Food Weaknesses 27Apr11

I love ice cream. There are several foods I can call my favorite, and ice cream is absolutely, without any doubt one of them. I am also convinced my love for ice cream is enhanced by genetics…my mom loves ice cream, and her mom loves ice cream. All three of us have an ice cream problem, and we cannot get enough. Without physically making sure we stop ourselves, we could certainly polish off a half a gallon without thinking twice.

With that being said…I almost never keep ice cream in my freezer. I would pick up the ice cream before I would make my dinner. Portion Control Ice Cream ScoopThen I have a good chance of not eating dinner because I am full from ice cream. I’m sure you can see that I should not have ice cream in my house. Occasionally I will buy a pint of ice cream, and force myself to not eat the whole thing (that’s hard). I recently came across the Portion Control Ice Cream Scoop which portions out half a serving of ice cream for you. This is a great idea! I wonder how many times I would go back and scoop out “just one more half portion” with that scoop. It’s best for me to stick to going out for an ice cream treat when I am really craving it. I do have one of those newly-popular frozen yogurt places right up the street from my apartment. And that is pretty cool because you serve yourself yogurt and put toppings on. Frozen YogurtThe problem is, it really tastes like yogurt (not ice cream) and I am not big on the toppings except for rainbow jimmies (or for those of you who are anti “jimmie” – sprinkles), and if I am up for it, mini Reese’s Pieces (or as I call them “Reese’s Peeeecies”). So the yogurt thing is sometimes good enough, but not as satisfying as ice cream itself.

About 2 weeks ago my friend and I went to the grocery store together. He bought two pints of ice cream. In my house, those pints would have been long gone! Would you believe that he still has one whole pint left in his freezer? I am fairly certain he finished the one pint in one sitting (even though he didn’t admit it out loud), but he hasn’t even touched the other one. I couldn’t believe it. I told him he has some awesome will power. I’m not sure I could ever let that happen unless, for some unknowing reason, I actually forgot the ice cream was there. I wish I could do that. It would be nice to be able to keep some ice cream in my freezer just for the times when I could really use a scoop.

What’s your weakness? Are you able to keep you food weakness in your house without eating it all up way too quickly?

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