Fruit Holder 19Jul11

FRUIT HOLDER” width=I am the queen of trying products to use on my face. If you’re anything like me and don’t have the best skin, you’ll likely try just about any product that claims to resolve the problem you have. Personally, I have oily skin that breaks out, but the products out there generally dry my skin, but moisturizer makes it oily again…vicious cycle. Maybe you have dry skin; maybe you have wrinkles you are looking to get rid of. Whatever your problem, if it bothers you enough, I am sure you have tried everything that you think might help at all – just like me.

Over the weekend I read an article online called “9 Foods to Smear All Over Your Face.” I was instantly intrigued by the title, so I opened it up to read what it had to say. In fact, I am always interested to read what kind of foods in my refrigerator I can potentially use to make my skin better.

What was most interesting about this article versus other “home spa products” is that it actually recommended products that I had in my fridge all the time. To be honest, I am always skeptical about rubbing food on my face, but since I thought it was pretty cool and convenient I thought I would share some of the food items with you here. Items you can use on the list included bananas, oranges, lemons, yogurt, oatmeal, and vinegar. So, head out to the grocery store, get your regular staples, and hang your fruit on your fruit holder, because that’s what you’ll need to get closer to perfect skin.

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