For Your Spoiled Rotten Dog 11Oct12

Recently there has been a lot of talk about dogs in my life. My friends who own dogs come to me with fun stories about things their dogs have done. Others are constantly talking about how much they want to adopt a dog. And of course, with wanting a dog, the conversation goes to the responsibility of taking care of a dog.

Just about everyone in my life is a serious dog person, myself included. We love dogs so much that we even make a point to stop at the pet store on our way home from to see the cutest puppy that is there every day while his owners run the business. But since you cannot just go into the store simply to play with the puppy, we do buy something small.

As I had mentioned before, there has been some serious discussion between my friends and I spoiled rotten dog signabout adopting a puppy. However, some of us plan to spoil their puppies 100%. Others, like me, do not plan to spoil the dog so much. But it is my understanding that sometimes the dog winds up taking control and the owner just cannot say “no.” I already know I have one friend with a dog who spoils her completely, and for her I have every intention of purchasing this Spoiled Rotten Dog Sign. It is so cute and perfect, and you can purchase a dog sign identical to the dog breed you own.

This is not to say that I will not turn into a dog owner who spoils their dog, but I will try my hardest to be sure my dog is spoiled yet only to a small extent. I plan to not let my dog sleep on my bed with me and I will not allow my dog on my couch. Do you have rules for your dog? Did you have rules for your dog when you first got it and then spoil it shortly thereafter?

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