too? I have a few ideas for those of you who might need a little help finding the perfect Father’s Day Gift for your dad. Check out any of our grilling accessories including the… 18 Piece BBQ Set, Portable Gas Grill, or our Grill Gloves.

For the dad who likes to have some fun, maybe something like the… Go Bar or the.. Automatic Card Shuffler.

If your dad is more handy, what about the… Twin Cut Technology Power Saw.

Or if your dad is just dad, and you really are still unsure, take a look at our Father’s Day Gift Finder which might help you come up with the perfect gift for your perfect dad on Father’s Day.

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