Garden Seat and Kneeler 06Jul11

It is no nice to drive around and see all of the nice gardens. You can find all different kinds of things growing in different gardens all over the place right now. You see flowers, plants, vegetables, herbs, and so much more! I recently read an article that sparked my attention, and thought I would share some of the information with you.

GARDEN SEATIf you are an avid gardener, or even just someone who likes to plant, I think you’ll find this article very interesting. In this post, Michelle discusses how you can actually save money buying plants. Did you know that the plants that are on sale or in the clearance section in the home stores may not necessarily be dying? The store, much of the time, is simply clearing out space, and this is where you can hit the jackpot! Michelle has found herself buying plants that regularly might cost about $10 for as little as $1! That’s a gigantic amount of savings. Think about this little tidbit that Michelle says; “I love fresh rosemary, but it’s so expensive to buy in the store that I usually end up with the dried stuff. It took a lot of self control to just leave with two plants instead of ten.” Fresh is always better, and if you can grow it yourself for less than you’d spend on the dried version at the grocery store, why not? Plus, fresh veggies and herbs always taste better coming from your own garden.

So, with Michelle’s advice, go to the store and buy those plants on clearance, bring out the garden seat from the garage, and start planting your beautiful garden for a fraction of the cost!

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