Father’s Day is Around the Corner 19May09

Buying gifts for dad, I think, is a difficult task. If your dad is anything like mine, he is very happy with no gifts, but of course, as the “child,” I like to give my dad something tangible to show him I appreciate him being my dad.

A few years ago my dad and I were watching TV together and we really liked the tie the news reporter was wearing; so while it may be “cliché” I found that tie and gave it to him for Father’s Day. After that I realized my dad is more into fashion than I ever realized, so buying him nice clothes and ties is actually something he really likes to get! However, I do get bored giving the same type of gift every year, and I like to mix it up. So, if you need to spice up you gift for dad this year for Father’s Day, I have put together a list of some different items your dad might enjoy.

Monitor Corner Frame For the family-oriented working dad, the Monitor Corner Frame could be a great gift! You can put pictures of the family in the picture frames. The Monitor Corner Frame sits on dad’s computer monitor, and he will always be able to look at his kids all day long. My dad has lots of pictures of me and my brother in his office – and it still makes me happy to know he likes to have them there.

Foldaway Hammock The Foldaway Hammock is the perfect gift for the dad who likes to relax, and for the dad who needs to relax. This easy set-up Foldaway Hammock is an excellent way to say to dad, “You have worked so hard with me, I am giving you just what you need to take some time to yourself”.

Micro Cool Mini Fridge One of my favorite gifts that I gave to my dad is the Micro Cool Mini Fridge. I bought it for him because people at his office take food out of the common refrigerator that does not belong to them (his lunch was never safe). The Micro Cool Mini Fridge also is very portable, and can even be plugged into a car’s lighter outlet to keep food warm or cool on road trips!

Remote Organizer If your dad has too many gadgets, and therefore too many remote controllers for those gadgets, a useful gift for him might be the Remote Organizer. The Remote Organizer will hold his controllers, so he will never be on a search for the TV remote again.

Fold Up Pool Table And last, but not least, for the dad who likes to play games, give him what he really wants…a pool table! Dad with love the Fold Up Pool Table to play pool with you, his friends, or himself. A great gift for dad is one that he can use with his family.

These are just some of my ideas on gifts to get for dad for Father’s Day. What have you gotten for your dad in the past? What is your gift plan for this year?

3 Responses to 'Father’s Day is Around the Corner'

  1. Amy's Stocking Stuffers - May 23rd, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    I love the micro cool mini fridge, and have been eyeing one for myself, but I’m actually afraid people will steal that from my office as opposed to just stealing my lunch!

    The monitor corner frame is a neat idea — thanks!

  2. Lynn Scott - July 21st, 2009 at 7:20 am

    You have a great selection of diffrent gits and it is a pleasant change from pants shirts ect, I also loved the mini fridge I will keep this in mined for christmas and birthdays.Great Thanks.

  3. Sue | Promotional Gifts - July 31st, 2009 at 6:26 am

    Now this is another day that should be celebrated all year round, those are some really great ideas there, I will be keeping them in mind next year. Thanks

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